The Mafia Devil – Love or Hate??? (Part 5)


Kabir’s POV:

The car halted in front of large house which was decorated. It looked like a function was going on. I smirked. Little did the people know that auspicious day would turn out a hell for them! I was standing right at the doorstep of my traitor. He has to pay for his deeds. Anger began to rise in my thoughts as the flashes of the night in Canada came to my mind. I pushed the door open and entered in the house with Veer following me and behind him, my men with all the guns and ammunitions. I tilted my head a little to my right and nodded. Veer getting the signal, moved to the right and one of my men to the left. I went upstairs to search for the blo*dy dog I was going to kill today.

I pushed pass every room eagerly searching for my prey. At last I came to the end of the corridor. This was the only room left. This room was a bit bigger than the other rooms in this house. If not for revenge, I would have never stepped into such a muggy and damp place like this. Even the servant quarter of my house was spacious and airy. All the rooms that I came across till now were full of unique furniture and a very distasteful color combination. I now barged into the room which looked somewhat attractive to me. The colors of the walls were soothing and the room was almost empty with only a bed, cupboard and a dressing table. No lounges and no unnecessary furniture. A voice caught my attention as I was analyzing the room. The voice was sweet but low and hurt. Pain reflected in her voice as she spoke to someone whom she considered a lot and maybe they/he/she hurt her. I was unclear to whom she was talking but stood there staring at her back as she poured her heart out. She was wearing a bridal dress but was yet to veil her head. She stood at the window not even budging a little at my harsh entry. The dress she was wearing almost covered her whole back only to reveal her waist and a part of her skin near the neck. She spoke the first few lines with anger and sarcasm. The next two lines came in pain and anguish. I was stunned to see so much of vulnerability in one’s soliloquy. Our profession had always demanded tough, strong and dark expressions in one’s behavior as well as conversation. She stopped abruptly as though expecting an answer. Well what was I supposed to say? I desperately wanted to look at her face. She was making me impatient with every passing second. She turned around as though irritated with something but went blank on seeing me. She stared me back with the same amount of animosity in her eyes as mine. No girl would ever dare to look straight into my eyes even for a second but this petite thing was staring at me as though she was lost in my eyes. Suddenly, I heard certain gasps come out of her lips as though she was trying to speak something but her mouth was choked. My attention was drawn towards her red luscious lips as they moved when she was yelling at me. I was not able to make out a single thing of what she just said. I was busy looking at her and registering her features in my mind. Her whole face was just perfect only her eyes were red and a little bit watery. I did not realize when she came close to me. I was brought out of the trance when she waved her hand in front of my eyes. She asked me something rudely which I could not bear. She was expecting answers and that too from me? Well I was offended. No one had ever dared to ask me anything, not even a simple question and here she was asking clarifications from me! This was the end now. Notwithstanding anymore, I grabbed her waist and pulled her to my height. She was on her toes now but still not matching my height. Her skin under my hands felt like a soft creamy touch. I snicked my other hand on her neck and jerked her head behind only to hear a painful gasp. The tears, which were hanging on her eyelids, began to flow down and reached her cheeks. Under the influence of the involuntary action, my thumb started to caress her checks in the attempt to wipe her tears. My forefinger slided through her lower lips to remove the lipstick and have a look at her naturally red luscious lips. Her face was a visual treat to me. My fingers probed to touch the porcelain skin of hers. Those red lips were inviting me to feast upon them. I controlled my urge and left her to get out of the room. I was feeling disgusted with the way she had affected me. I went out not before cursing under my breath to let go off the effect of her rosy cologne.

I went down to find Veer holding the man whom I was searching eagerly. A devilish smile played on my lips as I descended the heavily decorated stairs.

Sanchi was in her room with Isha and Pragya. Kusum came there with a worried expression on her face.

I: are aunty kya hua aap itni pareshan kyun hai?

K: beta woh mehman ke swagat ke liye gulabjal kam pad raha hain.

Pragya and Isha started to giggle.

P: are aunty usme itni tension kyun le rahi hain aap? Main hun na. main abhi lekar aati hu. (Saying this Pragya went to collect her scooter keys)

K: beta peeche ke darwaze se jana. Aage sab mehman honge na issi liye.

P: ok aunty. Chalo Sanchi hum yu gaye aur yu aaye.

Pragya left the place. She was turning her scooty in the middle lane when she saw many cars near Sanchi’s house through her back mirror.

P: are wah! Uncle ne lagta hai ki pure shehar ko bulaya hai. Aakhir apni “ikloti beti ki jo shaadi hai”. Hypocrite.

Isha and Kusum were ready to bring Sanchi down when they heard a lound noise. They all at once ran down to the main hall where the wedding was going to be held. Sanchi tripped over some steps while running due to her heavy lehenga. She got some scratches on her hand and a wound on her forehead which was bleeding but still she did not stop as she was worried about “her family” which was not truly hers.

Sanchi was shocked to see the scene there. She saw her father, who was ever strong and egoistic, pleading someone with folded hands. She could not see the face of the man as her father came in her view. What she saw next was almost threatening to her. She saw some men pointing guns towards her father and Vikrant. But that was not shocking; the main thing was that even Vikrant along with some trusted men of her father were pointing guns at them.


This was all Sanchi could say after seeing this site. She had never in her wildest dreams thought of Vikrant holding a gun and that too with this much confidence.

V: Sanchi tum yaha kya kar rahi ho? Kusum ma aap Sanchi ko uper lekar jaiye.

Hearing Vikrant’s voice, Sunil turned around to reveal the man in front of whom he was holding his hands. Sanchi’s eyes widened at the sight of this man. He was the same one who was in her room minutes ago. He was sitting on the couch with the same rough and dark face. His eyes were glued to Sanchi for all the while.

Isha and Kusum were equally shocked to move from their places. They somehow gathered the courage and started to follow Vikrant’s orders but Sanchi did not even move an inch. She looked at Vikrant and pleaded with her eyes as though requesting him to let her stay with her dad in this difficult situation. Vikrant knew Sanchi’s every gesture well and so he nodded positively and turned towards the strangers whom he knew very well.

There was one man on the right side of the couch and he began to speak.

M(man): toh ab kehne ke liye kuch bhi nahi bacha hai. Sunil tum tumhari aur tumhare parivaar ki barbadi ki vajh ho. Ab unhe marna hoga.

Sanchi was hell angry as someone was disrespecting Sunil in front of her eyes. She moved forward to say something but before uttering a word, Vikrant came in front of her and squeezed her hand as though giving her signal not to come in between them. Sanchi stopped at her place but held Vikrant’s hand tightly as she felt little bit secured. All this was observed by the man on the couch and he grinded his teeth when Sanchi tugged to Vikrant’s hand.

Sunil, at the mere thought of Sunny being dead, fell on his knees in front of the ruthless man. Sanchi had never seen her father so weak and helpless before. This made her to cry and hate the man more because of whom she had to see this day.

S: nahi Kabir please. Tumhe jo chahiye woh lejao par mere parivar ko kuch mat karna.

Sanchi was happy that her father was there to protect her family. She felt a bit relieved from her father’s words.

(So finally the man who had been in Sanchi’s room was none other than Kabir, the mafia king and the one on his right is Veer)

V: tumhe yeh sab The Mafia King ko marna ka plan banana se pehle sochna chahiye tha.

These words hit Sanchi’s ears like a tsunami that hits the seashore only to destroy it completely. Her dad was related to mafia? He tried to kill somebody? Was this their business her dad was proud of? Did Vikrant know about it? Obviously, he was holding a gun dammit. This means that Vikrant is also related to mafia! All the thoughts were running in her mind and she searched Vikrant’s eyes for her answer but Vikrant lowered his eyelids to hide the guilt that his eyes were reflecting. Sanchi became numb when she heard the next round of conversation between her father and Kabir- the Mafia King.

V: look enough of your drama…

Veer was cut in the middle as Kabir raised his hand indicating Veer to keep quiet.

K: I know Sunil that the plan was not yours as you are too dumb to think anything like that with such an excellent execution. If you help me then I will let you go. Bring me the information from Kumar regarding all his planning only then will I let you slid through. Till then I will keep your daughter with me as a guarantee.

Sunil after a minute of hesitation and thinking said: ok but nothing should happen to her.

All present there were shocked including Vikrant. He was expecting that Sunil would retreat but it happened just the opposite! Even Sunny, Kusum and Isha were shocked to listen to Sunil’s decision.

Vikrant could not bear this anymore so he shouted: no Sanchi is not going anywhere. I will not allow you to take Sanchi with you.

Sanchi was happy that at least her future husband thought about her. Sunil instantly turned towards Vikrant with a piercing glare.

S: VIKRANT… Sunil shouted and Vikrant let go off Sanchi’s hand at once.

All the incidents that took place from 10:30 onwards started to run in her mind. She got certain biggest shocks of her life. The first one; she came to know about the real profession of her father. He was no normal man having a normal job or running a normal business but he was related to mafia. She never had the courage to ask her father regarding his profession as her father would subside her emerging quest. But she believed her father to be a good person and today her believe was shattered. The second; she thought that she at least meant something to her father, but her this illusion cleared when her father agreed to use her as a deal to save the family which did not even considered her as a family member. The third; she trusted Vikrant so blindly and he gave upon her without fighting with her own father for the wrong reason! Today her trust was broken. Out of helplessness, Sanchi looked at Kusum’s face but could see nothing and only tears in her eyes and guilt on her face. Sanchi could not take all this and quickly ran towards the table where a ‘quatar’ was kept for the wedding purpose. She tried to kill herself but before that Isha came and stopped her. Isha took the knife from her hands and threw it on the floor. Sanchi began to weep in Isha’s embrace as they both dropped down to the floor. Isha was comforting Sanchi when abruptly Sanchi’s wrist was holded by a powerful hand. Sanchi looked up to see Kabir holding her wrist tightly and pulling her out of the hall.

K: enough of this drama. Now come quickly I don’t have all the time in the world to waste on you.

He said in an utterly irritated and tasteless tone. Isha ran with Sanchi and tried to stop Kabir but Veer held her in the nick of time. Isha struggled to release from Veer’s hold but was not successful. She finally gave up and started to plead but no one listened to her. The hall echoed with the cries of Sanchi, Isha and Kusum. Vikrant and Sunil did not move even an inch from their place. Sunil was indifferent with the happenings in his surroundings. Vikrant had a guilty expression on his face but did not make an effort to stop Sanchi. The truth of her life came in front of her in just a matter of minutes. Her wrist hurt as Kabir’s strong hold had broken the delicate bangles she was wearing and her hand began to bleed as the broken pieces were piercing her skin. The wound on her forehead had allowed a lot of blood to flow away making her weak and the shocks she received one after another were just like the last nails on the already hanging coffin and as a result Sanchi passed out right in the arms of the person she hated from the core of her heart, Kabir.

Well that was a long update.

Hope you enjoyed.

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