a magic of love (episode 11)


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the episode starts with
everyone also shocked to see…
all comes to him
Jeevika hugs him …
he also hugs by saying crystal mausi………

Anjali : Aarav beta ……you came here…..
Shyam : aarav!!….
aarav : what the!….
(by seeing arnav)
all of them laughs by seeing Arnav & aarav… ..

Khushi , laksh ,Ragini and Viren shocked the same character of Arnav.

aarav( he is in black colour suite) : chote!!….( by seeing arnav )

arnav came forward and hugs him…
they both shake their hands with different as their meeting sign..

arnav : how do u came ?!!!

aarav and jeevika smiles together by seeinv each other face.

a pun drop silence in between them.

suddenly music playsss from back of the stage….

a girl with Yellow Lehenga with full of gorgeous
a man in blue salwar presents on stage

they are on the under spot lights

all eyes are focusing on them.

those two are our cute couple SWASAN sanskar & swara

they both have a romantic performance for the song….

Kabhi Jo Badal Barse…
Main Dekhu Tujhe Aankhe Bhar Ke….
Tu Lage Mujhe Pehli …. Barish Ki dusro…..

Tere Pahlooon Mein Rahalooon…. Mai Khud Ko Pagal kahaloooon… saathiyaaaa….

the given mind blowing performance….
Anjali Shyam were happy to see them….
but Khushi , Arnav, laksh , ragini , Anjali Sam were shocked to see them
in flashback
swara is the cousin of Arnav and Jeevika
Sanskar is a cousin of Khushi and laksh
swasan had runned and got married I mean baat ki shadi kiya.

their marriage was done by kushi, Jeevika and Ragini and also D.p (Durga Prasad father of Lakshya and Khushi)
but nobody knows it….

after a span of few months they came back
but nobody knows except Jeevika …that they are coming now..

swasan : (to words Anjali and shyam ) s orry for that day ( marriage day)

Anjali : now you remembered us.

swara : sorry di forgive me
sanskar : i too sorrryy…
shyam : pyaar me chalta hai yaar
shyam hugs sanskar & anjali hugs swara
swara : arnav..
arnav : what !
swara : why does much angry to my friend ( there were cousins but close friends from childhood)

arnav: who told you to not to say me for your love..
swara : i thought u will not accept
anjali : chote forgive her
swara : please yaarr….
arnav turns back and smiles.
swara : sees him and says chotee jhootee hua raha ho !
arnav : ha.. when u say please it sounds good.
swara makes pout face.
they hugs.

arnav greets sanskar.
sanskar : ( to laksh and kushi)
sryyy yaaar….
laksh & sanskar hug each other.
kushi : oh ! ho sanskar ji …. aap mujhe bhoool gaya ????
sanskar : my lovely devil how can i forget you…
kushi : reallyy…
sanskar : ha…. aakhi.. shaadi.. tho thumne ki hiai na….

laksh : what ?
arnav : what the!!?
anjali & shyam : kya ???
Khushi gives an angry look to Sanskar that he revealed The Secret…

Sanskar : I mean …..actually… not only Khushi….. but also Ragini and Jeevika toooo.

all were shocked to hear this
Ragini & Khushi & Jeevika gave an angry look to Sanskar

sanskar : i m soorrrry yaar… i told the truth….

every one freezed…& got laughed by seeing their three faces including sanskar.

shyam: leave it yar… anyway..
we accepted them….

aarav : excuse me… what is hapening here… what about me
anjali : what happened to u?
aarav : the cake is seeing me sadly and asking me when i will eat it…

everyone laughed & continued their function…
cake cutting was completed…

precap : rocking performances by our sweet couplessss….

Credit to: kushi

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