Mafia and Love – Part 2

Mafia and Love – Part 2

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In the car,
Arjun was driving the car, Neil was in the passenger seat, with Radhika curled on his lap and her head resting on his chest. Athu, Kittu and Parth occupied the backside passenger seat.
Neil: (Smiling wide.) I think I’m loving this punishment…
Radhika: (Punching his chest.) Shut up…
Neil: (Laughed out loud.)
Radhika: (Lifted her head slightly, made faces to him and reclaimed her position.)
Neil: (Smiled with content and caressed her hair continuously.)
A hour passed, Radhika fell asleep in her brother’s embrace. Neil felt complete having his little girl in his arms for the first time in life. He found his little brothers having fun time with Parth through the rear-view mirror. He felt immense pain thinking about the pains and struggles that his siblings faced throughout their life. He felt as a failure. His trance was broken soon.
Radhika was all of a sudden shivering and sweating bad. She was murmuring something too low to hear. Neil panicked, so does others.
Neil: Ra… Ra… Wake up dear…
Athu & Kittu: (Were too shocked to react.)
Arjun: (Stopped the car, got hold of the water bottle and splashed some water on her face.)
Neil: What the…
Arjun: (Cut him off and spoke.) Sprinkling water is not going to help Neil…
Neil’s words were cut off again but by Radhika.
Radhika: (Coughed and opened her eyes slowly. Her breathe was uneven.)
Neil: (Cooed her in his embrace and comforted her in all way possible.)
Radhika: (Her breathe was normal by now. Her eyes were fixed on Arjun, in front of her.)
Arjun: (Was sure about her gaze on him, but maintained a straight face and drove the car. His heart was throbbing in his chest, to pull her to his lap and comfort her in his embrace.)
Parth: (Relaxed seeing her calm.)
Athu & Kittu: (Noticed her gaze fixed on Arjun and shared a look of understanding. A wide smile spread on their face.)
All their trance was broken by Radhika.
Radhika: Thank you…
Neil: Hmmm…? (He tilted his head to get a view of her face and noticed her gaze on Arjun.) Thank me that I didn’t kill him the very next second for his act…
Radhika: He saved me Nikki…
Neil: Whatever…
Arjun: (Maintained silence.)
Radhika: Thank you Arjun…
Arjun: (Not taking his gaze off of the road nodded his head acknowledging.)
Radhika: You know, I’m not that ugly… You can have a look on to my face…
Arjun: (His heart beat was raising and thinking, “Ugly…? Damn lady, you have no idea how beautiful you are that makes me sick on not able to touch you, hold you, kiss you and love you…” He let out a sigh and slowly shifted his gaze towards her.)
Radhika: (Smiled wide. Her eyes reflected the same.)
Arjun: (Thinking, “Don’t give me that look… I’m dying to get hold of you and do things that may even scare you…” He composed and gave her a small nod saying,) You’re welcome… (And diverted his gaze to the road.)
Radhika: (Had a wide smile on her face.)

Neil: (Thinking, “Why are they behaving weird…? Arjun, I had never ever seen such fire in his eyes… The way he looks at her, maybe even for few seconds, it was just not Arjun… Is he feeling something for her…? Damn, what am I even thinking…? If my doubts are true, am I really fine with it…? Arjun, he is my most trust worthy man, my brother, whom I had always wished for… But I had never seen him serious with any woman, he had always gone with no string attached… Still why do I feel like I trust him more on her…? Urgh… I’m going mad… (His gaze now fell on Radhika.) And this lady in my arms, she is gawking at him… One thing is for sure, I’m going to have tough time being an elder brother… Almighty God, save me and give me strength…)
His trance was broke by giggling sound. He turned back to find his little brothers giggling at him. He raised his eyebrows gesturing what. They returned him the gesture with I know your mind… He made faces and instantly turned fixing his gaze to the road.
Parth: Am I missing something guys…?
Before the brothers could reply,
Neil: Shut up…
Parth: (Gave an innocent pout.)
Radhika: (Tilted her gaze to Neil, without breaking the hug.) Why you’re so moody…? I mean men usually don’t sulk around you know…
Neil: (Spoke nothing. Just stared at her.)
Radhika: Uhm… Suit yourself… (And reclaimed her position in his embrace.) (After few minutes.) Nikki…
Neil: Hmmm…?
Radhika: I’m scared… (Tightening her hold on him.)
Neil: (Understanding her state of mind.) I’m not letting anyone hurt you darling… Not now, not ever… Don’t let past memories take a toll over you… It is simply going to hurt you…
Radhika: He is going to be annoyed… He is not going to let it happen…
Neil: And no one is taking you away from me… At least not this time… (And hugged her tight and close to his chest.)
Radhika: Promise me to be always beside me…
Neil: Is that really needed…? Do you have any doubts…?
Radhika: (Shaking her head vigorously.) No… It is not that I doubt you… It is just that I badly doubt my fate… It had always been…
Neil: (Cutting her off.) Not hereafter… Understand…? (Sternly.)
Radhika: (Huffing, she locked her gaze with him.) Stop bossing around me Neil… I give a shit to it… (And reclaimed her posture.)
Neil: (Before he could speak.)
Athu & Kittu: (Burst out laughing.)
Neil: (Glared at them.)
Athu & Kittu: (Stopped laughing and tried to control the upcoming laughter.)
Arjun: She is for sure boss’ sister…
Neil: (Gave him an irritated look.) I never want her to be a boss’ sister… I just want her to be a normal sister of a normal brother…
Radhika: (Spoke nothing. She simply tightened her grip around her brother.)
Finally, they reached the massive building, carrying the name board, “THE ROYALS”. It was almost dusk. One by one got off the car, as it came to a halt. Parth opened the car door for Neil. He carefully got off the car with the sleeping bundle in his arms.
Kittu: Nikki bro, why are we at your hotel…? Do you still have work…? (With an irritated tone on his workaholic nature.)
Neil: Not really, come… (And marched forward.)
All the way, every single lady who witnessed him carrying a lady with a smile adoring his face were jealous and cussing the sleeping beauty. But they were also puzzled seeing a different lady other than Sammy. As it was always Sammy, who pulled this smile out of him.
At once they reached in front of a room, Neil was puzzled on how to enter the code now, with his Ra in his arms. A hand came and entered the code for the door to open. He turned to find Arjun. That is when he remembered his loyal associate being along with him.
They all stepped into the room.
Kittu: WOW…

Athu: Great view Nikki bro… (Glancing out of the glass window, that served as a wall.)
Neil: (Had a smile of content. He was happy that his siblings loved his likes too. He just wished even his Ra loves it, at once she have a look on to it.)
Kittu: For sure RD is going to love it…
Athu: Absolutely… Both your tastes match perfect… (Looking at Neil.)
Neil: (Felt content on hearing it and smiled. He laid sleeping Radhika on the bed.)
Arjun: (Covered her with the covers, before Neil could do it.)
Neil: (Glanced at Arjun, but spoke nothing. He was silently taking in his every single movement around her.)
Kittu & Athu: (Too smiled.)
Parth: Boss…
Neil: (Gestured him to continue.)
Parth: The car which was been following us, we got hold of them…
Athu: Good… (Said all casually.)
Neil: You knew it…? (Asked little taken back.)
Kittu: What did you think we are too careless…? We had been escaping from all the claws, that were setting us as their preys, Nikki bro… We really don’t fail observing and validating our surroundings…
Athu: We just maintained silence so that we don’t alert them by any means…
Neil: (Had a satisfied smile on his face seeing his little brothers’ intelligence.)
Arjun: (Walking towards them and pulling them into his arms, on either side.) For sure, you both are brothers of this man…
Kittu & Athu: (Gave him an acknowledging smile.)
Arjun: So what would you like to have…?
Kittu: Do you have an empty room, where I can practice…?
Athu: and where is the piano…?
Arjun: (Rolled his eyes.)
Parth: Workaholic, just like the older brother… (Under his breath.)
Neil: Said something…?
Parth: No, absolutely nothing… Did you hear something boss…?
Neil: (Glared at him.)

All their trance was broken by a soft voice,
Voice: What is going on…? (Looking at the surrounding.) And where are we…?
Kittu: (Jumping on to the bed and sat beside Radhika.) Good Morning sleepy head…
Radhika: (Made faces.)
Athu: (Joined them.) Hey RD, we are in THE ROYALS…
Radhika: Why…?
Kittu & Athu: (Gave her a shrug.)
Neil: Because we are here to enjoy…
Radhika: (Smiled at him.)
Kittu: Nikki bro, watch out… (And jumped on him, as he sat on the bed.)
Neil: (Stumbled a little, but balanced himself and saved them from falling.) Now what was that for…?
Kittu: (Showing a puppy face.) You only asked to act according to age, now again it is you who is complaining…
Neil: (Huffed.) Dramebaaz… (And embraced him tight.)
Kittu: (Smiled wide and hugged him more tight.)
Neil: (To Radhika and Athu.) Is he always like this…?
Radhika & Athu: (Giggled.) Only with family…
Radhika: (In her own trance.) And he turns into a monster when his family is hurt… (With unshed tears in her eyes.)
Kittu: (Shivered in Neil’s embrace.)
Athu: RD…? What are you talking about…?
Radhika: (Spoke nothing, her eyes were fixed on Kittu.)
Athu: (In detective mode.) What is RD talking about Kittu…?
Kittu: (No response.)
Athu: Damn Kittu… Speak up, now… (Fire spitting at each word.)
The room was silent.
Neil: (Pulled Kittu out of his embrace and made him stand.)
They both stood facing each other. Kittu’s head was hung low. Athu was glaring at Kittu, standing beside him. Radhika was motionless and still seated on bed. Losing his patience,
Athu: Would you quit this damn silent treatment and speak up…? I’m losing every single drop of sanity in me… I don’t want to end up hurting your damn face… (After a pause.) And how the hell did you dare to break our pact…?
Before he could continue, Kittu embraced him tight in a hug. Athu tried to push him off, but he had a strong grip on him. Finally, accepting the defeat, he hugged him back tight.
After few minutes, Neil pulled them both away from the hug. He gave them a stern look, showing who is older here.
Neil: (Rising his fore-finger towards them.) Without a single lie, without swallowing a single word, spit out everything… EVERYTHING… Are we clear…?
All their trance was broken by,
Voice: Neil…
All turned towards the door to see Sammy in front of them.
Neil: Sammy…?
Sammy: (Passing him a weak smile, her eyes landed on trembling Kittu. She walked towards him and made him look at her face, cupping his face in her palms.) Hey lovey-dovey…
Kittu: (Passed her tear filled smile.)
Neil: You know him Sammy…? (Confusion filling his brain.)
Sammy: (Without breaking her eye-lock with Kittu.) I wouldn’t have been here today Neil, if he wasn’t there for me on the other day…
Radhika: Meaning…? (Because this was new for her too.)
Sammy: Remember Neil, the other day, maybe a month or two before, you picked me from an isolated place…?
Neil: (Nodded his head robotically, scaring the worst.)
Sammy: It was he who saved me and dropped me there, making sure that I was safe… If, (taking a deep breath) if he wouldn’t have reached on time other day, I would have ended up as someone else’s puppet, which I never appreciate… I would have rather ended my life…
After a pause, she continued,
Sammy: This boy, came from somewhere and smartly tackled every single men, who were ready to take me… He fought brave and strong, beyond his age… (Looking at Neil.) You won’t believe Neil, he tackled men who were twice or thrice stronger and broader than him… He was hurt bad too, but still he got me saved and took me to the safest place and helped me reach you… (Tears flowing from her eyes.)
Athu: (Placing a hand on Kittu’s shoulder and turned him around, making him to face him straight.) You already met her, saved her and you didn’t find it important to say me…?
Kittu: Saying them, means saying that I was hurt, and I didn’t want that to happen… I didn’t want to hurt you… (He lifted his gaze to look straight into hurt and pained pair of eyes, his twin’s eyes.) I’m sorry…
Athu: Save them for your ass Malhotra…

Within fractions of seconds, both were lying on the floor, with Athu sitting upon Kittu’s tummy and punching the hell out of him. All were shocked to even react. Arjun was the first to react. Arjun pulled Athu away from Kittu. But he was fierce and uncontrollable. He started kicking Kittu with all his strength. Arjun pulled him back as far as possible and Neil helped Kittu up.
Both the twins were staring at each other. All of a sudden, they both freed themselves from the clutches and ran towards each other. All were scared and was ready to pull them away, but were shocked seeing them embraced tightly in a hug. They were shedding all the pains in form of tears.
Kittu: I’m sorry champ…
Athu: Shut up… You’re older than me for few minutes, doesn’t give you the rights to make me a baby and take all the struggles on yourself… (Huffing, but still in his embrace.)
Kittu chuckled and was later joined by Athu.
Sammy: (Was adoring the two little buds in front of her.)
Arjun: (Was wondering, “How could kids of just fifteen or sixteen could be so matured and strong…? They are beyond any of our imagination…”)
Parth: Boss, this older one is just like you… He stands in front of the danger, safeguarding his… (His remaining words were swallowed by him, by the intense stare that Neil gave him.)
Neil: (Looked at the two guys in front of him and averted his gaze to look at his little sister, who had turned into a stone by now. He stood beside her and pulled her into his embrace.)
Radhika: (Surrendered herself in her older brother’s arms.) I’m scared Nikki… I… (And breathed hard, controlling her sobs.)
Kittu: (Kneeling in front of his older siblings.) I’m sorry…
Neil: (Made Radhika sit on the bed and gestured Sammy to support her.)
Sammy: (Supported her motionless body.)
Neil: (Walked and stood in front of Kittu. He made him stand on his feet and made him look straight into his eyes.) Listen to me carefully, when I say this young man, I give a shit to any of your explanations next time for risking your own life… You’ll not do that anymore, not at least till my last breath… Am I clear enough…? (He spoke every single word very sternly.)
Kittu: (Nodded affirmative.)
Neil: (Pulled him in a hug. For the first time in life he felt he failed in his responsibilities. What scared him more was, he was able to see another Neil in Kittu. Which he never ever want to happen. He never wanted his little siblings to be in danger.)
Among this all, one soul slowly walked out of the room and stood in the balcony. After few minutes, he was pulled into an embrace, which he didn’t push away, instead snuggled closer into the embrace. Once he was composed,
Athu: (Still being in embrace.) I always tried to make sure that he hides nothing from me, so that I could walk along with him in all the hurdles… But that idiot fooled me brilliantly and kept me away from everything… I even failed to understand he was hurt… Thinking about it now, I’m scared how many times did the history repeat itself… I’m worst in the form of a brother…
Voice: No, you aren’t…
Athu: (Lifted his eyes to lock his eyes with the pain filled eyes of Arjun.)
Arjun: At least you didn’t run away from the situation… You stood by your brother… Him hiding things from you wasn’t your mistake…
Athu: I should have at least tried to understand… I should have been little more careful and observant…
Arjun: Not everything is in our capacity… Failed once unknowingly, that doesn’t say you’re careless… Now stop worrying… (And wiped of his tears.)
Athu: (Hid him once again completely in his embrace.)
Arjun: (Cooed him in his embrace and comforted him. Sensing someone’s gaze on him, he averted his gaze to find, Radhika watching him with so many emotions in her eyes. His eyes were completely locked with her eyes.)
A pair of eyes were noticing their every single move. It is none other than Neil. As they both were lost in each other’s eyes, they failed to notice Neil’s gaze on them. Without making any noise, he went back to rest, not letting them know he found them lost in each other.
But still their trance was broken, and that was done by the throat clearing sound of Athu. They turned to find a teasing smile playing on his lips. Radhika moved back to room without a word. Arjun, awkwardly pulled away from Athu and walked in to the room.
Athu smiled wide and later joined the rest in the room. Seeing him, Kittu ran to him and hugged him tight. The twins shared a lovely moment. As they broke the hug after sometime, Kittu was gifted with a punch.
Athu: Next time you try to hide something, consider yourself dead Malhotra…
Kittu: Okay Malhotra…
Radhika: (Mumbled to herself.) Both forgot me… (And turned away.)
Neil: (Chuckled at her antics.)
Radhika: (Gave him a stern look.)
Neil: (Making him to laugh more.)
After few minutes,
Sammy: Neil…?
Neil: Yes Sammy…?
Sammy: How do you know them…? Why are they here…?
Neil: (Taking a deep breath.) Sammy, they are family…
Sammy: (With confusion filled face.) Family…?
Neil: (Closing his eyes.) They are my siblings… (Opening his eyes.) About whom I wasn’t aware all these ages…
Sammy: (Her face was ghost struck. She was more worried on seeing the pain in his eyes. She had always seen his eyes red out of anger only. But for the first time in her life, she saw his eyes red out of pain and tears, that were threatening to fall. She took his hand in her hands and gave a slight squeeze, gesturing her support.)
Neil: (Tightened his hold on her.)
Kittu: How cute…?
Athu: Too adorable Nikki bro…
Athu and Kittu: (Shared a hi-fi.)
All chuckled. Sammy’s cheeks had turned crimson red. Neil smirked at her red cheeks.
Radhika: Oh stop drooling at her Nikki… She is all yours already…
Kittu: And if you keep staring at her like this without a break, she is going to burst out of embarrassment…
Once again the room was filled with laughter.
Sammy: (Tried to run away.)
Kittu & Athu: (Blocked her way, with a teasing smile.)
Kittu: (Pushed her, landing her on Neil’s lap perfectly.)
Athu and Kittu: (Shared a hi-fi again.)
Neil: (Pulled her closer to him.)
Sammy: (Buried herself completely in his chest, embarrassed.)
Neil: (Smiled and averted his gaze to his naughty brothers and winked his eyes. He then, all of a sudden started tickling Sammy.)
Sammy: (Tried to push him off.)
Neil: (But he had a strong hold on her.)
Kittu: Nikki bro, control yourself, kids reside here…
Athu: (Burst out laughing.)
Kittu: (Joined him later.)
Making everyone burst out laughing on the blushing couple.
Nail: Kids…? And you…? Someone should really keep repeating that aloud… (With sarcasm.)
Kittu & Athu: (Shrugged.) Not our mistake…
Athu: (Walking forward and taking his seat beside Radhika.) RD…
Radhika: (Came out of her trance.)
Athu: Is everything fine RD…? You seem to be zoned out…
Radhika: Yes Athu, I’m fine… (And pulled him into a hug.)
Athu: Stop lying RD…
Radhika: (Sighing.) Little worried…
Neil: (Extending his hand around her shoulder and locking his eyes with her.) Don’t…
Radhika: (Snuggled closer in his embrace, hiding herself in his arms.)
Athu: (Extended his hands around his brother, with his RD in between.)
Kittu: (Taking his seat beside Neil, extended his hands around his siblings.)
Rest had a pleasant smile on their face.
Arjun: (Pulled Sammy in to a bear hug, seeing her tear filled eyes.)
Sammy: (Hugged him back.)
Neil: (Seeing them.) Mr. Mehra, I appreciate if you keep your hands for yourself… (And pulled Sammy out of his hold, to his lap.)
Arjun: (Rolled his eyes.)
Sammy: (Smacked his upper arm.)
Parth: (Let out a curse, looking at his phone.)
All were looking at him.
Parth: (Looked at Neil.) Boss…
Neil: (Walked to Parth and pulled the phone from his hold.)
Arjun: (Too joined him.)
Neil & Arjun: (Their eyes were fixed on the mobile screen. They were boiling in anger.)
Rest were puzzled on what is happening.
Sammy: (In mind.) Oh God, what is it now… Please keep my Neil safe… I need him… (Her gaze fell on his siblings.) They need him more… Please God… And Arjun, I don’t want to lose the only real friend I have got in this whole life… Even the rest of the gang members, who are my family now…
Radhika: (Walked forward and stood in front of the guys.) What is it Nikki…?
Neil: Nothing…

Before he could continue,
Radhika: (Sternly.) Cut the crap Nikki… What is it…?
Neil: (Was astonished to see the fire emitting from her eyes.)
Radhika: (Pulled the mobile in his hold, as he was motionless and speechless, testing her patience. As the video played, her eyes turned red.)
Kittu & Athu: (Joined her the next moment sensing her changed expression.)
Kittu: (Ran and pulled out his laptop from his back pack.)
Radhika: (Joined him soon. Followed by Athu.)
Kittu: (Connected the mobile to his laptop and started working.)
Rest stood rooted at their place. They were wondering what are they up to.
Neil: (Slowly walked to his siblings. As he reached them and took his seat beside them, he was shocked to find the location been traced from where the video was uploaded and Kittu was removing the video.)
Neil and Arjun’s phones buzzed indicating a message being received. They opened to find the location details, sent by Kittu. They shared an eye-lock.
Arjun: (Moved forward, placed his hand on Kittu’s head, caressed his hair and cupped his face, giving a slight tap, appreciating his work.)
Kittu: (Offered him a small smile.) You have exactly thirty minutes to get a hold of the person… I had made sure that the video is virtually present only at the source end… But after thirty minutes, the person will come to know it is been removed and there are chances for him/her to escape…
Arjun: (Nodded his head acknowledging and without any delay he walked out of the room.)
Parth: (Followed Arjun.)
Neil: (Standing in front of his siblings, he caressed Kittu’s hair and placed a deep kiss on his forehead and punched his cheek playfully. He ruffled Athu’s hair and passed a smile to both his little brothers. His gaze fell on Radhika, he avoided eye contact and walked off the room.)
Radhika: (Was confused at his behaviour. But decided to confront him later.)
Kittu & Athu: (They too noticed Neil’s behaviour, but decided to be silent as of now.)
Sammy: (Understood them and decided to lightened the mood.) So, would you guys like to eat something… I’m hungry, very badly… (Pouting a little.)
They chuckled a little. Later all walked out of the room, towards the restaurant of the hotel.

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