a magic of love (episode 1)

scene starts with Mr.Arnav sing raizada in his office and searches for no.1 weding planner for his dhi and jiju wedding anniversary…
he tgen finds laksh maheswari as no.1 planner.
arnav contacts laksh and asks him to meet in raizada mansion(arnavs home) in the evening..
in the cool evening….. 5 pm
arnav is at home in a causual wear. anjalu and syam are out of station. this is a surprise function for them by arnav and jeevika.
laksh in blue formal started with his p.a. so called ragini. she z in white chudi.
they reached raizada mansion.
calling bell rings….
arnav: hari prakash(h.p)
h.p opens the door and asks who were they…

laksh: wedding planner.
h.p: ok sir. get in.
in mean time arnav sees them & comes
arnav: you….
laksh: laksh
arnav: hi laksh
laksh: hai…. mr. arnav. nice to meet u.
raagini: hi. i am ragini vadera. his p.a
arnav: hi ragini. welcome.
they all goes inside..h.p. offers some drinks to them
arnav: i want a grand party for my dhi and jiju for their 10 years anniversary.
laksh: oh… its good. wer did u want to host tge party…
arnav: raizada mansion.
this is my sweet and memorable home.
raagini: how much do u want to spend on this.
anrav: as much grand it is…
their discussions are going on…
it is 8:30 p.m
ragini gets a message from viren that wer r u
ragini: (messages) i am at raizada mansion.
viren : i wil b there in few minutes…

ragini: ok
verin reaches there and finds a girl climbing the house(raizada mansion). through a chunni rope…
the g z in baby pink dress with a loose hair….
he stares at her….beauty….
suddenly she loses the grip but viren gots the grip of her..she z none other than our jeevika sing raizada…she z looking more beautifull in those night lights…. an eye lock of them… virika music plays….
sa ri ga ri ga……….
after few minutes…. ragini calls to viren….
viren holds jeevika in ine hand and lifts the call with another hand….
rafini: bhaiya. wer r u..
viren: i am a girl…

ragini: what??!!!
viren: ha.
jevika:: laughs
viren: (came to senses) i am at raizada mansion…
ragini: wait iam coming …
laksh: wer r u going?
ragini: my bro came..
arnav: oh sorry… it z late… cal him inside…
ragini: i cal him… but he wil not… i try… u caryon…
she goes…
viren: what are u doing here?
ragini: i came with laksh sir…for an aniversary planning…
viren: that idiot…. will call only u… and wastes ur and minr time….
ragini: bhaiyaaaa…… it is business…
viren: ha.. i knew… but not late evenings… right….
ok.shall we go….
ragini: hmm… ok. wait i wil inform them…

she goes in.
viren : searches for the beauty seen before few minutee..
ragini… ok then . i am leaving now..
laksh: gave an angry look. ok. meet me tomorrow in office at sharp 7′ o clock… to plan for function…
rafini: ok sir..(in a naughty voice)
arnav: thank u
ragini: welcome. bye
viren couldnt find her again…
after sime tim laksh also leaves…
arnav: do u ate dinner crystral(jeevika)
jeevika: no bhaiya.. waiting for u.
arnav: ok. come on.
i met to laksh the no.1wedding planner today.
jeevika: for dhi anniversary… right….
arnav: yes…
jeevika: it should b great damaka…..

precap: entrance of kushi…

Credit to: chery


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