Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 79)


Rajini laughs forgetting her worries ,they gets up after a long time of struggle and sits in the nearby chair ,aarya gets very much happy on seeing her smiling face.she notices his strong eyes grazing over her face and stops laughing.she gets up to go and arrange some thing in the kitchen .aarya thinks in mind “I will make her understand my love “,same time,Rajini thinks about the incident and smiles gently.

Madhu sits in the bed and tries to sleep by closing her eyes but she didn’t get sleep due to something and turns towards the window and sees raj standing in the heavy cold verendha without wearing any sweater.she feels worried for his health and watches him from the window.Raj stands in the cold breeze and imagines Madhu being with him and smiles thinking about his foishness that made her very much away from him.he feels warm and sees Madhu covering him with a blanket.he tries to touch her with his hand ,and shocks that she is true.he caress her face and they stand in the verendha .(ishq sada love plays in background ),Madhu tries to move away from him but he hold her tightly from moving.they share a eye begins to rain and the water falls on them.

Sunny waits for RK’s advise after telling the whole happenings.RK sits thinking about the matter while again sunny tells “uncle,I love her,it is like love at first sight you know ?”.RK asks him about her feelings.sunny tells about her not expressing to him.while in the same time. She sits in her room (ayesha) and talks with her teddy about love and sunny.she smiles thinking about sunny in happiness.RK asks him to do something and tells “don’t worry I am with you,don’t hesitate to tell a truth “.sunny agrees and walks out of the room.Bittoji stands overhearing everything and slaps sunny hard. RK rushes out and hold sunny from getting next slap.Bitto asks sunny “how dare you?”and goes from there angrily.RK asks him to go to sleep and searches for Bitto in garden.he stands near the balcony seeing the rain.RK hold his hand.

Padmini sits in the house getting happiness on seeing her daughter in the market today.she takes out a small TV from the godown and connects it with the pluck point thinking that they may tell something about madhoo.she waits for the TV to on and decides to inform it first to shamsher .she calls his number .a old man wearing wollen shawl pick the phone and tells her “madam,shamsher bhai is busy in playing carom with his little friends “.padmini waits for him to come.there the little boyshouts “no dadu,it is cheating “,he turns on hearing the phone matter.shamsher gets up from the playing area and walks towards the phone.
Padmini:h..ello shamsher
Shamsher:how are you padminiji?
Padmini:my madhoo,I saw her alive,alive shamsherji alive.
Shamsher:(thinks may be it is Madhu and raj who I have seen in TV ):ho
Padmini:I need to meet you ,when will you be back?
Shamsher:I am in India only but never come to that house,that harsvatdhan killed my madhoo.
Padmini:she is alive
Shamsher:that is Madhoou’s daughter
Padmini:madhoo’s daughter ?oh may be but no ji it is my madhoo.I know her very well.and with RK.
Shamsher:I’ll come there.

He cuts the call and gets happiness and cofusion about the matter.
Next morning,Madhu sits in her room thinking about something and sees Rohan leaving to school along with the driver.she knocks at Raj’s room and waits for him to open the door for sometimes.Raj opens the door and stands in front of her in black jean and white shirt.Madhu asks him about his health and gives excuse for disturbing and tries to go but he hold her shawl from going.she tells “raj leave my shawl,are you a child ?”and smiles seeing him making faces.raj apologises for his mistakes and hold her hand.Rohan comes inside shouting “my lunch box “and giggles seeing them like that.they move apart with a little embarsment .

Gowtham stands in the school compound waiting for deepika to come .she enters the school in a yellow cotton saree with tiredness in her eyes due to lack of sleep yesterday and about the tension of her brother aarya.she tries to be normal on seeing Gowtham and smiles but he notices her dullness and walks towards her .Deepika tries to behave normal but she cannot act on meeting his eyes directly.they sits in the chair and talks about everything which is bothering her mind. Gowtham pacifies her and hold her hand. She sees him with surprise.

Madhoo and RK enquires everyone about gowtham’s house in the area and finally finds his dadi’s house.they thank the person for guiding them when shamsher gets out of the cat in Order to meet padmini.he enters the house and sees padmini very much happy after along a time.when they sit to talk.she hears a knock atdoor and goes to see.She opens the door and finds madhoo and RK arguing in the door.Madhoo turns and sees padmini with shock.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    rajni is melting n aryan’s determination 2 prove his luv 2 her is so lovely.rajbala scene where madhu showing concern 2 raj making him wear sweater n raj touching her in d background of rain was damn romantic.padmini told shamsher abt seeing rishbala but he thinks she os talking abt Rajbala.Oh!padmini cant b wrong bcz rishbala is old n rajbala is that diff will b evident.Raj held madhu’s shawl n apologized 2 madhu holding her hand.loved it.waiting 4 madhu’s reaction.Gowtham pacifying deepika was sweet.finally rishbala reached padmini’s house but they duno that she is gowtham’s nani.padmini n Madhoo saw each

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Sunny sharing his feelings 4 Ayesha with RK was nice.loving Sunny RK bonding.Bittoo slapping Sunny was shocking.Is it bcz Ayesha is Abhay Kapoor’s sister?Ayesha thinking of Sunny…means she too has feelings 4 Sunny.Waiting 4 their luv story which was left incomplete on MB

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