Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 80)

Shamsher comes out to the place where padmini stays in a taxi after getting down from the flight.he sits inside the house and examines the sudden happiness in padmini’s face.he try to explain her that it must be madhoo’s child and damad .padmini gets shocked on hearing about her grand daughter and her husband but still she is sure that the person whom she saw is her daughter and RK.shamsher tries to change the topic asks about Gowtham while they hear a knock at the door.padmini goes to see.Madhu argues with RK for giving 1000 rupees to the person who guided them and blames him to be like a charity person while the door opens.padmini gets shocked to see madhoo while madhoo doesn’t feel the reality.she calls RK.RK was seeing the nearby places and praises the beauty
He also turns and almost shouts “sasu ma”

Deepika smiles seeing him taking his hand when she sees him with surprise and sees his car parked outside ,she thinks something Gowtham asks her sorry for holding her hands ,deepika asks him to take her for a long drive. He agrees after a minute of confusion.they gets into the car and there remains silent for a moment.
Deepika:mmmm then sir ?
Gowtham:nothing special.
Deepika:my chacha and chachi saw your granny in market .
(Applies a sudden brake )
Deepika:why ,what happened ?
Gowtham(so that is not Madhu and raj):nothing,I was actually quite surprised so only.
Deepika:mmmm the car
Gowtham:yeah sure(resumes driving )
Deepika tries to adjusts the AC while Gowtham helps her he hold her hand,the radio switch’s by mistake and “tu muskura “songs plays .both of them moves away from each other.
Deepika:ac was not so so only.
Gowtham:I also just tried to help.
Deepika:how is ur business ?
Gowtham:yeah so nice.I am getting a new deal .
Deepika:what about the treat ?
Gowtham:sure I will give you so soon.
Deepika:mmmm ok.
Gowtham stops the car in front of a dhaba and asks her to get down. She comes out with a confusion and both sits in a seat far away from others .there remains a silence.

Ayesha shouts at her mom for supporting Madhu after all the incidents that happened in the life of them.her mother asks her not to shout like a mad and goes from there angrily.ayesha sits crying thinking about the last rites of her brother.she heard the bell sound and goes to see the person.Sunny stands there with bittoji in the entrance.she gets shocked on seeing him with his dad and falls on his feat.they sits in the hall and she runs inside to inform her mother who is standig angry in her room.

RK and Padmini tries to wake madhoo up who was fainted on seeing her mother there in a unexpected situation .madhoo doesn’t open her eyes due to shock while shamsher comes there with cool water to sprink in her face.madhoo wakes after a long try and opens her eyes ,she gets so much tears on seeing her mother.she says”RK,my mom “.RK also nods yes and helps her to sit there comfortably. Shamsher remembers the day he hold the small cute baby in his hand and gets tears.RK sees Trishna’s photo Garlanded and gets shocked on hearing her death news.padmini sits near madhoo and hugs her cryingly.

Madhu thinks of the incidents in morning with a blush in her face,she sees the files which are left pending and asks the peon about gowtham sir.Raj sits in the house and eats the food made by Madhu happily thinking that she may Change in sometimes .he hears a bell sound and goes to see who is on the door.and finds a young boy standing there with dirty cloths and uncombed hair.Raj opens the door .Chandru sees him with tears filled eyes and takes out something from his bag.

Aarya sits and tastes the food made by Rajini for him.he finds the food without salt and thinks to add it to the gravey before she comes but when he almost opens the salt box,she comes asking him about the taste of the food.she eagerly waits for his comment .he thinks not to hurt her and praises the taste of food.he goes from there after completing food and Rajini eats the food and her reaction changes on the taste of the food without salt.she gets tears on thinking about aarya lying for her.

Padmini doesn’t tell anything about gowtham,harshavardan and makes madhoo eat by her own hand and caress her face.gowtham tries to call his nani to talk but she cuts the call before madhoo sees the name and photo which is displaying in the screen.RK sits talking with shamsher and feels something not correct in their convo.he leaves home with madhoo.he thinks of sharing it to madhoo but stops seeing her happiness. Shamsher asks padmini”why are you hiding truth ?”,she sits crying.

Precap:Madhu gets call about raj being hospitalised.


  1. jasmine Rahul

    Rishbala Padmini Shamsher meeting was so nice.Padmini Madhoo moments were nice.But y is Padmini hiding abt Gowtham Trishna n Harshwardhan?Gowtham Deepika scene was cute.Ayesha is so angry with Madhu.Its 4 Madhu that Raja killed Abhay.But is it bcz of Abhay’s torture.Y cant Ayesha understand that?Eagerly waiting 2 know what happens next in Ayesha’s house as Sunny n Bitto have reached there.What did Chandru take from his bag?Aryan didnt tell Rajni abt salt as he didnt want 2 hurt her,but Rajni mu hi,.Oh no.plz unite them soon.
    plz check pt 79.I’ve posted one more comment now

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