Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 87)


RK gets shocked by the behaviour of Gowtham suddenly.Deepika sits there without any emotions in her clear face.Madhoo hold her and cries seeing her in deep shock.Aarya request all the guest to leave .they goes with talking among themselves .Raj asks Aarya to take care of deepika,he goes in search of Gowtham angrily.Deepika sees Raj and tells”no one needs to go in search of him,may be he has some thing in his heart,let’s leave it,I need to go to school tomorrow,”,she walks in without any tears and anything.she sits in the bed .

Gowtham cries,he angrily drives the car with frustation and anger,he sees his phone with Deepika’s message “becareful sir”,and begin to cry,Deepika standing under the shower.he scold himself for everything in life and breaks down (Teri meri prem kahani song plays),Both of them sees each other’s photo from phone. Aarya shouts at SKB and RK for selecting Gowtham without knowing anything about him.RK consoles him.Gowtham sits seeing the rain drops from hall .he tries Deepika’s number with fear whether she won’t talk to him.deepika comes to have dinner and sees the phone ringing .Rajbala goes after having dinner in RK mansion.Aarya shouts at deepika not to attend the call.She picks the call.
Gowtham: s.sorry deepuka,I know it is not a mistake but a big crime.I was guilty so only.
Deepika:no need to say sorry,tomorrow come here and take the jewels of your mother .
Gowtham:please give me a chance to explain.
Gowtham:I will wait for you near the beach if you don’t come then I will not disturb you any further .
Deepika:tell me the time.

She cuts the call and tells about the conversation briefly while eating the food.SKB asks her not to waste time in trusting him.Aarya tells the same to her.Everyone tells the same to her.she throws the plate,Madhoo and RK tells her about receiving a letter from some unknown person about Gowtham being a part of Kapoor family ,RK tells”madhoo only asked us to forget things but he ditched you today” ,She shouts
“always I need to sacrifice my love for everyone in this family ,am I a girl or something else,you (aarya)asked me to forget about Raj before 5 years,I did it for chachu and now you (others )are telling to sacrifice my love for Gowtham for that Raj’s benefit .what is wrong in his behaviour,are you all perfect ,Raj is a murderer and you also did same things with chachi years ago but my Gowtham want to give some explanation what’s the problem in it ?”.she walks away into her room all of them stands dumbstricken.

Shaleen sees Meher very busy in making juice for her and smiles seeing him.she tells”why are you very good towards me,I am not good or perfect till now,I was like a one night stand but you are showing a love “,Meher asks her to drink the juice first and then talk.She sips the juice and asks the question.he tells”even I’m not perfect ,you are not the first girl in my life but I feel like both are same in many ways,both are orphans,and both have been successful today but past is still bitter like wise “,Shaleen smiles and tells”I love you meher, but I cannot marry you, it will affect my career so much so just lovers for some years,what ?”.Meher murmurs”no one can understand you better than me”.she laughs hearing his murmur and says”even I can’t “.

Madhu cannot digest the behaviour of Gowtham today and cries thinking about the mind and state of deepika .Raj consoles her and tells”even I was very bad and cruel before years “,she asks him not to talk like that and hugs him tightly. Rohan sits in his room worried for Deepika mausi and uncle .Gowtham calls his home from guest house(he was in guest house, sorry for not mentioning before itself ),and asks the servant to take care of Sona well.he hears a knock at the door and opens it and sees Chandru standing there half wet shirt due to rain.
Chandru:sorry bhai,I don’t come because madhu di knows me well so only .happy engagement bhai.
Gowtham:no nothing happened.
Gowtham:I don’t want to cheat deepika so only, why are you concerned for them,you don’t like them right?
Chandru:I don’t know bhai,raj killed my di but madhu di and others are good.I feel bad for finding you in pune and telling all this,I think I am wrong .
Gowtham:nothing like that,you told me the truth about my brother’s death that’s all.but I know something about the death of your sister only today.
Chandru: whatttt?
Gowtham:Raj didn’t killed her,it was ..
(They hear knock at the door)

Precap: madhoo tells the whole incident to Padmini through phone

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    So the letter which madhoo got was sent by a stranger who wrote abt gowtham’s connection with kapoors.but madhoo wanted everyone 2 4get it 4 deepika.but now all r angry as gowtham cancelled engagement.gowtham says she cant cheat deepika n thats y he left deepika.why does he feel that he is cheating deepika?tho all r against gowtham happy that deepika still doesnt hate him.loved deepika saying that y does she has 2 sacrifice she said if imperfect ppl like raj can b 4given y cant gowtham b 4given?hope gowtham deepika meet n clear all mu.meher taking care of shaleen n he said no one can understand her like him n her reply was nice.meher pointing out their similarities was also nice.Shaleen wants Gowtham back now.right?Then y does she say that she luvs meher but cant marry him bcz of her career?i’m confused..whom does meher luv?And what one night stand?Did meher Shaleen have one night stand?Rajbala scene of raja talking abt how bad he was in d past n madhu stopping him from that n hugging him was emotional.plz do add more rajbala scenes.Chandru only told gowtham that raja is abhay’s killer.but shocking that gowtham knows rajnibala’s real killer.cant wait 2 know who he is.hope its not gowtham himself.

    1. Janani

      No she mean that she worth not more than to be a one night stand in meher’s life

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