Mafia Love An Ishqbaaz FF (Chapter #2) by #ANNIE


Hey guys this is annie back with another part of my FF MAFIA LOVE!

Chapter 2

Anu started working in her hospital as usual
Dress= tight jeans with half Velvet color top open and Lil curly hair And perfect eyeliner

“GOD! So many work to do and me alone not fair? Give my Prince Charming soon na! Well how can i forgot it’s somu’s birthday coming up…! I need to do alot things hufff! For that i need some holiday’s only if there are no emergencies for now… i need to chexk *after check* well well only small cases i can go yup…” thinking this she left the hospital throwing coat on her Cabin’s chair getting car keys bodygaurd joined her and she drove off to a mall to shop as she entered the mall she saw a cat which was on stair’s *someone’s cat* anu being kiddo and crazy for cats started chasing her and end up on last portion from where other building’s roof’s were clearly visible she held the cat in her hand “why u was running? I love you ummm” she was about to kiss her when she looked up on the front *under-Construction Building* where there were many man’s in three piece black suit and one man was tied up on chair full bleeding many bruises and one men was sitting in front of him on chair pointing a gun on him she wasn’t able to see his face annika was all shook by this she wanted to save him but she was freezed so her bodygaurd took her away from their and seeing the cat she got normal and went down…

On the Building Roof!

The man was none other than mafia Shivaay Rathod and the man tied was none other than that builder who refused to give him money and threatened them about informing police shivaay being heartless shot him on head and left with sid while his other mans Cleaned the mess…

*annika is shopping*

Shivu and sid were sitting in the car “he deserved it sid get that money and transfer it to om’s account he needs that and yeah transfer half only half for his Bestfriend ;), oH damn in this builder matter i forgot rudy’s birthday is coming up!!! We need to do shopping afterall he’s our baby boy.. check me up sid any blood stains? Or bad face?” “No shivu you’re perfect as always btw where we going?” “Oh yeah look at that mall just there for some Shopping?” “Yeah great idea” “i know sid but leave these heavy weapons here take small and ask mans to sorrund the mall enemy can attack we need to do shopping peacefully” “ofc shivu”

They both left for mall and entered it with classy styles… and starts doing shopping shiv selects some dress and goes to check and tries to open trial room door while looking at his clothes and Doesn’t realise it’s locked but due to his heavy tries the lock broke and the door opened and he entered the room without looking up…

Annika was inside *changed her dress was checking only* shivu sees her and she sees him

Both shocked annika was about to shout when shivaay covers her mouth with his hands “ssshhhh… i..i..I’m sorry i didn’t see you before, quite i ain’t a rapist!” Annika calmed

“OH god such a beauty ? her eyes uff” thought shivaay
“Okay if it was by mistake go now” “ummm… if I’ll go and then you will come out too? What people will think?” “So what we will do? How we will leave?”
“Hey I’m shivaay singh rathod!” “Is this the time for intro? Nice meeting uh shivaay, but i really want to go” “well i have a friend outside he can help us?” “What are you waiting for call please?”

Shivaay went all dumb being mesmerized by her beauty

“Yeah umm..uuhh i could have called if i had a cell… um I mean my cell has no battery and i can’t call him”

Shivaay was just getting more and more mesmerized by her innocent and Expression changing face

“Okay i have a cell and thankfully a battery too even i have a bodygaurd i can call him” “uhh huh .. what he’ll think my friend is kinda dumb so he’ll not think anything let’s call him!?”
“Umm yeah you’re right okay take it call him”

He called him and asked him to clean the area near the trial room and switch of the cctv of that area too sid agreed and did that
*while he was doing that*

“Umm… i told u my name what is yours?”
“Uhh.. yeah I’m annika Singh Raizada A doctor! What about you? What you do?” “Ummm i..i.. I’m a businessman! Hehe” “nice!”
And sid knocked the door
Shivaay cursed him in his heart

And he bids bye to annika and went to other trial room annika too left after sometime and Payed the amount and went to her car where his bodygaurd was standing.!
“Mam Is everything Okay?” “Yeah Ravi! I was just… just nothing get in cat we need to leave”
After being seated she rolled mirror down to look at shivu who was standing near the counter she waved her hand and smiled while he too did the same…

She drove off smiling

“Ahhh… damn he’s so Cute and innocent…dashing what a personality such a calm man his nature ufff… annika you have fallen for him? Nah… you can’t it was just the casual meet forget him you ain’t gonna get him!” Thought anu

Sid-“who was that girl shivu? Why you did so much for her? I mean cleaned the area cctv off? And so calmed? Ahm? Is everything okay Shivu?”

“Umm uhhh yeah Ofcourse its just that she’s a nice,innocent cool pretty girl so i did a favour as she did by not shouting”

“Really? Pretty? Shivu don’t tell me that you’ve fallen for her?”
“Oh come-on sid its not like that”

They paid and went to their car… after entering “uhh sid i called you from her cell give me that number?” Said shivaay while opening Contact book of his mobile
“OH MY GOD! shivu you lied about battery dead just to get her number, you have fallen for her come-on accept it man”
“No sid… umm.. it’s just some attraction she’s unique i would like to have some friendship with her” “shivu she’s just a common girl not some …” cut by shivu “sid she ain’t a common she’s unique and daughter of raizada’s” “oh man such a great line you’ve connected here have her number” he gave her number to shivu and they drove off to mansion

Scene in a club

Soumya went with her college friends to a club where they was parting when Rudra too join that party with sam none was aware of him…

Soumaya dress- Ripped jeans with high heels and off shoulder black velvet half top long Straight open hair long earings perfect Eyeliner

Rudra dress- ripped jeans with black T-shirt and A black Jacket spice hair and grey lens…

Rudra being rudy attracted many girls from the club as he mostly went there and many ppl know him well there

Soumaya first time went to that club…

Rudra sat there on a couch and many girls got over him “rudy you’ll never change” said sam “Ofcourse not sam i think you should change yourself and try to be like me its cool you will enjoy for sure Sam” said rudra and rudra starting flirting with girls and sam just kept an eye so no danger can harm his Flirty bestie…

Somu’s party got over and she stood near bar’s door to wait for her siso to pick her up fron their she was drunk *little* rudy looke up at her and got mesmerized “i want her sam she’s damn Hot” “rudra she ain’t your type forget her” said sam but it’s too late rudra was standing near her
*somu’s bodygaurd was just some Steps away from her*

When rudra went near her, her bodygaurd moved forward and came inbetween them…
Even sam moved toward them “man Chill! I just want to talk…” said rudra amd somu signed her body gaurd to mive back and he did

“Hey I’m rudra? Wanna be my girl? Look i know what will ne your reaction Awwwww! OMG rudra is offering me to be his gf… you can do that later i need you much right now! So Say yes…?” “Oh nice mr. RUDRA but why should i react like this? I’m already waiting for my Love to come and pick me!so please bro leave” “oh Girl you can still come with me I’ll pay you whatever your price will be” and here come “thaaaaaaa” a tight Slap on rudra’s face “oh man you can still get another slap from me? And even I’ll pay you for that and yeah much more than from your price…!” Rudra was Shocked as first time a girl rejected him and first time a girl slapped him he was hurt Sam was giggling Rudra looked at him with anger just then somu’s mobile beeped and she left from there and his bodygaurd followed her

Outside club
“Babe why you always so late I’m so tired why you got late?” “Actually Baby I got busy with some painting i even told mayu to go and pick up you and raj but he refused as he wasn’t allowed to leave gauri raizada alone ever…! ” “ahh gauri di let’s just get to home I’m tired” said somu and sat in car on front seat while gauri sat on driver’s seat somu placed her head in gauri’s lap and fall asleep till they got home while Bodyguards were seated behind them and raj was telling mayu what happened in club…

Scene in club

“Sam you’re happy na that i got slapped and even enjoyed that?” “No rudy i didn’t only enjoyed i even recorded that” and he laughed “she was new here sam wanna see my importance?” He sat on couch and Said come girls wanna date me? And many girls got on him

Sam sat on bar’s chair and started drinking Juice thinking nothing can happen of him…

When for sometime he Didn’t heared rudy’s voice he got suspicious and looked at couch there were just girls but no rudra he immediately took out his gun and alerted his mans…

He went to that couch “girls where is rudy?” They signed him toward the private room and he rushed in there…

In room

Rudra was tied up in ropes and therr was a girl stranding near him holding a gun and two mans with guns “oh Rudra i told you to be careful not to interact with enemies Girl, you see now trapped” “sam i didn’t knew,save me”

Sam did His style of rolling gun in his hand and Took out another gun and shooted them girl got shot on hand and man on head he untied rudra and hugged him while hugging rudra took out gun From Sam’s back and shooted the girl 5 times “oh rudy calm down she’s dead, let’s get to home” they both left and drove off to home with their man’s


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