Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 90)

sunny asks Ayesha to join in the marriage function which is going to take place in their house in upcoming days,Ayesha asks him to apologise all of her mistakes in life because she was misunderstood everything about Madhu di and Raj.Aarya asks Chandru to be comfortable here because he is going to stay here from his moment as,Rajini completes “my brother “.Chandru thanks her with tears.Leela sees Sweety standing away from everyone alone and approaches her .She cries holding Leela.Madhoo sees her and comes towards her.Sweety tells”mom,may be we are bad and they are good ,they all are happy today but my life is filled with sadness due to the wrong step of marrying abhay before 5 years “.Madhoo asks her not to think about past and tells”if you wish I will bring the best groom for my sweety “.Sweety cries and thanks her.

Nikhil comes out of his house in London and shocked to see people from Indian embassy standing there with arrest warrant for him .Aanaya sees him being taken away by police and asks for explanation.she reads the charge sheet and cries seeing the crimes which Nikhil did.he confront him”did you killed my dad ,but why,but why ?”.She stands there totally devastated. She thinks to call Pam to tell the news and finds about her conspiracy .she breaks down due to the cheating of her mom and husband.

Sunny comes in and tells “is there any chance to add one more wedding to the list?”.RK says”no I am getting old and I won’t marry now “.Madhoo asks him to behave like grown up ,he winks at her.Sunny tells about Ayesha accepting his love.everyone clap for him.Raj says”so there will be three marriages in our house in some days”.Rajini smiles seeing the joy of family.she opens her father’s pic and tells”dad ,I did what you asked me to do”.Aarya caress her face.Meher asks Shaleen the reason why she decided to become thyagi.she laughs and says”certainly not,but I don’t want to be a home maker anymore. I am independent women ,I love myself more and Now a days “,She stops the sentence and sees outside.he didn’t concentrate on her words.she completed “you”.she says”I can accept the wedding of Gowtham only because I love someone else and I think its you “.he put a sudden brake and sees her with shock in his eyes.he says”but I don’t love you “,she gets shell shocked.

Everyone happily sit to have food .Padmini smiles seeing everyone being together.Rohan comes running inside into RK mansion and stops seeing many peoples there.he stops in the door.Deepika takes him in and introduces everyone to Rohan
Rohan tells that he will itself tell about everyone,
Leela dadi and Bitto dadaji
Sweety mausi and sunny uncle(madhu corrects it as mamu)
Gowtham uncle and deepika mausi
RK and madhubala as Nana and naninani,Shikky as another Nana.
Aarya mamu and Rajini mami
Ayesha didi ,and he asks chandru the name and struggles to tell relations.RK says “he is like your chacha “.everyone enjoys the situation
happily.they hears someone telling “then who I am ?”,they all sees Radha standing there with her bags.Bitto tells”aunty”,she says”Rohan beta,I am radha,RK’s mother so I am your badi dadi,and padmini is your badi nani “.

Shaleen being to cry on hearing the words of meher,she cobsoles herself and tells”OK whatever,leave me in fashion house,I am going to a party tonight.”.Meher smiles and tells”this is what I said,I love only this shaleen who is strong as iron “,she beats him.and they smiles happily.

Wedding day.
Everyone are busy in doing the works.the pandit asks the brides to come and sit in the mandap.Many guests reaches the place like sandhya with her whole family.Ishita along with Raman comes,Kunal,Siddi,anand and many others come others.Aarya sits with Rajini.ayesha with Sunny and Deepika along with Gowtham.Sona and Rohan happily plays here and there very much happily.The wedding is over RK asks everyone to join to take a grupie.all of them sits and takes photo together.sweety loses her balance while walking and Chander holds her from falling.they share eye lock.
Madhoo thinks about meeting RK,mukund ‘s accdint,forced marriage,ganesh chaturthi incident,RK’s planninf,acting together in gilm.pregnancy accident living somewhere without anyone’s knowledge and madhu coming to mumbai for Radha’s treatment,marrying insane Raja,making him super star and everything.RK says”madhoo tum meri ishq hai aur meri junnon hai”,They smiles seeing each other.



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  1. Narendran

    superb epi!!..i am Narendran(ranaji)..anyways..nice..

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Loved Ayesha apologizing 4 misunderstanding Rajbala.Rajni accepting chandru as her brother was touchy.Leela Sweety scene was nice.gud that they realized where their greed has led them to.Nikhil too arrested.poor ananya got a shock.Wish Abhay was alive to all this.So was Shaleen joking that she left Gowtham as she doesnt want to be a homemaker?I thought again she changed into the arrogant career oriented woman.She does’nt want to be with gowtham again as she luvs Meher.When Meher said he doesnt luv her i was shocked.but he was lying to bring out the real shaleen with attitude.their union scene was sweet.RK abt marrying to Sunny n madhoo’s reaction was so funny.RK is too interesting.Chandru sweety scene was cute n romantic.Wish u cud’ve suggested an actor 4 Chandru’s role.Another couple on the way.Finally all couples got married.Famous couples as guests too.last scene of Rishbala was romantic.Wish u had shown RajBala scenes too.bcz only u r writing on rajBala.sad that it has ended.will miss this ff

  3. Siddhi

    Really good episode.Actually I found this ff today only so commented.

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