Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 78)


Sunny shockingly shouts “how could this be possible ,aunty?”to madhoomadhoo,deepika enters the home happily thinking about sharing the matters which Rohan said to her,she sees the house very calm.she searches of aarya and asks the same question to shikky.he tells her the happenings briefly.she remains silent

thinking about the incidents that happened .RK sees sunny very much worried and asks him the matter which he need to share with aarya.sunny denies ,RK takes him to their room.
Madhu comes back from office tiredly ,she finds raj standing near the gate waiting for her return.she enters the house without expressing her reaction of happiness and goes straight to her room .raj comes inside and sits in the sofa waiting for Madhu to come after freshing up.Madhu comes out and sees him waiting for her.

Rajini thinks about the way aarya behaved today with confusion,she thinks about the happenings at RK mansion.

” Aarya comes out with bags in his hand and says to madhoo”madhoo di,I am going from here to the guest house with her to prove that I love her so much “and almost pulls her and leaves from there “.
Aarya comes out after arranging everything in the house and sits in a chair with so much sweat and tired.Rajini feels bad on seeing his and gives him water to drink.he gets it with a smile and sips the water.Rajini walks seeing his smile and falls over the oil bowl and it spills all over the floor.aarya comes running and falls on the oil.both of them laughs on the incident.

Precap:madhoo finds padmini ‘s house .

Credit to: janani

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  1. Narendran

    Now madhoo and padmini will be united!!

    1. Janani

      Thanks for the support.

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Hope sunny shares his pain with RK.Just like his dad Bittoo used 2 share everything with RK if he also does that it wud b nice.Since RK is intelligent he can solve Sunny’s prob.Aaryan’s decision 2 prove his luv 2 Rajni is so nice.Rajni giving water 2 Aryan when he was tired n the last scene where they both fall down n laugh was sweet.hope it melts Rajni’s anger n mu.Madhu is happy 2 c Raja waiting 4 her but hides it.wish she expressed it making raja happy.rly waiting 4 rajbala union

  3. jasmine Rahul

    plz solve rajni’s death mystery n gowtham’s 1st wife’s mystery

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