Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 73)

the Lady corrects her specs, she hugs Gowtham with happiness of seeing him.Gowtham seeks the blessing of her with folded hands.the lady takes him in and makes him sit .gowtham asks her to sit near him.she caresses his face ,gives excuse about the work which she need to do .Gowtham says”no need nani,you took care of me even when my family left me,thanks”,the lady closes his mouth and says”you pray to ganapati papa”,she sees her reflection in mirror,she is padmini.

Madhoo comes to her room ,with ironed cloths and sees RK searching something in the cupboard with tension filled face.she asks him about the matter but he doesn’t give any reply .Madhoo stands there with folded hands waiting for him to say the matter.Bitto knocks at the door .RK asks him to come inside .
Ayesha sits thinking everything which Madhu told her in the bus stand.she gets confused in thinking who is right and who is wrong according to morals. Her mom comes from kitchen with potato fries ,she asks ayesha to taste it.Ayesha shouts at her,”today is bhai’s death anniversary and you are celebrating it”,Ayesha’s mother smiles on hearing it and says “he died to due to stomach pain,what could we do for that”,she goes without much feeling in her face.Ayesha shouts “no ,that Raj did it “,she sits crying thinking about Abhay.

padmini asks Gowtham to eat the food and she serves him hot parathas .he sees the food and remembers how abhay likes it.padmini smiles seeing his thoughts without eating ,she feeds him with her hand.she thinks of how madhoo likes such foods.and cries .Gowtham goes near the photos and sees Harshavardan’s photo with his mom and next row Trishna’s photo hanging with garlands.he remembers the day when his mother asked Padmini to take care of her son and died in the road accident.

rajni saves herself by climbing into a bus and escapes from them as soon as possible.the old incident comes infront. of her eyes.
“Rajini as small girl runs with her daddy towards the railway station.they gets into the train when bhushan’s men starts to search even in the train.Rajini gets so much tired and falls on the ground making a noise inside the train.everyone of the goons begin to come towards the particular compartment.before they could come,someone from outside shouts bhushan bhai is coming and so everyone goes out .the train begins to move slowly”.

Precap:Gowtham sees padmini sitting with madhoo and rk ‘s photo,he wrongly assumes them as raj and Madhu.

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Nice.. Akka

  2. jasmine Rahul

    I was shocked 2 c Padmini with gowtham as his nani.I wondered how.Shocking twist is that Gowtham is Trishna n Harshvardhan’s son n after trishna’s death Padmini took care of him.Where is Shamsher?After he married Padmini there was no scene of him.Abhay died of stomah pain?Not because of Raja?hat is d truth?eager 2 know d truth abt abhay’s death.relieved that Rajni escaped from goons.Rajni’s fb was scary.

    1. No Gowtham is not trishna’s son.trishna died in a train accident along with Roma ,in the same accident gowtham’s mom died after giving his hands into padmini’s.raj made everyone believe that abhay died of stomach pain and ayesha’s mom knows the real truth but she says like that because herself feels abhay is wrong.

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