Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 75)


Madhu completes her work and comes out of the office, she sees the time as nearly 10 pm.she walks towards the bus stand. Raj stands very much tensed on seeing the time is nearing 10pm.he scold himself in mind for sending Madhu without car .he sits in the portico waiting for her arrival.Madhu somehow manages to get a auto and tells the place to go.

Madhoo makes Rajini sit and gives her food to eat .Rajini feels very much tired and denies food.Bitto gets many questions in his mind,he stands quietly without disturbing madhoo .deepika asks him where he got Rajini.bitto signs her to come, and leaves from the particular place.deepika follows him,they sits in it in her room.bitto tells about meeting her in bus in half conscious state.Bitto tells”the word which she murmurs is Aarya,and I feel that it our aarya “,deepika nods yes and tells about the things which she knows about Rajini.Bitto gets confused to know the Rajini who was happy with aarya going somewhere without informing to them.leela and sweety hearshears this fumes

Padmini stands near gowtham’s room seeing him sleeping,she sits in the hall without getting enough sleep in the late night.She feels as if something bad is going to be happen and gets into a thoughts.Gowtham who was faking a sleep sees this and gets unhappy to see padmini in some tension.he prays to the god to bring all the happiness to his nani’s life.he sees trishna’s photo and talks with the photo.”auntyji please give at least a hint about the behaviour
of naniji,she hasn’t enjoyed anything in these years,she is living like a saint ,no film,no story no happiness or entertainment ,I need to end this as soon as possible “.he feels like trishna will help him.he goes to lye down in the bed.

Aarya sits near Rajini who is still in sleep ,madhoo asks him to come and atleast have a coffee.he hold rajini’s hand with so much care and love.RK comes from his walking and sees this in aarya’s room.he pulls madhoo from there and says”madhoo ,you getting old these days,you are disturbing those love birds “,madhoo stares at him goes from there with fake anger,he follows her and jokes to make her cool from tension.

Madhu gets up from the bed and comes out to see raj feeding Rohan hot mik and bread.she smiles seeing their bonding in less days. She remembers that she never had such happy days with her father and cries. She also thinks of the days of pregnancy when usually raj feeds her food during three times during the day.she cannot move from there and stands there.

Deepika comes in yellow salwar and sits in the dressing table correcting her hair.she finds shadow in the entrance of the room and turns to see.she finds RK standing there and gets up in respect.he asks her to sit and pulls out the food tray into the house.she opens her mouth to say something but RK tells”I know everything that you are going today earlier because of some work but how could you go without having food “,he feeds her food. SKB comes to the room with another food plate and walks from there without disturbing their love for each otherother,RK sees Shikky and asks him to cine.both of them feeds her food .Madhoo enjoys the scene.

Sunny waits for ayesha in the park but she gets late due to the traffic.he decides to tell the truth to ayesha as soon as possible.

Precap:padmini sees madhoo in market .

Credit to: janani

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Happy that padmini saw madhoo!!

  2. jasmine Rahul

    aarya so caring 2wards rajni.lovely scene.waiting 4 a scene of aryan rajni when rajini is in proper senses.madhu seeing raja feeding rohan n she remembering her childhood without father was touchy.rk n sikky feeding deepika was so sweet.very rarely v get such scenes.cant wait 4 sunny ayesha confrontation

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