Mafia and Love – Part 8

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Sorry, sorry, sorry and a big sorry for being too late… Initially got struck with health issues and frequent hospital visits… Later, I was banned to use mobile or laptop… Finally, when I was permitted, I couldn’t continue this story line… I needed some time to think and proceed…

So please, please accept my apologies and keep reading and commenting… Good or bad you’re always welcome… Silent readers, thanks for your time…

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In the private room,

Neil: (Was sitting on the bed with his legs dropped down, fuming thinking about his mother’s words.)

Radhika and the twin brothers were keenly looking at him.

Sammy and Arjun reached the room.

Radhika: (Slowly walked to her brother. Kneeling in front of her brother, she caressed the cheek where there was a red mark presented by their own mother. She flinched at the mark.)

Neil: (Just closed his eyes.)

Sammy: (Passed Radhika an ice pack.)

Radhika: (Pressed the ice pack gently on Neil’s cheek.)

Neil: (Tried to stop her, but one stern look from her, he gave up and sat silently.)

Night – 08:30 PM,

Neil was in his chamber. Arjun was in his cabin, working in his laptop. Sammy was with the twins, in the play area, as they were feeling bored and restless. Radhika was in the private room, as she didn’t want to go out.

Arjun: (Entered Neil’s chamber, with his laptop. Sitting across him, he showed him his laptop.)

Neil: (Studied every single information and gave him a single nod.)

Arjun: (Acknowledged his gesture with a single nod and started towards the door.)

Before Arjun could open the door,

Neil: Arjun, Ra is alone in the room, check on her once before getting started with this work… (Without looking off from the file in front of him.)

Arjun: (Didn’t take the strain to turn and acknowledge his boss. He simply opened the door and walked off.)

Neil: (Had a smile on his face, which he didn’t try to hide, as he was alone in his chamber.)

In Private Room,

Arjun: (Punched the code and opened the door. He slowly entered in and was greeted with the sight of his lady standing in front of the glass doors, viewing the nature. He stepped closer to his lady.)

Radhika: (She sensed his presence, but didn’t turn to face him. She was scared, if he would stop himself from coming closer to her, if she turned towards him. She waited patiently.)

Arjun: (Stopped and stood a foot away from her. His hands were tightly inserted inside his pockets. He breathed her fragrance.)

None spoke.

Radhika: (She gently laid her head on his chest, just above his wildly beating heart.)

Arjun: (Took a sharp breath. He still didn’t change his posture and let her relax, close to him.)

Radhika: (Couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted comfort, in precise, she wanted comfort from him. She extended her hands back, with still her head on his chest. She took his hands out of his pocket and encircled them around her petite form.)

Arjun: (His breath itched, when her hands touched his hands. He composed himself and did as per her guide.)

Radhika: (Covering his hands around her waist, she covered them with her own hands, not wanting to take a risk of him stepping back.)

Arjun: (His jaw tightened on her moves. Letting go of his stiffness, he tightened his hold around her possessively pulling her more into him.)

Radhika: (Her breath itched and was uneven on his sudden move. But she composed herself soon. She enjoyed his comfort.)

Arjun: (Tilted his head a little and breathed into her hair.)

After few seconds,

Radhika: (Turned around still being in his embrace. Her eyes were on his chest level. She rested her right palm on his chest, just above his heart, which was beating madly by now. She rested her forehead, pressing her palm more into his chest.)

Arjun: (Traced his right hand from her waist through her back, neck and into her locks. He got a handful of her hair and gripped them slightly and yanked her head back a little.)

Radhika: (Winced slightly at his sudden harshness, but still enjoyed. Her eyes were closed and lips were slightly parted.)

Arjun: (He gazed every minute details of her face. And finally settled on her slightly parted, trembling lips. He inched his face slowly and steadily towards her face.)

Radhika: (Could feel his breath on her skin, close and hot. She trembled a little and pressed herself more into him.)

Arjun: (Had held her steady and straight with his left arm tightly secured on her waist still.)

Their hot breaths touched each other and created a havoc in them.

Arjun: (Closed the distance between them, by pressing his lips at the corner of her mouth firm and deep. Her whole body trembled against him.)

Arjun: (Pulled his face back and studied her features once again. He slowly let out a breath and touched his forehead with hers.)

Both their eyes were closed and foreheads joined. His right hand was still hidden in her locks.

Radhika: (After her breath was steady, she traced her left hand from his waist through his chest and got hold of his collar and pulled him close. Her right palm was pressed more into his chest.)

Arjun: (Breathed few words.) Don’t… Don’t start anything that you could not complete… I have very little control left in me…

Radhika: (Opened her eyes. Tracing her fingers from his collar to his jawline to his lips, she traced the outline of his lower lip. Closing her eyes tight, she encircled her hands around his neck and buried her head in crook of his neck.)

Arjun: (His hands encircled around her petite form pulled her more into him, if that was even possible, challenging the air to pass through.)

They stayed like this for a while. Their trance was broken by the sound of the door opening. They pulled back reluctantly. But still they were close, his left arm was around her waist and her body was pressed to his side figure. They were facing towards the door. Entered the twins followed by Sammy and Neil. The four were rooted to their places seeing the proximity of two in front of them.

Neil: (Cocked his eyebrow to them questioning.)

Arjun & Radhika: (Stood their grounds without moving far from each other.)

Sammy: (Smiled wholeheartedly to see the love gazing her friend’s eyes, which for the first time she had witnessed in years.)

Kittu & Athu: (Were turned to statue.)

Parth: (Entered the room, he fumbled at the beginning on seeing the scene in front of him. Later composed and said.) Boss, work done… Sid and Yuvi are returning with our goods… Would reach the city around morning…

Neil: (Nodded acknowledging, with his eyes still on the duo.)

Parth: (Clearing his throat.) Arjun Boss, there is a visitor for you…

Arjun: (Gave him a look to continue.)

Parth: Uhm… Ms. Banerjee is waiting for you… (He stuttered.)

Arjun: (Taking a deep breath.) But, I didn’t ask her to come… Ask her to leave…

Parth: (Stood without moving.)

Arjun: What is it, Parth…?

Parth: Her brother, Mr. Vidanth Banerjee is with her…

Neil: (Looked keenly at Arjun.)

Arjun: What…? (And rubbed his forehead.)

Radhika: (Pulling herself away from him.) You should go and check…

Arjun: (Tried to read any kind of mistrust or doubt in her eyes. But, he found only trust and something that he couldn’t decipher in her eyes.) (With a nod, he walked out of the room, followed by Parth.)

Once they were out of the room,

Neil: Don’t want to know…? (Pointing towards the way Arjun went.)

Radhika: (Smiling and looking straight into her brother’s eyes.) He had never been into any serious relationship before, so I don’t want to know… (After a small pause.) If it is really his mistake and responsibility, he would take them on his shoulder and I trust him… I would prefer waiting for his return than spying around… Anything else, Nikki…?

Neil: (With complete amusement.) So much TRUST, for a man, who you know for DAYS…?

Radhika: (Smiling wide.) So much TRUST for the only man I had known, for YEARS now… So much TRUST for the only man I had ADORED, for YEARS now… (Her eyes sparkled and her lips stretched wide with her memories.)

Neil: (His eyebrows furrowed with the new revelation.)

Sammy: (Was waiting eagerly for her to continue. Curiosity filled her mind. WHY…? Let’s wait and know.)

Kittu & Athu: (Exchanged glances and averted their gaze back to their sister.)

Radhika: (Was zoned out in her memories.)

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