Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 89)

Gowtham tries to explain her everything but deepika don’t want to hear anything about anyone .she cries “Always I am been targeted “and tries to go from there when Gowtham hold her tightly from moving .both of them shares a eyelock.Chandru tells about the incidents that happened in past .Deepika sits there in a chair and hears everything Gowtham tells”I left the engagement because I have thought of doing many problems to your family so only “.Deepika asks him “are you mad,you thought that deepika is that much weak ,I am not,I know about you being ayesha’s cousin even before “.Gowtham and chandru sees each other with shock in their face.she continues”it was not right to leave me there cancelling the engagement,you need to apologise “.chandru says”will they agree ?”.

RK reaches padmini’s house in early morning along with Madhoo.SKB sits in the car waiting for Rajbala to come as padmini aunty asks everyone to come. Raj comes there with Madhu.he says”RK Sir, actually Rohan is sleeping,so let’s go inside “.Another car stops there and Bitto asks them to come in.padmini takes them in.She tells them about Gowtham being Harshavardan’s illegal son and how she took care of him and everything to all.Shamsher tells about Gowtham marrying shaleen,a girl of their choice and she left him for fame and other things”,everyone hears the news with very much shock.SKB says”so he was acting with my daughter,I won’t spare him “,padmini tells”no shikky,Gowtham haven’t desired for anything due to the anger which he always have for his dead dad.he loves your daughter so much,that is the reason why he asked her to come to beach,so he can tell truth to her “.everyone remains silent.
In the morning,Ayesha sees the news about Pam being arrested for the bad deeds which she did,killing rajinibala,trying to kill

rishbala,reason for the death of harshavardan.
Ayesha gets so much shocked and calls her mother to come. Her mother says”see this is the truth but you people hate Raj without any reason “,Ayesha begin to say but her mom says” wait,if you want to understand about anything listen to me,Abhay did many torture to madhu and Raja.he gave back just a sample “.

she tries to call Sunny’s number with tension .Everyone reaches RK mansion along with Padmini and shamsher.they gets shocked on seeing Shaleen standing there waiting for them.she apologise for disturbing them and asks “I need to tell something to you all,Gowtham is really very good at heart .please forgive him for us”and shows meher along with her.meher says about the yesterday happenings to all.they sees this news in TV.Gowtham comes there along with Deepika and apologises to everyone who are present there.Chandru stands outside without entering ,Aarya asks him to come in.everyone talks about arranging two wedding in one mandap itself.Sunny sees the call of ayesha,he goes out to talk Meher asks Shaleen about leaving.she walks towards Gowthan and says”sorry”,She smiles and goes with meher.

Precap:last episode.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    gowtham deepika scene was very emotional n lovely.pam arrested.ayesha also understands d truth.but y only Pam is arrested?Nikhil shud also be arrested.plz show him getting arrested.plz show ananya too.want to see her reaction.plz show y pam n nikhil kill Rajnibala.Padmini told others abt gowtham’s truth.When they all doubted gowtham liked shaleen coming in defense of gowtham n supporting him.she apologized to gowtham n walked away with meher.loved it.gud that shaleen did something gud 4 gowtham n left without causing troubles 4 him.Guess she has moved on with meher.not 2 weddings..plz show 3 weddings.gowtham deepika,aryan rajni n sunny ayesha.But what abt sweety?She needs someone.right?

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