Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 88)


chandru shouts at gowtham and asks him to tell about the person.Gowtham says”it was not Raj but actually Pam and nikhil”,Chandru gets so much shocked and holds his shirt with anger.He confront him for not telling the important truth to him for all these days .Gowtham asks chandru to listen to him carefully and says about knowing the actual truth only by evening .he explains the scene.

“Gowtham stops infront of the mall because meher asks him ten minutes of time to purchase something for deepika’s engagement.meher runs inside the shop to buy something which will be both useful and simple.Gowtham gets shocked on seeing Pam there ,she hides her face and enters one of the nearby browsing center.Gowtham comes there following her She does video chat with nikhil asking him to be there in London for three more years so that everyone here will totally forgets about the murder of Rajini and of abhay.Gowtham gets so much shocked on hearing the words of Pam.Nikhil asks her”but aunty,we didn’t killed abhay only harshvardan sir before many years “.Gowtham takes out his video camera and begin to record the events.Pam shouts at him and tells”no nikhil but what about the death of Rajinibala,she was thinking to become a aspiring actress “.they ends the call after some times. Gowtham sends the MMS to one of his police friend .Pam sees Gowtham and gets shocked on seeing him there listening to all of her conversation.”,he tells”so only i left the engagenent “.Chandru cries hearing about this and blames himself for suspecting Raj for almost 5 years .both of them hears clap sound at gate and turns towards the entrance and sees Deepika there.both of them gets shocked on seeing her.Gowtham tries to hold her hand when she shouts”no need,always people think me like a trump card,I thought you loved me but everything is fake here,fake “.

Madhoo tells about the incidents to Padmini with so much years and fear about the state of deepika as she left the home in night time .Padnmini apologises for not telling something to madhoo and asks everyone to come to her house as she need to tell things very much important to her.Madhoo accepts and asks RK to come along with her.they goes towards the house of Padmini.Raj sees madhu sleeping peacefully and sits besides her with happiness.he prays to the god to keep his happiness always along with him until the day of death .Madhu wakes at the night time and finds Raj crying to the photo of his mother and father for all past deeds.Madhu hugs him from behind.Raj receives a message from RK and asks Madhu to get ready as they need to go somewhere now itself.

The police arrests Pam and takes her in the jeep for trying to kill Rishbala before

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Shocking that on d way to the engagement place Gowtham overheard pam nikhil’s video chat n thus came 2 know that pam n nikhil killed rajnibala n is responsible 4 killing Harshwardhan too.wish Abhay was alive.if so he wud’nt have tortured d innocent madhu.y did they kill rajni?he had recorded it n sent it to police.but how can it b the reason 4 cancelling d engagement?i’m confused.hearing this y deepika thinks that gowtham’s luv was fake?Rajbala scene where raja talks 2 his late parents emotionally n madhu hugging from his back was touchy.guess padmini wants 2 tell them abt gowtham being Trishna Harshvardhan’s son.Where does RK want 2 go?
    precap is so interesting.hope they arrest nikhil too along with Pam.where is Ananya who is Pam’s daughter?plz show her too.she shud also know her mother’s n husband’s truth.

    1. Janani

      Gowtham is not trishna’s son ,padmini met gowtham’s mother in accident where trishna died thats all,I explained it in episode 73 itself.

      1. jasmine Rahul

        sorry.Just checked part 73 and read ur reply.That time I had’nt checked ur reply.2day only I saw it

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