Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 82)


The doctor sees Madhu rushing toward him and assures him about the condition of RK getting fine in hours.She sees chandru still standing and gives him some rupees to him.he smiles seeing Madhu and denies the money.he says”you won’t give money when you think about my motives of life it is first to kill your husband “,she takes aback in shock while he still continues,”yes madam,I actually came to kill your husband (shows a gun)but I was the one who protected him from when the fridge blast due to high. Voltage, it is called fate.I cannot kill my humanity and leave him there, if he gets up tell him to take rest “,chandru walks from therethere leaving Madhu with so much
confusion about his behaviour.
Rajini sees aarya still not eating anything for lunch and stands seeing him busy in laptoplaptop,she asks him to come and have food .they sits in the dinning table ,Aarya enjoys the food very much on tasting.he goes out after lunch to talk with someone on phone outside.Rajini thinks “i was hurting him “,she sees the photo of someone as wallpaper in his laptop.she sits seeing the photos and recognises her as rajinibala.
Gowtham thinks about all the things which are caused due to Raj to his brothers.while he sees a file ,he gets a call from some unknown number.he switches on the phone from vibration mode
Gowtham: hello
Gowtham (recognises): mmm tell
Shaleen:I need to meet my daughter,how is she?
Gowtham:your daughter ,good joke.
Shaleen:she is my daughter,
Gowtham:you left her for your betterment.
Shaleen:yes now I am rich and want her back in life.
Gowtham: I won’t let this happen?
Shaleen:why not?
Gowtham: she is my daughter,mind it.
Shaleen:may be but I have right on her,don’t always blame me,I cannot live with her, it will damage my career.
Gowtham: career my foot.just cut the call you ..
Shaleen:I don’t need your permission to meet my own loved daughter.
Gowtham:shut up ,you cannot meet her
He sits after cutting the call and thinks about her leaving him with their newborn child for her career .he throws things in the table in frustration.deepika thinks to do something to unite this family.she sees Rohan coming and smiles seeing him. He comes and sits near her with smile.

Precap:deepika asks SKB to accept the proposal.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    chandru wanted 2 kill raja.but seeing him in danger he saved though revengeful chandru has a soft heart.seeing rajnibala’s pic on aryan’s laptop Rajni will again mu Aryan.Oh!Shaleen left her newborn baby 2 build up her career in she wants 2 meet her daughter.but she cant live with her as it will damage her career.oh!Gowtham is so frustrated.hope deepika succeeds in helping him.Which actress plays Shaleen?

  2. Narendran

    Superb janani

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