Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 77)


Raj tastes the samosa .while Madhu drinks the tea in her office canteen.Gowtham comes inside the office and searches for Madhu in her seat.he asks the peon to send her to his cabin and sits in his seat.he angrily sees all the files which are left in his room without his signature left pending.he takes out the files and begins to check it with tension.he cannot digest the fact that padmini nani knows Madhu very much.he keeps her photo inside the file and waits for the arrival of Madhu.

Madhoo comes inside with bags of vegetables ,she sees the house very much silent ,she sees everyone standing in the hallhall without any sound.madhoo can hear the sound of fan clearly due to the calm.she sees Rajini sitting in the floor near shikky and he trying to say something.madhoo asks someone to explain her anything.leela comes shouting “I will explain everything di “and blames Rajini for all the happenings .Shikky says”enough leela “,madhoo sits near Rajini and caress her face .she murmurs “he is loving only my name,aunty just the name Rajini and not this 5’6 Rajini”.madhoo tries to explain her but stops seeing aarya coming with packed bags in his hand.madhoo asks aarya to explain her but aarya shouts “no need to explain anyone “.

Madhu comes to take the file in gowtham’s room.the photo falls from the file.Madhu picks the photo from the floor and gives it to Gowtham.he asks her whether she knows the person in the photo.she sees the photo and denies seeing the person in her life and goes from there.Gowtham thinks that she is cheating him and angrily hits the desk.deepika sits in the staffroom and thinks to talk to Gowtham, she calls him and cuts at the last moment when he was about to pick the call.he sees the number in display and smiles forgetting his angers and tension in life.deepika sees Rohan standing near the staffroom without entering and asks him to come in.

Deepika:come in Rohan.
Rohan:i need to talk to you personally
Deepika:mmmm what ?
Rohan:my dad said that you are my
Rohan:hash,is it true ?
Rohan:oh OK,then when will you marry?
Rohan:yes,he said relation will unite in some marriage so only I said like that sorry mausi ,mmm sorry mam.
Deepika:oh nice beta,but
Rohan:but what?
Deepika(jolly mood):mmm I don’t have any bf
Rohan:then uncle.
Deepika:n..noo we are just friends.
Rohan:but friend make good relation like much much hota hei,yesterday I saw it in TV.
Deepika:mmmm OK,tell your papa to come to RK mansion then we can make everything good rohan:OK mam,sorry mausi.
They laughs .

Chandru reaches to the hospital where rajini was admitted and get to know that she has left the hospital after being discharged.he gets worried remembering her reaction after knowing about aarya’s truth.he starts the auto and goes in search of her in the colony where she used to stay before .

Sunny comes home in evening sadly and sees madhoo and leela cutting the vegetables for the food.he tries to leave without standing and goes in search of aarya.sweery tells him”aarya left the home”.

Precap:Rajini and aarya falls on oily floor.

Credit to: janani

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    gowtham mu madhu .if padmini opens up everything will b clear.deepika rohan scene was cute

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Nice Akka.

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