The Mafia Devil – Love or Hate??? (Part 6)


Sanchi passed out in Kabir’s arms. Kabir stood there with an expression of disgust and annoyance as he felt a soft weight of wool pressing over his front. The blood from her wound on her forehead was soaked by his white shirt leaving a stain on it. Her form was small as compared to his enormous heavily built body. He groaned on the situation as he was exhausted after a long journey by flight, then by the luxurious car and finally the drama he witnessed to which he was not accustomed. He picked her up in his tired but strong arms and kept her lightly on the seat of his Porsche. He went and sat on the farther end of the back seat and Veer sat in the front seat. Soon his men took their places in the cars and all of them left at once. The journey was quiet as always and soon Kabir dozed off to sleep as he was hell tired.

As it should be, he had a very delicate sleep when it came to a night journey. These are the chances when his enemies could attack him. He could not afford for a night hold in Delhi as a threat always surrounded there. If Sunil and Kumar joined hands and attack him in Delhi, main center of Kumar’s underworld business, then he would be in trouble as he would lose lot of his men. He was sure of his victory but not at the cost of his men who were like a family to him. He could do anything to protect his only family and thus had decided to travel at night.

Soon Kabir’s sleep was disturbed by slow groaning sounds which reached him in low whispers. He tilted his head to recognize the source of the groans. There he saw Sanchi struggling to sleep as her wounds pained her a lot. A frown marred her forehead to depict the uneasiness of the tough seat on her soft body. Kabir kept staring at her as though trying to understand the reason behind her groans. Within seconds the whole car was up and down causing the people to jump on their seats. The driver gulped down in fear and looked at Veer who was giving him angry glares. It was not his fault. There was no street light on the road for a clear vision and as a result the driver had dashed the car into a small puddle causing everyone to shuffle from their places. As a result Sanchi landed on Kabir’s shoulder. The frown on her forehead cleared as she got a firm but soft support which was much better than the rough seat. Soon her groans died away. She felt warmness taking over her as she sagged on the support. All her pain seemed to vanish and she continued her peaceful slumber. Kabir was not at all in the position to rebel her actions. He leaned himself against the seat and relaxed. He closed his eyes only to smell her heavenly scent which soothed his nerves.

Kabir was hell irritated as once again his sleep was disturbed with the sudden jerk of the car. He opened his eyes and saw Sanchi who was going to hit the seat in front of her. He instantly held her and pulled her in his embrace. He angrily took out his revolver and placed it over the temple of the driver not even caring to ask for the reason of this carelessness. The driver stuttered in fear and began to beg for his life. This time it was his bad luck as the one pointing gun towards him was not Veer but Kabir. Kabir was indifferent to the driver’s cries. He was going to pull the trigger when Veer held him and gestured him to let go. Kabir at once stared at the driver and diverted his burning gaze on the other side. Veer ordered the driver to be changed and within minutes they had an old experienced driver. Veer took a look at Kabir from the mirror and was shocked to see Kabir holding Sanchi still in his embrace. He was astonished but decided to keep mum.

Kabir tightened his hold around Sanchi as a possessive tigress saving her cubs. Sanchi unknowingly dug her head deep in his chest. She felt relieved and secured. All her fears were gone. She was still in the state of unconsciousness. She moaned as she took in the smell of the woodsy cologne of her savior.

After a journey of about 17 hours, the car halted near a large iron gate. The gate opened at once and an enormous villa came into the view. The villa was wide spread and surrounded by a thick layer of greenery. It was heavily guarded with all the men standing at certain positions and holding an AK47 each. It was like a team of black commandos guarding the house of a president/prime minister. Few people were already at the door waiting for Kabir’s arrival. As soon as the car stopped at the door, Kabir let go off Sanchi and groaned as his right side pained a lot. He did not move even an inch for the 17 hours and Sanchi was resting her head on the right side of his. He looked at her with an angry tone and turned his head towards Mrs.Webber (the main house maid). She understood the gesture of her master and quickly took Sanchi with her. Kabir and Veer walked in the house.
Kabir stopped for a minute and spoke: tell Mrs.Webber to attend her wounds.

V: well she is not another Lila, right?

K: she is important to me as she is our key to reach Kumar. I want you to handle this matter.

Veer smirked and Kabir rolled his eyes. He went to his room, took a fresh shower and dozed off to sleep as he was really tired. He cursed under his breath for letting Sanchi sleep on his arms as it was hurting him now.
Next morning Sanchi woke up and stretched her arms. She opened her eyes and found herself in a different room. The room was very large. It was at least three times bigger than her room in her father’s place. The color of the room was a dark royal blue and coincidently her favorite. She got up and her head spun due to the injury on the forehead. She held her head and sat on the bed. Soon her door opened and she saw a man enter the room. Her mind was still trying to figure out what had happened but the pain was too much. The man came near her bed and stood at the farthest corner of the bed.

V: hi. I am Veer.

Sanchi did not reply as her mind flashed the scenes of yesterday. Tears flowed down her eyes. She started to wipe her tears when she noticed her wrist, which was hurt, was bandaged. She was horrified when she saw all her ornaments missing and her clothes were also changed into a comfortable night dress. She shivered as an extreme terror took place in her heart. Had they really……? Words trailed off her thoughts as a new fresh bunch of hot tears made their way down her cheeks. Veer saw her reaction and understood what she was thinking.

V: all this was done by Mrs.Webber. So please don’t take stress.

Sanchi looked at him with a doubtful expression and Veer stared back equally blankly.

Their attention was drawn towards the door of the room as it creaked open. They saw a figure of a lady in her mid forties with a tray in her hand. She had a round face and a slim body. She was wearing a neatly ironed uniform.

V: thank god Mrs.Webber now please do tell her that you were the one who bandaged her wounds and changed her dress.

W: yes my child. It was me. Now please do eat something. You must be feeling weak.

Sanchi was staring at her. Sanchi felt her voice was sweet and even her personality. She was a good hearted woman then what was she doing here? Sanchi was still angry with the way she was brought in this unknown place.

S: please leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to anyone. Just go away from here.

Sanchi said this loudly and firmly but in a shaken voice as her tears did not stop even for a minute. Mrs.Webber knew that Sanchi had been brought here forcefully and that too on the day of her marriage thus she could understand her condition. She signaled Veer to go and they both left the room giving Sanchi some time in solitude. Once they left Sanchi began to weep but silently as she did not want anyone to come inside her room again.
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