The Mafia Devil – Love or Hate??? (Part 2)


Far away in some distant land, a man is running on the streets of the beautiful city negotiating his way with the help of the only light available- the moon light. The eyes of the man are red in anger and his hands folded in a tight fist to depict the elevated heights of his anger. The scene shifts to the upper body of the man. He is wearing a body hugging sweat shirt revealing all his perfect features and toned physique.

There are a group of men following him with threat and traces of fear in their eyes. They follow him to a place where there is little or no light. They are confused as they cannot hear the footsteps of the man they were following. They wait there in total silence to trace even a slightest noise audible but before that in few swift movements the men fall down on the ground dead and only one, the main of them, remains. The main head trembles in fear and holds the knees of the dangerous beast like fellow in front of him to forgive him and let him go.

The man holds the hairs of the main head and whispers: “Kabir ko dhoka pasand nahi hai”

Saying this he turns the head of the main fellow and the main fellow falls down, due to the action of gravity, never to wake up again. So, the man shown in the first few scenes is The Mafia King, The One and only, dashing and hot, fierce and dangerous, KABIR.

So the scene is that Kabir was gone for some work to Canada and there was a traitor in his team who sent some goons behind him to kill Kabir when he was armless. Little did the traitor know that The Mafia King was not going to die so soon……

An enraged Kabir picked up the phone of the main head of the men whom he had just killed and dialed a number which was answered within few rings only.

K: the one planning to kill me is someone from us

V: don’t worry by the time you will be here we will catch hold of him

Saying this they hung up. The conversation was a way too formal or one can say upto the mark and straight forward. The one on the other hand was Veer, Kabir’s right hand and most trustworthy person for him.

Kabir’s POV:

I was feeling fierce and enraged. I cannot bear any one betraying me and I had to get over my frustration so I straight away went to the only place I got a little bit relief from. I come here and vent all my frustration and become a bit relax and calm.

I reached near the door of a large farmhouse in the middle of a thick black forest which of course belonged to me. As I knocked for the fourth time, the door opened wide with Lila standing right infront of me wearing a s*xy outfit and arousing my needs to vent out the frustration on her. Obviously women were the only thing on which I could remove my frustration and gather a piece of mind. I could be harsh with them and they would enjoy it as they were used to my moods. I had never done anything without the consent of the woman. They were the ones wearing all the luscious dresses and throwing themselves on me for money and the physical needs.

Not able to control my urge longer, I took her in my arms and straight away went to the first room I could find and started to get a little bit of relief by proceeding with the gust of emotions taking over me. By the time I finished, I was calm and relaxed as ever. This was the only reason why I had allowed girls to venture around me. They could be helpful to bring my piece of mind back that was lost very rarely and also they were the medium of entertainment for me.

I realized something snuggling on my chest and found Lila trying to sleep, after the pain I had given her, by hugging me. I did not like the women who hugged me or snuggled near me after I was done with them. I just pushed her aside and walked out of the room to ‘my room’ in which I did not allow anyone to step inside excluding some people. Lila followed me and came inside the room to pacify me but I lost it and threw her out of the room only to close the doors on her face. Lila knew that she had done a grave mistake and hence now she would never be in my arms again. She walked out of the lobby to her room.
In India:

After receiving Kabir’s call, Veer went to the techno expert (Prakash) whom he had hired for doing all their works. Veer gave him the number from which Kabir had called and asked him to remove the call records with the details of each and every caller. Well that was easy for Prakash and within hours the reports were in Veer’s hand. Veer’s teeth grinded as he read the name.
Well whose name it could be???

To know keep reading.

Thank you for reading and keep commenting……

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  1. Nice episode, storyline is really amazing, you made all of us curious, so post next part soon.

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      thank you

  2. RuCh23

    ??? a very different shade of Kabir. Interesting…. I hope the traitor is Vikrant!!

    1. AAYU

      well nice try but you will come to know about the traitor in the upcoming episodes

  3. Dhruti

    the story was different but superb and a very different shade of kabir………………and i’m curious what happen in next part… soon and tc………

    1. AAYU

      thank you so much

  4. Welcome to Kanchi family dear ….Sorry for not commenting on previous parts…..Storyline is awesome ….Update soon dear

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    thank you for your warm welcome

  6. interesting

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  7. I read all the parts at once so i am just commenting here only….. Its amazing and unique….. Loved it very much

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  8. Swethaa

    hey very very curious now…can’t wait for next part…awesome…sooo interesting..loved it dear..

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      thank you and i will try to post the next part today only

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  10. Anu88

    Aayu dear mae mar jaba kabir ka ae adda dekh kar……..we can’t imagine kabir in this avatar……you are rock dear…….Kabir ka entry pura mind blowing tha yaar

    1. AAYU

      thank you so much and I will try to maintain his aura like this only

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