Mafia Love An Ishqbaaz-FF (Chapter #4) by #ANNIE

Hey let’s start first…


“It ain’t a normal meeting for sure first that bumped thing and now this bodygaurd thing… well I’m F***ed up man These securities i hate them” thought om

“Whatever you’re thinking Mr.” Said gauri “omkara! “Yeah mr. Omkara but this security you’ve to leave outside it’s a gallery Even i have security but They never comes inside without any reason It affects my gallery’s reputation so leave them out!” “But” “no ifs no buts this is the final decision of Gauri Raizada now Move” saying this she left… omkara was all surprised… he left the gallery with his man’s….

Scene @ cafe

“Annika you wanted to tell me something,but you’re quite since we are here” said shivaay “ahh..uhhh Just wanted to celebrate our friendship ?” “annika you’re just… well what you would like to have?” “Ummm Nespresso and uh?” “Ummm… even i do drink Nespresso ” “um… coincidence i think…” “Ofcourse, what do you think? I’m copying you?” “No.. nothing like that”

They had their Nespresso and left the cafe and went to seaside it was the time when Sun was saying bye and Stars and moon started saying hello!

Walking on the wet and cold sand bare foot they were spending some quality time with eachother totally forgetting everything sid and ravi were in their cars as not allowed to come with them

Scene in an exhibition

Om was checking paintings while gauri was checking sculpture they both were lost in the checking their securities were outside as wasn’t allowed inside the exhibition…

Just then they hears gun shots “oh shit” said om “what happened mayuuu” gauri asked just then om and gauri’s security mans and adi and mayu enters with hands-up and on point of gun surrounded by many man’s in mask

“Well it’s totally fu***d up situation whom they’re targeting?” Said gauri while Rolling her eyes…

“Everyone leave we don’t need anyone of you leave” said a man in mask

Gauri and om were tensed… so does their bodygaurd

“Are you the target mr.zulfi?” Whispered gauri… “i think so…” replied om “then u should fight um sure they’ll leave me and mine security” gauri said “i don’t know how to fight” om replied while rolling his eyes… “stop whispering… and uh girl leave don’t you love your life?” Said man in mask “yeah… Thankyou gauri com-on let’s just leave they are not behind us” said mayu “well… why they’re after this artist?” Asked gauru randomly “artist! Haha yeah he’s artist but a mafia too and we r da rivals” said man in mask while laughing “hey omkie… don’t worry everything will be fine I’m here na” adi consoles omkie who was Sweating in fear “Ummm okay” replied omkie “well man i can help you!” Gauri whispers “how” he asks in signs “leave it on me” said gauri and smiled and signs mayu through her eyes and then aadi “okay mask man’s leave me and my man’s i have nothing to do with this long hair creature we’ll leave…” said gauri and mask man Releases her man’s… gauri passes by mask man and turns when reaches his backside and breaks his neck in one jerk aadi too releases himself and so does rest man they all starts fighting Omkara was stunned seeing a girl fighting he never even thought in his dream that a girl will come for his rescue he was embarrassed but didn’t showed it just looking at gauri and wondering soon the fight was over and there were bodies only of the rival gang om shooked himself and moved toward the gauri and took her hand in his “thankyousomuch” said while squeezing it “well man its ok… but be careful next time and yeah one advice I know artist don’t like to fight or to learn it but even if you’re an artist you should learn it for you or others security because you’re not only artist but a mafia too in fact you should be master in tackling this situation I hope you’ll think learning for our own defense isn’t bad at all Mr. Mafia” gauri smiled and left with her bodyguard following

Omkara was just looking at her till she vanished… “she’s gone omkie lets just leave” adi shooked om “uhh… yeah” and they too left

Scene in a mall where Rudy and Sam went for some shopping
“Sam I think; I should lose some more weight look at me this shirt is so…” he stopped “what happened Rudy why you stopped” asked Sam “look there, my fav shirts” Rudy pointed toward a rack “oh man u scared the shit outta me never do that again” sighed Sam “haha” laughed Rudy

They doing shopping Somu and raj enters
“I think here we’ll get what we want but we don’t have much time and there are 3 portions, raj you’re faster than me you check upper 2 and I’ll check this lower 1 if I found I’ll tell okay?” suggested Somu and they divided and started exploring the mall when Somu bumped in rudra “I’m sorry I didn’t see you” said Somu and got shocked seeing rudra “you” uttered Somu “yeah, me!” replied rudra “sorry…!” Somu said and started going “it’s completely okay gorgeous” replied Rudy “well I take it as a compliment only and thanks” said Somu “and yeah I’m sorry for yesterday and I really mean it” said Rudy “nice change Prince mafia!” she said “I too take it as a Compliment miss. Gorgeous” replied Rudy and they both laughed Somu left and Rudy looked at confused Sam “man what a change” “Sam, I never disobey bhaiya and he told me to never hurt girls especially simple one’s so I changed” “it is hard to believe” “trust me *puppy eyes*” “okay stop it I trust you” they smiles
*on call Somu and raj*
“hey raj I didn’t get it here what about you?” “I’m still searching” “okay so I’ll be waiting outside come if you get” “soumaya mam don’t wait out, get in the car and rolled up the mirror” “sure, but you’ve the keys” “so stay in mall” “okay raj”
Call ends

She was already out and to the other side of road she decided to go back and stand to cross the road when some goons starts teasing her “come girl with us” “we’ll give you full pleasure” “even money” and laughs “your bustard” Somu slapped the one and kicked the other one while punching the next the others goon surrounded her from back when she turned others stand behind her and held her hands while the one standing in-front came close to her and leaned on her and kissed her on shoulder, soumaya was struggling hard to free herself she felt disgust and a drop of tear escaped from her eye “oh baby don’t cry we’ll not give you much pain” and they again all shouted Somu looked at upper floor and saw raj she was praying that he turn to her but he moved
Rudra and Sam came out while talking laughing having bags in hand “hey man come get these” said Rudy to his other man’s but the man was busy watching the thing happening to other side of road “hey I’m talking with you where the hell are you bu…” he stopped looking at the direction where everyone was focusing “dammit, Sam com-on’ said Rudy while leaving the bags Sam too ran while other man too followed, the goon was about to kiss her again when a punch hits his face and he fall down all bleeding “are you okay?” asked Rudy with concern and she just nodded while crying Sam and other beats the goon red, blue black Rudy took Somu with him to his car made her sit on a seat while the door was open and gave her water “thankyou” said Somu “no need at all are you fine? You’re not hurt na?” asked Rudy “I’m fine” Replied Somu “need any help?” asked Rudy “can you stay till my bodyguard raj comes” asked Somu “ofcourse!” he smiled and consoles her, they both were sitting in his car and talking Rudy was really concerned for her as she was still shivering and was stammering while talking he saw marks of fingers on her wrist “come-out” said Rudy they both went out “come let’s go there in a coffee shop” said Rudy while pointing toward the shop “okay” she replied and leaving Sam and mans he went there with her holding her hand “you need to calm-down now relax and have it” giving her coffee, Somu hugged him and started crying “okay relax now” said Rudy while caressing her hair she nodded they had coffee and left raj came and they both bid bye to eachother…

It’s a short one… I’m not getting much comments as I expected… so if I still don’t get them I’ll leave it like this only abruptly so please do comment silent reader please and still if I don’t get chapter 4 will turn into last chapter for all your com-on guys do it you can if you like! If not tell me, I’ll stop it…

Bye thank you for reading and commenting who comments

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