a magic of love (episode 14)


thanku alll

the episode starts with
morning in vadera house

ragini on bed sleeping happily……
its 5.00 am

her mobile rings..

ragini : hellowwwww
laksh : gd mng dlnggggg….
ragini : to say you this me called what??
laksh : what ?
ragini : u have the habit to disturb sleep…. right? thats kushi will torture you… she is correct…. (in a sleepy tone)

laksh : shut up yaar… just be ready at 07:00am we are going out.
ragini : what? no….. i want to sleep upto 10:00am
laksh : if you wont come. i will come to inside your house…. i am near your main gate….
ragini : at once… her sleep flyess away….. she reached to balcony and sees laksh & signs to come in…..
Laksh: you have to be ready Ragini : OK …I will…. but why
Laksh : you just be ready and come to office
ragini : ok
laksh : you are a good girl
then ragini get up and ready

now it is 6:30…..
Viren : what Ragini today to office
Ragini : Ha bhai… that …we have to …get payment…
viren : ok..ok.. i m leavinv to mumbai for 2 days
ragini : mumbai ?? .. that for 2 days… i cant be alone for 2 dayss… bua is also in trip.. no…. but… i cant stay aloneee….
viren : try to understand.. i cant take… you with me… hm… then k go to ur ffiends homee…

ragini : ok bhai… i have no option….
vkren : then stay in kushi…. no….. no… no…. stay in jeevikass house….

ragini : as a you say bhai….

wait i call to jeevika…
ragini : hi gdmng…
jeevika : hi…
ragini : my bro want to talk to arnav….
jeevika : wait… i will give…
arnav : hi viren….
viren : hi.. can u do me a favour..
arnav : of course..
viren : i m leaving for mumbai today for 2 days. bua is out of station… so can ragini stay at your home for 2 dayss…
arnav : why not… no need to ask for me…
she can…
viren : thank you… she will come directlyy from office..
arnav : ok.. i have will take care offf….

arnav gives phone to jeevika….
viren : thanku so much…
jeevika : no need to ask these questions.. she can come here whenever she wantsssss
viren : ok bye… chat u later miss beauty…
jeevika : bye… have a nice journeyyyy….

swara : who z that?
jeevika : ragini is coming here for 2 days.
sanky : what ?? no way..
Arnav : why no if she comes…
sanky : if they are in one place I mean Jeevika Khushi Ragini swara they will do something by crazy…

arnav : ohhh hooo
swara : then we will have more fun
jeevika : but not today
swara : yyy ???
jeevika : i have to go to college
swara maked pouutt face
Jeevika : sorry yaar important worl tomorrow we will rock
sanskar : I am happy now for today..
swara : no not at all you have to come with me for me shopping with aarav…
aarav : good morning everyone shouts shopping .. i m ready

swara : then we will go with our ATM Sanskar..
Anjali laughed ATM Swara and aarav you both cjoose the correct atm carry on
Shyam : all the very best Mr ATM sanky..
Arnav leaves to office with Jeevika and drop Jeevika in her college..
Laksh also dropped Khushi and moves on

Viren leaves to Mumbai
Ragini is in bus stop
laksh is in a very happy mood
he pick s Ragini and tie her eyes and says her…. to keep quiet…. till we reach
Ragini : but where

they both reached a house
he took her inside….
she cant see anything
they entered in the theatre room…… her eyes was opened
it is full of dark
suddenly a big screen playssss
it is the movie Prem Ratan Dhan Payo movie started

ragini shouts with excitement
she’s a big fan of salllu bhai….
love Salman Khan very much

Ragini : thank you so much I love Salman Khan
laksh : sees her face and says you look so cute while smiling darling darling I love you ..

ragini : i love you tooo

precap : swara aarav irritates sanky.. raglak cute moments.

Credit to: kushi

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