Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 86)

She comes out of the room and sees Rajbala seeing the house and thinking to enter the home or not.

Madhu sees Raj in dilemma and hold his hand asking him to enter.everyone smiles seeing the scene while Deepika hugs Rohan with happiness .she sees Madhu ,when they hugs each other,Aarya comes in .

He stops on the entrance on seeing madhu there.he calls her”madhu”,they smiles at each other and three of them takes photos together.Raj sits along with Rohan,he tells stories and waits for RK to come so he can apologise to RK for his past deeds.

Shallen drinks the tenth glass of alcohol and shouts “I cannot accept anything in life better than my ,my Gowtham”,she gets up with more effort .she stops herself seeing Meher coming with flower bouquet in his hand .

Shallen washes her face in cold water and opens the door with a false smile covered in her face,meher sees her in hangover, he asks her the matter which she is bothered about .

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    shaleen wants gowtham back.oh..hope she doesnt create probs.guess meher wats 2 propose idea.will she tell him what is going on in her was a short update.plz post a longer update

    1. Janani

      Actually it is 85 the episode but it was published only after that .sorry for confusion.

      1. jasmine Rahul

        ya,thats y the beginning wasnt connected to the previous epi

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