The Mafia Devil – Love or Hate??? (Part 4)


Sanchi woke up the next morning to find someone hammering her head. Her pain so severe that she could not lift her head from the pillow. She let out a deep painful moan. Hearing her scream Kusum came to her with all worried expression on her face. Sanchi was quickly handed over a painkiller after Kusum discovered her headache with Sanchi’s gesture.

Sanchi felt a little bit relived. She leaned her back against the wall and sat on the bed for sometime to let the pain go through. She opened her eyes to see Kusum sitting near her on the bed and caressing her hair while her two besties were at the door standing in concern. She gave them one terrific look and they trembled and disappeared in seconds. Kusum saw Sanchi’s awkwardness due to her actions and quickly withdrew her hands from Sanchi’s hairs. She got up to leave and before walking out she turned and said “Sanchi thodi der mein parlour wali aunty aa jayegi. Tum tayar rehna.” Saying this Kusum quickly left.

The auspicious time for the marriage was of 10 o’clock. Sanchi was ready by 9:30. She was pacing in her room not due to the nervousness or the marriage pressure but due to anger. She was angry that her best friends tempered with her drink. She was all the more angry to not find anyone of the two from morning. She meant nothing to them? Was she not of any importance to them? All these questions started haunting her mind. She was standing near her large glass window when the door of her room abruptly opened. She did not budge or even turn around to find out who the person was.

S: toh ab time mila tum dono ko. Mujhe toh laga tha ki shaadi ke mandap pe hi mulakat hogi. Yaar tum log kaise ho na! tumhe pata tha na phir bhi tum loko ne woh kiya. Tumne mujhe bohot dard diya hai. Aur toh aur mujhse milne bhi nahi aye subhe se. Main kitna akela mehsus kar rahi hoon. Aisa lagta hain ki kissi ke liye meri koi value hi nahi hai. Ek tum dono the ab toh tumne bhi muh mod liya hai mujhse. Shayad na papa sach kehte hai ki mujhse na koi pyaar nahi kar sakta hai. Ab kuch bologi bhi ya nahi. Ya phir mujhse baat karna bhi zaroori nahi samajte ho?

Pain was audible in her voice as she spoke the last words on the verge of crying. She knew that her besties would react to her last line and she was expecting a back bone crushing hug from them. But nothing of that sort came up for the next few minutes that passed away silently. The only voice audible was the breathing of the bride-to-be Sanchi and one other person. Sanchi was annoyed as hell and she turned around to find a pair of dark brown eyes staring at her with a dark cold expression. She was just lost in the deepness of those cast spelling eyes that she came across moments ago. She just kept staring back and not even moving an inch from her place. Soon realization dawned upon her and she stuttered to speak but the words came out in inaudible gasps. Sanchi drew her courage together and began speaking or rather yelling.

S: who the hell are you and how did you get in. Get out of here right now. Don’t you have manners to knock on the door before entering? This is not a garden that you will roam around like this.

She was anticipating an answer from the guy but it seemed that he was lost somewhere. Sanchi walked close to him and waved her hands to get his attention.
S: oh hello Mr. where do you think you are lost? I was asking you something. Answer me. I’m waiting…..

The guy was irritated with Sanchi’s questions and her attitude. No girl had ever talked to him like this! He was offended. How dare a petite thing like her raise her voice against him? Not bearing his insults anymore, he slid his one hand on the bare waist of her and pulled her upto his height. Sanchi was now dangling on her toes and she winced at the sudden roughness of him. His other hand went on her neck and he just jerked her head behind causing a gasp to escape through her lips. Tears were rolling down her eyes as she felt pain in his hold. His hands were rough on her smooth skin. The guy began to slid is thumb on Sanchi’s cheeks and rubbed her lower lips with his forefinger causing Sanchi’s lipstick to move apart revealing her naturally red lips. Sanchi was lost all this while in his deceiving eyes. After sometime the guy left Sanchi and went out of the room cursing under his breath. The curse was loud enough for her to hear.

Soon after he left, Sanchi was still in shock and was revived when she saw her besties holding their ears and standing in front of her, making all the cute expression they could so that Sanchi could forgive them. Sanchi was just relieved to see them and forgot about their differences and gave them a tight hug. Her mind was still trying to figure out what had happened in the last fifteen minutes.

P: are tumhari lipstick kharab ho gai yaar. Chalo ise thik karte hain. Mahurat hone wala hai.

I: aur tumhare baal bhi thode bikher gaye hai. Tum kar kya rahi thi?

Sanchi was not in the state to answer them. Isha and Pragya made Sanchi sit on the stool before the dressing table and began to reconstruct the mess that the guy had made. Sanchi was lost in her thoughts and her skin burned where he had touched her. She felt an unknown feeling in her heart. Something strung in her heart. Like a string whose other end was connected to the stranger she met few minutes ago. She quickly brushed these unwanted thoughts away and thought about her wedding which would start in few minutes…..
Who do you think the man was?

To know more keep reading…..

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  1. Day by day the height of curiosity is increasing, you become a suspense queen, episode was amazing as always, Post next part soon. Take care

    1. AAYU

      thank you for the new name dear

  2. Anee

    Aayu what are you doing yaarrrr??….tum toh maar daalogi mujhe…now post soon next, can’t wait to read further…and I guess that man was our handsome hero none other than Kabir….what say am I right…..kiun ke saanchi ko aisa ussi ke liye feel hona chahiye…joh saanchi feel karegi wahi toh hum feel karte hain kabir keliye..samjh rahi ho na….ab bas boht hogya nahi hota aur intezaar…post kar jaldi meri yaarr…luv u bye tc.

    1. AAYU

      thank you and who the person was will be revealed in the next part

  3. Aafiya

    Amazing and superb..

    1. AAYU

      thank you

  4. Amazing… I think it was kabir… Update soon

    1. AAYU

      you have to wait for the next part to know who the guy was.
      well thank you for your comments

  5. Dhruti

    aayu day by day your story is my curiosity increase to read what happen next? i guess that guy is none other than kabir am i right?
    post next one asap……………….tc………………..and i love your ff and you too…………………

    1. AAYU

      the suspense portion will end in the next part and i will update it soon
      thank you

  6. Swethaa

    i just loved it dear..

  7. Anu88

    So so mind blowing episode yaar………like it so so much yaar…….. sorry yaar for commenting late…… yaar

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