Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 74)

Gowtham searches for padmini ,he finally sees her sitting in the room with a album in her hand,Gowtham peeps through the door,and gets the shock of seeing rajbala photo in padoo’s hand .he thinks “how could nani know rajbala,”,padmini cries seeing madhoo’s photo and tells to herself”I know madhoo you are not in this vast world ,but still in heaven rk will care for you “.Gowtham leaves from there and sits in the hall.
Madhoo sees padmini’s photo with tears and closes the album.she feels someone’ s presence and turns to see the person .RK stands there with kerchief.he gives it to her and signs her to wipe out the tears.she smiles and do as per his wish .RK sits near madhoo and asks her the reason for her sudden cry and dullness.she says”ma”.
sunny somehow finds ayesha’s house with the help of aarya and knocks at the door ,he sees the house which looks like a own house but a little old fashioned .Ayesha comes out of her room with a book in her hand and opens the door. She cannot believe her own eyes,she says’you’and stands puzzled while her mother comes from the kitchen on hearing her scream.she also gets surprised to see ayesha with sunny.she remembers seeing his photo with Madhu.Ayesha asks him to come in and makes them sit in the hall arya thinks “if she knows at we are related to Madhu then “.but ayesha actually don’t know anything about sunny and aarya.
Madhoo sits for having food and sees aarya not present in the house,she asks the servant about him but they don’t know anything about him.madhoo gets so much tensed and dials his number.Deepika comes from school shouting chachi.she tells about meeting Rohan in the school and the things which he said about his parents.madhoo gets happy and gets tears on happiness.bitto comes home with Rajini.both deepika and madhoo gets shocked to see her in such state.
Raj sits for dinner and finds Madhu not yet come to the hone,he thinks to call her but stops the idea and decides to wait for her.Madhu almost completes the work in the office and gets thoughts about raj.

Precap:sunny meets ayesha in park to tell about his relationship with Madhu.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Both Madhu n padmini thinking abt each other is touchy.Gowtham thinks Rishbala r Rajbala?Waiting 4 padmini 2 know that Rishbala r alive.Does she know abt Rajbala?She must have seen their film.rt?Is Shamsher alive?So ayesha doesnt know sunny’s relation with madhu.waiting 2 c how their relation moves 4ward.Rajni back with bittoo.thats a relief.Rajbala thinking of each other was nice.hope they will unite soon

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