Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 85)


Rajini sees herself in the mirror and corrects the dress while getting ready to go to deepika’s engagement,she gets happy to be in with deepika this time but her mind gets doubts relating Gowtham, she remembers seeing
Abhay’s cousin ,Ayesha with him in his
house.she feels little scary on knowing about the works of abhay’s family in the past time for kundra family.she waits for Aarya in the room .Deepika comes inside the room with tears.”hey ,deepika”Rajini sits near her.she tells”Rajini, I am very happy today ,I can sacrifice my life for this happiness in life “,They smiles seeing eachother.Aarya comes in and tells about madhu asking her to Rajini.she leaves from there .

Shaleen asks Meher not to tell anything to Gowtham until the end of the game.he cries sitting near her seeing her writhing in pain due to the cut made by glass pieces in her wrist .She says”what will happen now it will affect my career ?”,He tries to calm herher,Gowtham in on
the way to engagement but he receives a call from Meher,about the detoriating condition of shaleen.he rushes to the hospital messaging the matter to deepika.meher shouts at him to
take her to hospital in arms.she faints in middle of road.Meher (arjun bijlani)manages her in arms,he sits waiting for the doctor to say something.

Deepika sees the message with tear filled
eyes she sees the people starting to come to the engagement ,and begin to worry about RK’s anger when he comes to know the matter about gowtham going to help Shaleen.She sees Aar
ya coming from kitchen with fruits for her,he sees her very much depressed and asks “are you worrying for the matter which I told you that day?”,she denies with a smile,tells”not that but
about something else about,(tells the matter)”.Padmini sees Shamsher packing things ,she asks him the matter ,he tells about some important work .Gowtham reaches the
hospital and goes to donate his blood to her.he gets feeled seeing her in such state.she murmurs “my career “and feels into sedosive
sleep.Meher thanks Gowtham for the timely
help.Gowtham asks meher to sit in the car so that they can go for his engagement.
Meher:thank you Sir,
Gowtham:this is humanity.
Meher: she is very much upset about many things nowadays.
Gowtham: I am wondered on knowing that because she makes others upset.
Meher:she is always like that,but not bad.
Gowtham:no need about that now, she cries for career.
Meher:her career gives her status so only.
Gowtham:do you love her?
Meher:no,I want her to be happy like a friend,I am just ,just a friend.
Gowtham:mmmmm.and what about you ?
Meher:me,meher sharma,fashion designer and a model .I only asked shaleen to come before 5years.
Gowtham:oh,OK.I don’t want to talk about her to anyone in my life anymore.
Meher:yes,today no one is ready to be with her,sometimes even I feel bad but it is getting habitual.she is getting habitual.

They reaches the RK mansion on time.Gowtham sees Deepika and feels something wrong in his heart.everyone happily welcomes him.Madhoo asks him about his granny.he gives some excuses.Raj remains silent without talking much.he sees RK standing near the portico waiting for someone and calls him to talk.both stands without talking for a while.RK says”you ,I know you are feeling for something happened in past ,you leave it OK”,Both of them smiles happily.Gowtham takes the ring in hand but stops making deepika wear it .She sees him shockingly.Everyone assembles there sees each other.he says”sorry “and begin to walk from there without talking anything more.Deepika sits down crying without talking anything.Madhu holds her from crying while Aarya shouts at Gowtham.

Precap:deepika shouts at everyone to stop blaming gowtham.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Rajni Aryan scene was nice.Rajni feeling tensed as she saw Abhay’s cousin ayesha with goutam n doubts if gowtham is related 2 Abhay,she is scared bcz of what Kapoors did 2 Kundras.Shaleen got hurt n Gowtham took her 2 hospital in his arms n donates blood too.Still shaleen is worried abt her career.But Meher understands Shaleen very well.he feels she isnt bad tho career oriented.Loved ur choice of Meher.Arjun Bijlni as Meher with Radhika as Shaleen rock.Loved their bonding on meri aashiqui.I thought bcz of Shaleen’s condition gowtham wont b able 2 reach 4 engagement.But he reached there.but shocking that he refused 2 put ring 4 Deepika.y did he do that?ry an unexpected twist.waiting eagerly 4 d next part

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