The Mafia Devil – Love or Hate??? (Part 1)

The sun rays snicked through the gap between the curtains and fell on the most beautiful face of the girl who was lost in her own dreamland. And why not? These are the most beautiful and memorable days in a girl’s life. The days before her marriage….
The only time when she undergoes a blend of emotions. Happiness, nervousness, a little bit of sadness and a lot of shyness. The most beautiful and dreadful feeling of leaving our beloved ones behind and going with someone who would take care of you for the rest of your life and love you beyond any boundaries.
Sanchi was on the ninth cloud as she was going to get married to the one who she adored and respected. It was none other than Vikrant. He was very small when he lost his parents. Sanchi’s dad had taken his responsibilities and nurtured him with values and morals of their business. She knew him from childhood and had always seen him as her good friend and nothing else.
Vikrant was very mature and had a special feeling for Sanchi. He always helped her in her futile attempts to impress her father although he knew that nothing would turn up. He always wanted to see Sanchi happy and smiling. He was indeed in love with Sanchi.
On the other hand, Sanchi did not love Vikrant but believed that she would eventually fall for him after marriage. She only agreed for this marriage because her dad was willing her to do so. She trusted her dad and thought that he would never do anything wrong with her.
Today was her haldi and her sleep got disturbed due to the sunrays. She put her palms over her face only to take in the heveanly smell of her mehendi. She was disturbed in her action when two hands abruptly took hold of her heena applied hands. She was scared at first but after the source of the hands was clear, she gave out a sigh in relief.
S: kya kar rahi ho tum dono?
I: hum toh tujhe teri sapno ki duniya se uthane ke liye aaye the.
P: aur tum yahan beth ke apni mehendi ki kushboo sungh rahi ho!
I: are nahi Pragya, Sanchi ji toh apni mehendi ka rang dekh rahi hai. Kehte hai ki jiski mehendi ka rang gehra aata hai na usse uska pati bohot pyaar karta hai. Kyun Sanchi ji? (saying this she lightly pushed Sanchi’s shoulder)
Sanchi blushed a crimson red colour and her two besties, taking the advantage of the situation, teased her more. After sometime they heard a known voice from the door.
K: are ab meri bachi ko pareshaan karna chood bhi do. Chalo use taiyaar karo haldi ka muhurat 11 baje ka hain aur kitna kaam bhi toh pada hain na karne ke liye.
Hearing Kusum, all of them got out of the bed at once and started to do their own work without any further arguments like obedient babies.
At 10:30 kusum came to check on Sanchi and found her all ready wearing her beautiful dress.

She came near Sanchi and hugged her emotionally to which Sanchi responded in a very indifferent way. This hurt Kusum but she hid it behind her smile and applied the kalla tika on Sanchi’s skin at the back of her ear.
Sanchi was taken down to start with the rituals of haldi. In the bg a beautiful song was being played:
Din shagna da chadheya
Aao sakhiyon ni vehra sajeya
Haan.. [vehra=courtyard]
(Kusum applied haldi on Sanchi’s hands, feets, cheeks and her forehead. The other ladies present there also did the same and blessed sanchi for her good and prosperous future)
Mera sajna mileya
Sajna milan vadhaiyan
Ni saajan doli leke aauna
Ni vehra sajeya
Mera sajna mileya
Sajna mileya
Sajna mileya haan..
Wo ho…
(Isha and Pragya, the naughty girls, applied too much haldi on her face or one can assume that they played holi with haldi. This made Sanchi laugh but soon the emotions took over and the trio started to weep in each others embrace)
Din shagna da chadheya
Aao sakhiyon ni vehra sajeya
Mera sajna mileya
Sajna milan vadhaiyan
Ni sajan doli leke auna
Ni mera sajna
Dholna ve, Dholna ve
Ranjhan Mahi dholna
Dholna ve, dholna ve
Heer jogni dholna
Dholna ve dholna
Tu mera naseeba dholna
Dholna ve dholna
Main jugni teri dholna
(Sanchi was trying hard to not let her emotions take over her but she failed miserably and started weeping in Kusum’s embrace. After all she was missing her mother, the mother whose face was just an unclear illusion for her. Kusum was very happy with Sanchi’s this gesture and she pampered Sanchi with all the love and affection she had. Suddenly a male voice was heard from the entrance of the room)
Jaavan na main bin shehnaiyan
Satrangi rubaiyaan
Sunaa ja tu harjaiyaa (x2)
(Vikrant came forward and held Sanchi’s hand and took her to the middle of the room and wiped her tears and sang the following lines for her in a sweet and caring voice)
Shamiyaana sajavan
Doli leke main aavan
Aatishbazi karaake
Tenu leke main jaavan
This deeply touched Sanchi and now she had the tears of happiness and joy that her choice to marry Vikrant was not wrong and he was indeed going to be a good and caring husband.
Little did she know that destiny had some other plans for her and the happiness was momentary and short lived…..
Please do drop your comments as it encourages me. The next part will show the life of our hero or you can say the mafia devil.
Till then love you all and take care……

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