Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 76)


Sunny sees ayesha coming and gets up from the Bench where was sitting.she smiles seeing him and comes jogging towards him.sunny sees her bright smile in the moment of finding him between many peoples who are assembled there.Sunny gets worried about the result when she comes to know about his sister Madhu.he stands without telling the truth to her.ayesha wonders on seeing the happiness short lived in Sunny’s face.she comes near him with her smile.

Chandru comes out of the room and gets ready to go to see Rajini in the hospital,one of his friend whom he shared his plan yesterday comes out of his room in the opposite mansion and asks Chandru”going to create problem in Rajini ‘s life,mmm”,chandru gets angry and hold his shirt collar ,he says”I want revenge but now I am going to see her in hospital because yesterday while talking she told about being a orphan and I feel like seeing my di in Rajini di”.his friend gets surprised on hearing in words and apologise for his talk.Chander leaves in a auto .

Raj gets ready in a violet suit and comes out of his room with the screen papers in his left hand.Madhu comes out along with Rohan’s lunch box and both of them dashes with each other .Rohan waits in the car for his lunch box,he sees chotta beem in TV attached to the car.Madhu sees Raj’s shirt fully spilled with the masala from rohan’s bag.raj sees his shirt and shouts “shit”.Madhu apologises and tries to clean it with her hand,but raj hold her hand .they remembers a similar incident happens before years .
(Madhu tries to walk on the steps to meet raj With the tiffin plate in her hand and she holds her stomach with other,she feels very much tired even before climbing the tenth step and sits there itself.raj hears Madhu shouting his name and comes down angrily.he sees Madhu sitting in the steps with tiffin plate.he lifts her Like a child and begins to walk down.she spills the chutney in his shirt.he shouts at her for damaging the shirt.she stands laughing and he gets angry and cleans it with her dupaata both of them laughs .

Gowtham leaves from there in his car and padmini comes inside the house,she finds no grossery products in house and thinks to go to any shop to buy.she gets into a auto and goes to market.madhoo comes along with RK to the same place and they eats pani puri in the nearby shop .madhoo feels something fall into her eyes ,she tries to remove the dirt while madhoo sees her in the market area,she feels a bit drizzy on seeing her daughter whom she assumed to be dead.she thinks that it is her illusion and goes from there walking in opposite direction .she stops on hearing RK asking madhoo the matter,”hey madhoo what happened,don’t move your eyes,I will get water “.and she telling “no need RK ,I can manage “,she runs towards the direction but they leaves from there.padmini stands crying in the market
area.someone hold her shoulder,it is Gowtham.she hugz him the cries telling my madhoo.RK sees Gowtham with some old lady .hr tells madhoo”madhoo, I saw Gowtham with some old lady I think she is his granny”.madhoo asks him to go back so that they can talk with her.

Madhu reaches the office and smiles thinking about Raj and incident happened. Rajini wakes up from bed and sees aarya’s photo all over the room.she gets up to open the door when Aarya comes with hot food for her.he smiles but she gets angry on seeing him and begins to leave from there without hearing him shouting Rajini.she sees Shikky and stops near him in respect .Shikky asks her the matter that is bothering her.she sees aarya and finds Bitto and many other there,she cries “my problem is my love “.she sits weeping.Aarya cannot understand anything and sits near her consoling.

Raj smiles reading the screen paper in his hand .he finds a bit of masala smell in his hand even after changing the cloths.he tries to smell his hand when the spot boy comes with hot masala tea and samosa for him.he smiles thinking about his foolishness. Madhu sees the puri in her lunch box and smiles similarly.both of them takes out the phone to call other and keeps it without talking and dials during same time .both gets engaged tone.Madhu says”may be he is busy in talking with any producer (angry tone) even heroines “.raj thinks “she must be talking with her clients,I assumes like that “.

Precap :sunny comes to home sadly.

Credit to: janani

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    sunny didnt tell ayesha anything due 2 tension.oh..gud that chandru is seeing his sus in rajni.rajni aryan scene was sad.hope their probs get sorted out.rajbala shirt scene of past n present were cute.sad that they cudnt contact each other n think they r talking 2 some other person on ph.padmini saw madhoo.rishbala want 2 c gowtham’s granny.hope rishbala go 2 meet her n thus sees padmini

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