Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 81)


Padmini cries sitting down and tells”how could I say that I am living here as Granny for the boy who is always thinking to do something harmful to RK’s family”.shamsher console her and asks her to be happy because she has met her daughter .she wipes her tears with a small smile in her face. Shamsher sees the TV without proper connection and switch it on.

Bitto asks ayesha to sit so that he can talk the matter which is left in his mind. She sits in the opposite sofa waiting to know the matter.
Ayesha:what uncle?
Bitto: I need you to be clear about something,
Ayesha:what uncle?
Bitto:do you love my son?
Aysha:that, that actually .
Her mom:tell yes or no
Bitto:dont force her behein
Ayesha:yes,,I think to marry him
Sunny:is it ayesha?
Bitto: then you must know something,will you ?
Ayesha: yes sure.
Bitto:my chief is RK and Madhu whom you are consideing as your enemy ,Madhu is my chief’s
(He goes out with his son after telling the truth)
Her mom:I know this before
Ayesha:mom,I need some peace .

Madhu sees call from Raj’s number and attends the call very much happily thinking he is on the line but a male voice tells about asking her to come to lily Hospital as soon as possible because raj is hospitalised there. She asks the person to be there itself and she will come as soon as possible.she takes her bag and runs out of the office .

Deepika sees Gowtham very much tensed and asks him the matter.he sees her with a pleading reaction and says”sorry deepika”,she wonders what it might the actual matter,he began to tell something when the phone bell rings.he picks the call seeing Madhu’s number.Madhu tells about going to hospital and seeks his permission.he asks her to go.he feels alert in mind and says”I cannot stay here for much time, I need to go to office so only I am sorry, “,she asks him to drop her in school and go.they leaves the dhaba.deepika feels something is still secret in his life.

Aarya sits in his the balcony seeing the backyard of RK mansion because the guest house is situated in next street.he sees someone coming out of the backyard door with plates in their hand.he cannot guess whether it is a lady or man.the person is Shikky,he comes with a plate of jealebi in it.Rajini also sees him coming with a plate.shikky tells about buying jealebis and taking it here because aarya loves it so much.aarya gets tears on the true love of shikky and hugs him.He sees Rajini enjoying the father son duo and smiles.she asks him”uncle,please come inside “.Shikky tells about leaving from there because someone may search for him.he asks Rajini to take good care of him and goes. Rajini praises SKB.Aarya tells”yes,he only took steps and used much amount to cure my polio,but still I have some problems during some times “,raijini sits near him on the floor asking him for the days of his childhood.

Madhu reaches the hospital and sees Raj being treated in the ICU.she sees Chandru standing near the chair and goes near him.he cries seeing Madhu and tries to explain something to ger,she signs him not to and asks “I have seen you somewhere “,he accept everything and says”today I didn’t do anything,on seeing me he recognizes me and talked with me,and I took a rose from my bag “.Madhu sees the doctor coming and rushes to him.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    So padmini is hiding d truth from Rishbala as Gowtham is also like Abhay who wants 2 avenge RK’s family thinking that RK is d reason behind his dad’s death.Ayesha is interested in Sunny,but shocked to know that his father Bittoo was RK’s closest person.After knowing d truth will she lose her interest in Sunny?Bcz she also thinks that RK is responsible 4 Harshwardhan’s death n Madhu is responsible 4 Abhay’s death.What is disturbing Gowtham?Hope he shares it with Deepika.Sikky was a joker on he is very serious n nice.very nice transformation.His bonding with Aryan is so nice.He only took d responsibility to cure Aryan’s leg.gud 2 c Aryan sharing it with Rajni.How is Raj in this condition if Chandru did’nt do anything?That day what Chandru took was a rose?Why did he take that rose?4 whom was that rose?

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