Mafia and Love – Part 10

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As they took back their seat,

Vishal: I miss his company, bro… He used to pamper me loads…

Vidanth: Hmmm… He adores you like his own… (When Vishal looked at him enquiringly, he continued.) He still adores you, Vishal… That’s is the reason behind your success on winning the contract with Johnson’s Groups… He gave you a tough competition to fight, learn and succeed… He… (His words trailed off.)

Vishal: (Whispered.) I want my brothers back…

Vidanth: I want my brother back too… But, maybe it isn’t…

Vishal: Please bro… (With tears brimming with unshed tears.)

Vidanth: (Silenced himself immediately.)

On the other side, Neil was not in less state. His emotions were in another level. His childhood came in front of his eyes. His heart was yearning for his friend cum brother, who had been his all through his life, till that drastic day. He closed his eyes tight to get off with his thoughts, but that only increased his wandering thoughts. And it would end only when he get back his friend, brother, all together. His wandering thoughts stopped at a fifteen year old, little guy. A pleasant smile adored his lips.

Voice: What brought this pleasant smile on your face, when your mind and soul is worried…?

Neil: (Turned to his left to come face to face with his darling wife. Pulling her to his chest.) My little lad…

Sammy: (With a confused look.) Athu and Kittu…? What did they do now…?

Neil: (Nodding negatively, with a sigh.) No… Vishal… Vidanth’s little brother… We were… (His words got struck.)

Sammy: Everything will be fine…

Neil: No Sam… Even then something will not be fine… If Arjun is proved innocent, Vidanth is going to be broken along with his whole family… I can’t be in peace seeing that… And if Arjun is proved to be the father, my Ra is going to be broken… That is… (He couldn’t continue.)

Sammy: (Rubbed his back continuously, hugging him tight.)

Neil: I just wish he didn’t sleep around like this now… (When Sammy glared him, he added.) Including me… Now I’m scared that someone comes saying I’m father of some child…

Sammy: (Glared him.)

Neil: (Pulling her close to him.) I’m sorry… I don’t know what am I speaking… I’m completely messed up…

Sammy: (Let go of his lose talks and comforted him, understanding his worries behind.) Don’t say such things, Neil… Please… It scares me to death…

Neil: I’m sorry… (Cupping her face in his large palms, he wiped the tears that fell from her hurt filled eyes. Kissing off the tears from her eyes, his lips travelled to her cheek, jaw and neck, with peppering kisses. Nuzzling his head in the crook of her neck, he breathed.) I love you…

Sammy: (Smiling wide, she snaked her hands around his neck, pulling him closer.)

Neil: (Pulling his head back, locked his eyes with her. His gaze travelled every inch of her face and settled on her soft lips. He had the sudden urge to taste his favorite candy and without any delay he kissed her full.)

Sammy: (Responded with same intensity.)

Neil: (He deepened the kiss with passion.)

They separated only when they found it difficult to breath. Their eyes were closed. After a while, he opened his eyes to see his love more beautiful, under the moon’s light. He scooped her in his arms and carried her inside the room to make her his once again with all the love he had for her.

In the darkened room, a figure was seen seated on the chair. All of a sudden, the room was lit bright. The figure turned towards the door to see a worry filled face of Radhika.

Radhika: (Taking baby steps.) Uhmm… I, (wetting her lips) I brought you dinner, please have something… You are starving the whole day…

No response.

Radhika: Arjun, please…

Before she could speak more, her mouth was sealed with a pair of rough lips. Without any delay or second thought, she responded to his kiss. Every passing second, their hold on each other tightened. The kiss was initially urgent, later it slowed down and turned into a passionate kiss. They were finding it difficult to breath, but still they didn’t break apart. They didn’t want this moment to end. With the mere necessity of not to die, they broke apart, breathing heavily. But they were still close to each other. Their eyes were closed and foreheads joined.

Arjun: (Without opening his eyes.) Who are you…? Why do I feel connected to you…? Why do you affect me so much…? What are you even doing to me…?

Radhika: (Opening her eyes, whispered.) Arjun…

Arjun: Please, Radhika… (A lone tear dropped out of his closed eyes.)

Radhika: (Wiping off the tear.) Saviour…

Arjun: (His eyes shot open. His eyes scanned her face completely.)

Radhika: (Smiled sadly, tears falling continuously.)

Arjun: (Without a word more, hugged her tight.)

Radhika: (The hug was too tight that it was hurting, but she cared less at this moment. She hugged him back with same intensity.)

Arjun: Why…? Why didn’t you tell me earlier…? (Pulling her back and cupping her face in his palms.) Why didn’t you come to me earlier…? Why…? (His voice was strained.)

Radhika: I was scared… Scared that you would… (She broke down completely.)

Arjun: How did you even think that I will not accept you…? Even if it was a very short duration, you made an impact in me… A deep and strong impact… You flew away before I wake up and left me lost… (Clutching a fist full of her hair and pulling it lightly.) Do you even realize how mad I was…? I wasn’t able to find you… I didn’t know who you are, where you were, above all safe or not… I was insane… (With one last look, he pushed her back lightly and walked towards the window and stood facing outside.)

Radhika: (Walking towards him, she stopped a foot away from him. Without a word, she hugged him from back after placing a tender kiss on his back.)

Arjun: (Closed his eyes tight.)

Radhika: Arjun, I …

Arjun: Don’t…

Turning back swiftly, pulled her close and slammed his mouth on her. He kissed her rough, pouring all his anger and pain of years. She didn’t pull away or push him off, she simply let him pour out his pain and fear completely. After few minutes, he slowed down and caressed her bruised lips with his warm lips. With a last peck on her lips, he pulled back.

Arjun: (Pulling her face more close.) Not now… I’m locked in a critical situation… I don’t want any commitments with so much of trash around… But listen to me clearly lady, at once I prove myself innocent, I’m not sparing you… I’m going to make you say the same set of words till this life ends… And that is a promise…

Radhika: (Smiling with tears, she whispered.) And I’m waiting for that moment…

Arjun: (Hugged her tight.) (In his mind.) I Love You, darling…

Radhika: (Snuggling more into him.) (In her mind.) I Love You too…

After a while, she broke the hug and pulled him along with her to the couch. After making him comfortable on the couch, she gathered the food she brought for him and fed him. He ate silently, without any tantrums. In between, he fed her too. As the dinner was done, he took the plate from her hand and held her hands tight in his closed fist.

Arjun: (Locking his eyes with him.) Please… Please stay… I promise, I won’t do anything that you might regret… I just want you beside me this night… (After a pause.) I’m horrified…

Radhika: (Pulling one hand out of his hold, she cupped his face.) I’m here… (She made him lay with his head on her lap. She stroked his hair to ease him from all the worries and sleep.)

Without any delay he fell asleep, as he was tired of all the happenings. These two souls were not aware of the third person witnessing them. It was none other than Neil. He had been witnessing them right from the moment, she called Arjun, Saviour. He stood silent even when Arjun kissed his little sister, as he was sure about him not hurting her. And he knew it was required for them to bring out all their pain. At once they both were asleep, he closed the door and walked back to his room.

Neil came late night, after Sammy was asleep, to check on Arjun. As he was sure he would be sleepless and starving. He wanted to comfort him and make him feel better. But he found his sister already doing that, but in her own way. He just prayed for everything to be fine and give them the strength to withstand any troubles and pain.

Next morning,

First ray of sun, disturbed Arjun’s sleep. He slowly opened his eyes to feel mild strokes in his hair. He raised his gaze to see a sleeping Radhika, still stroking his hair. He felt overwhelmed by her gesture. He got up silently and scooped her carefully, not disturbing her sleep. But, she was disturbed and opened her eyes.

Arjun: (Whispered.) Shhh… Go back to sleep… It is still too early…

Radhika: (Without any tantrums, she went back to sleep clutching his shirt tight.)

Arjun: (Smiled happily and walked with her in his arms.)

Neil and Sammy, who were on their way to Arjun’s cabin saw him carrying Radhika and walking towards her room.

Sammy: I just wish they stay together and happy…

Neil: (Side hugging her breathed a kiss on her forehead.)

Few hours later, in Neil’s chamber,

Neil was standing leaning on the wall. Sammy and Arjun were seated across him. The door opened and closed, Radhika walked in with a faint smile.

Radhika: (Asked faintly.) You called me, Nikki…?

Neil: Hmmm… Come here… (And extended his hand.)

Radhika: (Walked slowly towards him and placed her hand on his extended hand.)

Neil: (After making her sit on his chair, he spoke.) One more person should reach… We will talk after that…

Sammy: Whom are you talking about…?

Meantime, the door opened and Parth peeped his head.

Parth: Boss, they are here…

Neil: They…?

Parth: He is here with his little brother…

Neil: (Closed his eyes tight and muttered.) f**k…

Sammy: (Controlled herself from yelling at him.)

Neil: (He looked at Sammy and swallowed his curses and muttered.) Let them in…

Parth: (Nodded affirmative.)

Next moment, Vidanth entered with Vishal following him. Neil’s head was still held low. Vishal’s eyes were locked on the figure standing with eyes closed and head hung low.

Vishal: Nikki…

Neil: (Letting out a deep breath, opened his eyes and looked at the grown up lad in front of him. A smile automatically adored his face.

Vishal: (Rushed to Neil and hugged him tight.)

Neil: (With the force Vishal held on to him, he took a step back, but steadied himself from falling flat on to the floor. He hugged him back and caressed his hair.)

Vidanth: (Had a pleasant smile adoring his face.)

Sammy had a pleasant smile on her face. Whereas, Arjun and Radhika was little puzzled, it was Radhika who was more puzzled. Arjun could at least guess what would be their relationship and the reason behind. And the reason behind is none other than the man standing beside him with a smile on his face, Vidanth, a good old friend of Neil. He didn’t know whether to be happy or feel insecure about his brother, friend, boss, Neil being close to the Banerjee brothers.

At once Neil and Vishal pulled off from the hug, he caressed his little lad’s cheek and patted it lightly as an appreciation for whatever he is today. It was a symbol of an older brother telling that he is proud of his little brother. Vishal felt happy and complete with the lovely gesture. A throat clearing sound snapped the duo. It was none other than Vidanth, to make them realize they are gathered for something more important.

Neil: (Clearing his throat.) Get Ms. Banerjee here in another thirty minutes, the doctor would be here soon…

Vidanth: (Nodded affirmative. Even a senseless person could say that he is feared.)

Radhika: (Walked towards Vidanth, placing a palm on his upper arm, she spoke.) Relax… It would be fine… (And gave him a lovely smile.)

Vidanth: (Returned the smile instantly. He felt some pull towards her infectious smile.)

Arjun: (Tensed at their proximity. He cleared his throat loud.)

Neil and Sammy tried hard to control the laugh that was raising in them. Radhika gave him a puzzled look and looked enquiringly at him. But Arjun just looked away. Vidanth was able to guess the reason, but wasn’t sure. He let things be.

Vidanth: Vishal, go and get her here…

Vishal: (Nodded affirmative gloomily.)

Neil: (Sensed his gloominess and rubbed his arm, side hugging him.)

Vishal: (Relaxed under his care.) I’ll be back soon… (He was about to step out.)

Neil: Drive safe… (After a pause.) I knew all your stunts young man… I’m not saying or doing anything because you’re safe… (A pause and then continued.) Just be careful…

Vishal: (Nodded affirmative and walked off.)

Vidanth: (Without looking at him.) So, it was you…?

Neil: I never let go off what is mine… I care and take care of what is mine forever…

Vidanth: (Felt overwhelmed. He was sure that he cannot fight him anymore. But still waited for this disaster to over. As he gazed around the room, his eyes fell on a worried Radhika, at a corner. He could read pain and fear of losing something or someone in her eyes. He wondered what could be the reason behind. Above all who is she…? There were plenty of unanswered questions in his mind.)

It was almost twenty five minutes, the door opened revealing Vishal. He stepped in to reveal Vaishali just behind. Neil showed no expression. Sammy stood neutral. Arjun visibly flinched. Radhika was more scared. Vidanth noticed every single person’s reaction. Without any delay, a man around fifty years stepped in with salt and pepper hair. Banerjees were stunned to see him. He acknowledged everyone with a smile.

Neil: Welcome, Mr. Banerjee…

Mr. Banerjee: Oh shut up, Neil… No formalities with me… I’m still the same Uncle Abhijith for you… Are we clear…?

Neil: (Passed a dazzling smile, showing his dimple.)

Abhijith: (Standing in front of Vidanth.) How are you, son…?

Vidanth: Uncle Abhijith… (And took his blessings.)

Abhijith: (Blessed him and pulled him into a hug.)

As they pulled apart,

Vishal: (Touched his feet, taking his blessings.)

Abhijith: (Blessed him and hugged him too. Later he walked towards Vaishali, who was visibly tensed and trembling. Stopping with a distance of two feet, he spoke.) I really just hope you change… My sister-in-law is precious and clean to be even questioned and her own daughter… (He left the sentence mid-way. To his nephews and Neil.) I hope you would trust me with the reports…?

Vidanth & Neil: (Simultaneously.) What a dumb question, Uncle…? (They looked at each other with eyes full of pain.)

Abhijith: (Laughed out loud.) Sorry, sons… Just a confirmation… I’ll do the tests fair and get you the reports…

Radhika: How long will it take…? I mean, for the reports… (She asked softly, fear evident.)

Arjun: (Felt stabbed seeing the fear and pain. He just wanted to gather her close to his heart and run far away with her and away from all the evilness.)

Vaishali: (Screeched.) Why would you even care…? Above all, who the blo*dy hell are you…?

Neil: (Was about to reply back.)

Arjun: (Pulling her to face him, he whispered threateningly.) A word more to her, you’ll see the worst of me… (And let go of her.)

Vaishali: (Flinched visibly. And threw an angry towards Radhika.)

Vidanth & Vishal: (Were now clear about the young lady’s presence in the room.)

Abhijith: (Smiled warmly at Radhika and replied.) At least a day, dear…

Radhika: (Nodded affirmative weakly. She had her head hung low the whole time.)

Arjun: (Wished that she lifts her gaze and looks at him once. He was dying to see those beautiful pair of eyes that he had ever fallen for.)

Radhika: (As if she heard his pleas, she lifted her gaze and her eyes were locked with Arjun’s warm gaze, promising to make everything fine.)

Their intense eye-lock irked Vaishali.

Abhijith: So, let’s get started… Vaishali, Arjun, follow me guys… Neil, room number…?

Neil: Parth is waiting out to take you, Uncle… He will escort you… And Vishal, you can join them… I don’t want any false accusations later, regarding the test… (Spoke the last few words, glaring at Vaishali.)

Vidanth: (Gestured him to go.)

Vishal: (Obliged.)

After few minutes, they came back.

Abhijith: Samples are collected, I’ll get the test done and bring the report… And…

Neil: And…?

Abhijith: I just hope you guys are strong enough to hear the truth… See you all tomorrow by ten in the morning… Bye… (And walked off.)

After few minutes of silence,

Neil: I had arranged rooms for you guys… If you wish, you could stay back…

Vaishali: Thank you so much, Mr. Malhotra… But we aren’t homeless…

Neil: (Controlled his anger.)

Vidanth: (Pulling her by upper arm.) Shut. Up.

Vaishali: (Went silent instantly.)

Radhika: (Standing in front of her.) Stop showing your attitude young lady… I can show much more… Even the worst…

Vaishali: Really…? And who are you exactly…? Maybe a one night stand, who keeps throwing around wealthy men…

Neil: (That was end of his patience. But before he could take a step.)

A tight slap fell on Vaishali’s face.

Radhika: This slap is for hurting a brother (pointing at Vidanth)… (Another slap.) And this one, for being the reason behind this innocent soul’s (pointing her little baby bump) pathetic fate, which is only because of your so called attitude… And I can slap you endless for hurting my loved ones and pointing your dirty finger on my character… But I’m not doing, as you don’t deserve even my anger or hatred for hurting me and what is mine…

Vaishali: (Was shaking out of anger.)

Radhika: Mend your ways, before I make you do it… (To Vidanth, joining her hands together.) I’m sorry… My intention wasn’t to hurt your sister or you… Forgive me, if I hurt your brotherly instincts…

Vidanth: (Placing a hand on her head.) I wish my sister was like you… At least now if she change herself and try to become a percent like you… (He left the sentence incomplete.)

Radhika: I would always be beside you… As a sister… (And smiled warmly.)

Vidanth: (Smiled happily, and kissed her forehead, cupping her face.) Stay blessed… (To Neil.) Thank you… But, I think we must leave… I don’t want any more words to be passed…

Neil: (Nodded affirmative and sighed softly.)

As the Banerjees were about to step out. The door flung open.

Kittu & Athu: Nikki bro… It is not done… How long are we waiting for you guys…?

Neil: Sorry champs… We are done with the work, let’s go…

That is when the twins noticed the Banerjees.

Kittu: Oh…

Athu: (Looking keenly at Arjun.) Is everything fine, Ajju bro…?

Arjun: (Smiled warmly, walked towards him and pulled him into a tight embrace.)

Kittu: (Walked to Radhika and embraced her tightly.) (Muttered.) Everything will be fine…

Radhika: (Nodded affirmative.)

The Banerjees, especially the brothers were really confused with the entry of the new faces. They couldn’t understand head or tail. But decided to let it go for now. They bid bye and left. Now it was the Malhotra siblings, Sammy and Arjun left.

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