the magic of love (edkv , krpkab ) epi-4


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recap:till now we have seen that sharman are childhood frnds and are gng to be engage and dev is sharvan bro who is very much quite and on coming back to india memories of a small girl hits him mind..sharman went on date..sona is sumo,s frnd dev went to pick her frm airport but a bike hits her and dev takes her to hospital..

Epi starts
Devakshi comes out of hospital nurse helps sona to get into car
sona:thanku so much u helped me alot….

Dev just smiles….

Other side
mom:sumo see this saree is so beautiful
sumo:mom!!!! Plzzz spare me now i hv watched 100 sarees from morning

sharvan enters and hugs sumo,s mom
sharvan:hey beautiful
mom: thank God u came now choose ur sherwani
mom get,s call and goes
sumo:did u went to pick sona
sharvan: yeah actually i got work so i ask bhai they did not had reached yet???

Outside devakshi reaches home…
Dev gets out of car nd opens the door for sona
sona try to get out but got difficulty dev gives her hand
she comes out ,she tries to walk and was abt to fall when dev hold her they have a eyelock
then dev lifts her up in his arms
sona:its ok i can walk
(har lamhein hazar se hote hain Rang pyaar ke
Laakhon phool bahaar ke
Hote hai rang pyaar ke Dekhe hai phool jo khil ke kabhi na khile
Dekhe hai dil jo mil ke kabhi na mile Kuch rang pyaar ke hai aise bhi
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi…..plays in bg)
And he goes inside sharman was looking cloths and gets up in shock when they saw dev coming lifting sona
sumo rushes towards sona
sumo: how this happen
dev makes sona sit on couch

sona: all becoz of u y u didnot come to pick me
sumo:i,m so sorry yar
sona:chill baba i,m joking
sharvan:but i hv sent bhai na
Sumo:yeh he is sharvan,s bro dev….(she points towards dev)

Just then dev gets a call
dev:excuse me!! He goes

sona tells sharman and sumo,s parent whole incident and dev comes back

sumo:thanku soo much u take sona here saftely

dev place hand on sumo,s head and smiles……

Sharvan: ok so we should leave now bye sona take care
and hugs sumo

dev:take care
sona:thanku for everything

dev and sharvan leaves sona looks on smilingly

@sumo,s room
sona is lying on bed and sumo is trying jewellery

sona:dev is such a nyc guy he helped me alot infact he does not know that time that i,m ur frnd

sumo: he is like this from begining very caring

sona: but why he is so calm and quite i saw some pain in his eyes
sumo was lost for while and says thats becoz of soha


3 years ago
dev was in some hospital,room a person was breathing heavily dev holds his hand
dev:nothing will happen u i,m here
person:(smiles weakily with tears) buddy u hv alwayz there for me when ever i need u.. u was bro for me rather than friend plzz take care of my daughter….saying this he pas away
dev crys bitterely and comes out of room
and doc told him that they cant save that person,s wife as well….

Dev was shattered

police officer comes and told him that they are trying their best to find the person who did this accident

then dev goes to their frnd,s home a cute lil daughter comes and hugs him(her name is soha and she was already very attach to dev she use to call him chacho means uncle )
soha:chacho!! Where is mama papa
dev:(hides his tears) they hv gone for some work will u come with me
soha: ok says happily….
Months hv passed dev take care of her very well and she also was very attach with him

one day
dev was driving and suha was sitting in front seat
suha:chachoo icecream!!!she points towards icecream parlour
dev:okk princess but u be here i,ll go and bring here there is very much traffic
dev goes to buy icecream mean while suha comes out of car and was trying to cross road when a car hits her dev turns and runs towards her suha!!!!!

Flashback ends

sumo in tears : thats all bhai thinks that he didnot fullfill his promise he is not a good friend he is irresponsible person

sona was teary eyes hearing this……..


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next epi on next sunday
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  1. Nice epi…….. Loved it

    1. Angel_pari

      Thanku 🙂

  2. Beautiful ep……. Di amazingly written..!!! 🙂
    EID Mubarak to u toooooo in advance!!! Come back soon!!

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  3. Pari..its unique..?☺
    OK..permission u r requesting a lot????☺☺

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  4. Eid mubarak to u too…..and epi was amazing……..i wish dev apny sadmy se jaldi bahar a jaye

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      Thanku sooo much naina he will comes out surely

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Fab episode??? … story is going very well ? … r apko b bohtt bohtt Eid Mubarak??

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      Thanku so much fatima

  6. Pretty Preeti

    Great epi loved it

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      Thanku pretty girl and for that post as well…… Lots of love

  7. Nice epi Pari di
    Precap looks interesting waiting for nxt part

    1. Angel_pari

      Thanku anamika i,l post asap 🙂

  8. Gud epi

  9. Nikita

    Thanks for not dragging the past.. It was emotional.. And the precap omg!! Post soon

  10. oh god u abbreviated the name and i could not recognise it anyway the epi was awesome a bitter past came in front very excited for precap
    till next sunday no epi????? its ok its ok
    eid mubarak to u to sweety
    take care of urself
    enjoy shopping eid and garmi with ur family
    pray for my result coming 0n 25 july plzzz pray
    take care stay blessed keep smiling
    love u

  11. Ho gaya post

  12. Awesome episode… Finally dev’s past is revealed… Interesting precap…post soon

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