The Mafia Devil – Love or Hate??? (Part 3)


Sanchi was moving around the corridor while thinking about the life she will live from tomorrow. She will be someone’s wife, a better half, the one with whom she could share everything. This is interesting as well as deceiving. She still did not love Vikrant but was sure that he was a grown up man as she had seen him since childhood. She did not doubt his capabilities but she was a little bit nervous regarding herself. The main question was: “would she be able to carry out her responsibilities equally sincerely as Vikrant?”

Her chain of thoughts was broken when she crashed into someone. It was none other than Sunny. Her brother from whom she was expecting some kind of love and affection at least now when she was leaving them.

Su: dikhaiy nahi deta hai kya?

S: Sunny at least aaj toh mujh se aise baat mat karo. Main tum sab ko chod kar kal chali jaoingi.

Su: kal kyun? Main toh keh raha hun ki aaj hi chali jaiye aur abhi chali jaiye. Mujhe toh aapse baat kya aap ki shakal bhi nahi dekhni hain.

Tears started brimming up in Sanchi’s eyes. She could not bear the insults by Sunny. Sanchi left the place and ran to her room as quickly as possible. She got in her room, closed the door, latched it and began to cry vigorously. Hearing her cries Isha and Pragya got up from their sleep and started to pacify her.

I: are Sanchi tumhari shaadi toh kal hain na toh phir aaj se bidaai ke mood main kyun aa gayi?

P: Isha tum chup karo. Yeh kyun roagi? Vaise bhi yaha kaun hai iska jo ise apna manta hain aur isse sacha pyaar karta hain? Meri mano toh voh shaadi ke bad zyada khush rahegi. At least Vikrant sanchi se pyaar toh karta hain na?

Hearing Sanchi’s cries the two came to know that it was not because of bidaai but something else. They asked Sanchi and she told them everything regarding her conversation with Sunny moments ago. Pragya was hell angry at Sunny but before taking any step she had to lighten up the mood of her bestie.

I: jane do na yaar tumhe toh pata hain na ki voh kaisa hain toh phir kyun usse kuch umeed rakh rahi ho?

S: par vo mera bhai hai..

P: nahi hain voh tumhara bhai. Tum use apna bhai manti ho. Who toh tumhari taraf dekhta bhi nahi hain.

P: ab yeh sab baat chodo. Chalo hum tumhari bachelorette night celebrate karte hain. Kasam se bohot maza ayega.

I: haan Sanchi humne sara intezam kar rakha hain. Hum toh bas sone ki acting kar rahe the taki kissi ko shaq na ho.

P: ab soch kya rahi ho chalo…

S: are lekin kaha? aur itni raat ko bilkul bhi nahi. Tum janti ho na ki main itni rat ko ghar ke bahar nahi jati hoon?

I: ab yeh purani baate leke kyun bethi hui ho. Chalo na warna der ho jayegi.

P: aur vese bhi kal se tum par hamara haq bhi toh kam ho jayega. Toh fir aaj toh tumhe hamari baat manni padegi. Chalo abhi utho aur apna huliya thik karo aur yeh lo yeh dress pehen ke taiyaar ho jana. (Pragya said handing over a box to Sanchi)

Sanchi tried her best to retreat from the plan but she was helpless in front of her besties. Sanchi quickly changed into the dress given by Pragya. It was sweet black frock which came upto her knee. Pragya had selected this dress as she knew Sanchi’s choice very well. Sanchi did not like the dresses which were indescent.

Once Sanchi was ready, the trio left to go to their special spot where they enjoyed a lot during their college times. Pragya and Isha were ready as they had planned everything since a week. As soon as they went towards the door, making as less noise as possible, the cab was right there awaiting their arrival. The three barged in and left from there to “The Rosy Night Club” – their hangout spot.

They reached there and took a seat in their special corner. It was a ‘girls only’ bar where the trio had their privacy. Sanchi would never drink if offered openly, so Pragya mixed some vodka, gin, tequila and rum to her fruit punch. This was going to be very strong for Sanchi as she was the first-timer. Sanchi drank the fruit punch and it tasted a bit new but the taste was mind blowing and soon Sanchi gulped down the whole glass at once. Sanchi was out of her senses as the drink was showing its effect. She began to blabber unnecessarily and went on the dance floor and began showing her dancing talent on the song ‘Gulaboo’. Well she was encouraged by the crowd and soon everyone joined her and the whole club echoed with the words: ‘Gulabooooo zara itre gira do’.

Sanchi was not willing to go home and as a result, pragya and Isha had to drag her out of the club and push her in the cab. Even in the cab Sanchi started to dance and disturbed the driver while he was driving. They were once going to hit a tree because of the nuisance she was creating. Pragya cursed under her brearth that why did she ever mixed Sanchi’s drink? Isha and Pragya held each of Sanchi’s hand and made her sit down on the seat quietly. They placed the hanky on her mouth to prevent her from shouting. They apologized to the driver and told him to drop them home. At the entrance, Isha and Pragya dragged a semi-conscious Sanchi to her room and made her lay down on her bed.

I: maine kaha tha na ki Sanchi ke drink ke saath kuch mat karna phir kyun tune aisa kiya Pragya? Ab kal subha hum dono ki khair nahi.

P: yaar mujhe kya pata tha ki is madam ko chad jayegi. Maine toh apna wala drink mix kiya tha.

I: are you mad! Tujhe pata hai na ki hamara drink thoda strong hain toh phir kyun mix kiya? Ab kal ise headache hoga aur vo bhi khatarnak wala.

P: aur kal toh isme chandi mata bhi aa jayegi jab ise pata chalega ki humne iski drink ko temper kiya tha aur vo bhi alcohol se!

I: oh hello, humne nahi tumne.

P: ab sara dosh mera hai? Tumhe bhi toh pata tha na ki Sanchi ke drink mein alcohol mix hain toh phir tumne roka kyun nahi? Aur vese bhi ab hume kal ke bare mein sochna chahiye.

I: hum kal jaldi uth ke chale jayege aur phir sirf ise mandap pe lejane ke liye ayenge. Tab tak iska gussa bhi thoda thanda ho jayega aur yeh hume lecture bhi nahi de payegi. Hum isse bade pyaar se mafi bhi mang lenge. Kya kehti ho?

P: ok done. Chalo abhi sone jate hain kal jaldi bhi toh uthna hain na.

At Mumbai Airport:

The flight from Canada just landed and Veer was waiting to receive Kabir as they had to go for a very important work.

Kabir came out of the airport in his dashing personality wearing a cargo pant and a black sweat shirt which hugged his body tightly. Lila followed him out with an ever expressionless face. Veer seeing her face and an acute calmness on Kabir’s face came to know what happened. He sent Lila in other car and came to Kabir in a dark black color Porsche. Without uttering a word, Kabir sat on the back seat of the car like a king on his throne. Veer just muttered “Delhi” and the driver began driving the car. Kabir’s car was followed by three other cars loaded with his men and the ammunitions they might need….

Where do you think Kabir is going?

What will be Sanchi’s reaction when she will wake up tomorrow?

To know keep reading……..

It is a very sad time for India as we lost one of our greatest artists “Srideviji”. Her death is painful for all of us. May her soul rest in peace….

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