Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 84)

Shallen goes out with meher to the nearby restaurant,he notices her tears and keeps quiet without talking anything,She sees some small children playing there in the restaurant “may be I did a mistake “echoes in her ears.Meher asks her about the menu card.she gives it to him and leaves to freshen up in the washroom.Meher takes out her clutch and sees Gowtham’s number in it.he notes it in his phone.he says”I will talk to Gowtham and explain him”.

RK gives his nod to the marriage.Everyone smiles hearing the news.Gowtham says”I have my grandparents only. I will ask them to come and talk “.He leaves RK mansion with a smile in his face,he says”I love you deepika “and starts the car .Sona happily hugs him knowing about his idea to get married to deepika miss.He goes to the restaurant along with Sona.
Ayesha sits near the window enjoying the beautiful scenery, her mother comes with Samosas in her hand, she tells “I heard that people will fall in love easily “,Ayesha asks her to not talk like that and cries thinking about Sunny’s love.Her mother sits near her with the idea to explain her everything clearly to her.Deepika sits in room with happiness in her face,she hears knock at the door and runs to see the person.Madhoo stands there with some dress in her hand.”this is my gift to you ,deepika,all these years you are with me in every situation “.Both hugs each other with tears in eyes.RK tells about his opinion “I feel something shikky”. shikky hugs him and praises Gowtham. bittoji enters the room with a letter for deepika from someone unknown.madhoo opens the letter and finds something shocking to her.

Raj and Madhu reaches the home and sees Rohan crying to the servant to let him meet Raj in the hospital.Rajbala consoles Rohan. While they were talking, Raj gets a call from Gowtham’s number.he finds Sona on line.sona tells about his father getting married to deepika with so much happiness.Rohan says”what ,do you know she is mausi?”.both the children chit chat for sometimes.

Shaleen sees Meher not enjoying the food ,she asks him the matter for his sudden moody type behaviour in life.Meher sees her for sometimes and asks her not to fake reactions in her life.Shaleen asks him not to tell anything and avoids his eyes.Sona comes to the same restuarant, with Gowtham. Both of them doesnt see each other .Meher asks Shaleen to answer his question.Shaleen says”I also have some weakness meher,just some not many, I took this as my career leaving my family before 5 long years,everyone is happy today, even I am,so please shut up “,she concentrates on eating.Meher hold her hand and says”if you are ready then I am also ready to move on in life with you, will you?”,She sees him and takes her hand from his.they leaves the hotel without talking anything.she stands seeing Sona and Gowtham there.Gowtham also sees her with shock.

Rajini and Aarya comes out to a mall to purchase things.Rajini happily smiles seeing Aarya with her when both of them sees Sunny in the mall explaining something to Ayesha.Rajini says”she is ayesha,Gowtham’s cousin”.Aarya stands in utmost shock of his life as he know she is the cousin of Abhay kapoor.he tries to come out of the shock.Madhoo pleads Rajbala to come to RK mansion atleast for Deepika’s engagement which is in the weekend.

Engagement day,Deepika sits very much tensed on hearing the news from Rohan that Rajbala is coming ,she prays to god to keep everything fine between RK,SKB and Raj.she sees Gowtham’s call and picks the phone with curiosity.
Gowtham: hello
Deepika:yes what?
Gowtham: I will be there in ten minutes are you ready ?
She comes out on hearing the voice of madhoo inviting someone to come.She sees Rajbala coming in with Rohan.

Precap:Aarya asks deepika to think well.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Shaleen is missing gowtham n sona.But guess Meher is interested in her.plz tell who plays Meher.Did Gowtham see Shaleen with Meher?Now Aryan knows that Gowtham n Ayesha r related to Abhay Kapoor.Oh!What is there in Madhoo’s letter?

    1. Janani

      Wat letter?

      1. jasmine Rahul

        The letter which Madhoo reads with a shock.
        I had read in d previous update 2 imagine any actor as meher.but in this update i felt meher’s importance is it wud prefer the writer 2 choose an actor.please

    2. Janani

      Any actor,I asked you to decide.

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