The Mafia Devil – Love or Hate??? (Intro 2)

Before starting I would like to make certain clarifications and introductions

SUNIL MISHRA: Sanchi’s father who does not like her much because his first wife Jaya died soon after giving birth to Sanchi.

KUSUM MISHRA: Sanchi’s step mother who loves Sanchi like her own daughter but is timid and cannot stand against Sunil for the right thing.

SUNNY MISHRA: Sanchi’s step brother who is much smaller than her(10 years). Sanchi and Sunny do not share a good bond as he is jealous of Sanchi because Kusum pays more attention to Sanchi than to him. He is small and thus immature and innocent but his rude behavior hurts Sanchi and hence she is distant from Kusum.

Isha and Pragya are the only ones whith whom sanchi can share her pain and sorrow.

SATISH: Pragya’s fiancée and also knows Sanchi from college times as they were together.

GARV: Mutual friend of Satish and also the family friend of Pragya. Also knows Sanchi from college times and has a little crush on her but a big secret is yet to be revealed about him.

SIDHANT: Kabir’s man. A good physique but an equally bad and lusty mind.

ARJUN: Another one of Kabir’s troop. A great comedian and makes everyone laugh at his silly tatics but a serious type of banda when it comes to work.

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