Mafia Love An Ishqbaaz FF (Chapter #1) by #ANNIE


Hey guys this is annie here up with my FANFICTION: MAFIA LOVE
SO let’s move forward with first Chapter!

A girl wakes up in pajamas and loose T-shirt a loose braid while rubbing her eyes she throws her blanket and kind of jump on the other two girls laying beside her she hugged them while laying on up on them hardly hugging them she shouted “Good Morning my babies” one of them kissed her on her shoulder “di Good Morning” while the other one hugged her back “babe let us sleep for some more time” “no my Somu darling you need to attend your college party u forgot I think!” “Oh my Anu baby!” she said and kissed her “oh shit! Di I forgot even I need to go to gallery to complete the paintings which I need to send for exhibition, all because of this Somu she never let me sleep until she herself fall asleep” said the girl and sat making angry face, Somu sat too while scratching her head “like seriously? Gauri Darling I didn’t let you sleep? HUH! Anu babe she didn’t let me sleep… I pleaded her but she was so cruel” “okay Somu baby stop lying and blaming eachother… I know what happened so let’s just get fresh?” “di as you say…” “yes of course Anu babe” and they both hugged Anu…

(Anu-annika, Somu – Soumaya… Gauri is Gauri… They call eachother baby darling etc… Somu always being baby acts innocent Okay!)
They all stepped out from bed and ran to their washroom (washroom isn’t small the big one with three basin side by side 3 shower room,3 Toilet room Of course: p their cupboards are in washroom only and one big Bath Tub for their chilling time)

They stand in-front of their respective basin and laughs looking at eachother picked up their tooth brushes and did that got ready after 10 minutes and went to kitchen to make their breakfast “Gauri Dear! I would like to have omelet with toast and some black coffee” “I’m not Gonna make it for you Somu” they shared some glances and Anu shouted stopppppp! “we are already too late babies fight later help me in making omelet, Gauri make coffee Make toasts and I’ll make this omelet” they both nodded and after some time they all gathered in hall and sat on their breakfast Table… after having breakfast they all left to their respective work hugging eachother… with their respective bodyguards

Scene in Rathod mansion
Three Boys sleeping on their bed hugging eachother when Someone enters in their room holding a gun followed by other two persons holding guns three of them point their guns on the sleeping three’s while one sleeping Boy opens his eyes and look at them shockingly, before he could do anything the person shoots them the boy who saw them shouts “no adiiiiiii” the two beside him wake up being attacked by water The one who woke up b4 sat with a sigh while the two beside him was just unknown to the fact what just happened “shiv what happened why you shouted no adi?” asked the one laying with his long hair on his face “O you’re scaring me” said the other while sitting “why you did this? I got scared you scared the shit outta me” questioned the person who saw them shooting and the three standing burst into laughter

(okay so the one who saw the shooting was none other than shivaay, the one with hair on his face is none other than om, and the one who got scared seeing the hair one is Rudy the flirter….
Adi – Aditya bodyguard of Om literally he’s just a best friend of om as om don’t like bodyguard and om didn’t allow him to carry any gun or weapon but he did carry in his shoes, om introduces him as his best friend not as Bodyguard
Sam- Samrat bodyguard of Rudy

Sid- Siddharth bodyguard of Shivaay they are like friends to them together since childhood like brothers to them)

“okay it’s not funny adi tell me why you’re holding a gun?” asked om “nothing omie it’s a water gun we’re here to wake u guys up look at watch it’s 9 AM already” said adi while jumping on bed by om’s side “so you found this way only, never use a GUN again you wake us up…” said shivaay while standing “uhh come-on shivu don’t tell you are scared of guns” said Sid while hugging him from back ‘ohh Sid darling shivu isn’t scared of guns but he’s scared of the gun been pointed on his brothers while they’re asleep” said Rudy while laying again “come-on Rudy don’t try to be over smart and try to sleep again… my eyes are only on you my baby!” said Sam while taking off Rudra’s blanket “okay stop! It’s really too late I have meetings and I guess om had to work in his gallery and rudra had to go to a college’s party as a chief guest! So let’s move” said shivaay while cupping Sid’s face “bhaiya I’m left u don’t love me?” said rudra “even I’m left” Said om “so does we” said Sam and adi “okay come have a hug” said shivaay and they all rushed to hug and shared a hug and left to their washroom’s

Got fresh and gathered on breakfast table and after that left to their respective works after a hug

Shivaay had a meeting with one builder to get the money from him for letting him construct that building so he left to there with Sid
Rudy wasn’t actually invited to any college party he lied to shivaay just to party… so he left to the club with sam
Om as usual left to his gallery portion with adi

So guys this is it for today u can call it a short deep introduction too as from tomorrow the real thing will happen so enjoy it till then bye

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  1. I read ur intro but cudn’t comment,it was awesome
    this part is a nyc start
    loved the bro-sis bondings
    update soon

  2. looks very intersting…can’t wait to read next parts

  3. Madhuani

    Loved the bonding especially of the sisso’s as we 3 also share the same.
    You made me remember my chutki tnq.

  4. Madhuani

    Loved the bonding especially of the sisso’s as we 3 also share the same.
    You made me remember my chutki n mandy tba dear.

  5. Madhuani

    Loved the bonding especially of the sisso’s as we 3 also share the same.
    You made me remember my chutki n mandy tnq dear.


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    Interesting…Cupboards in bathroom haha’
    Great first update
    Loved it!

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    Can’t wait to see the shivika meeting

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    It is awesome dear

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    Amazing dear….

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