Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 69)

Sandhya sees The message which contains rohan’s photo and calls bhabho to cone.but she thinks about something ,shows Bhabho the photo of mishti getting award for sports. Emily takes Rohan along with her to bathroom to make him take bath.Sooraj sees Sandhya very stressed and sits near her in their room.
Rohan stays with ved,Rohan prays to the god not to let his mom and dad seperate.he sees the interview given by Raj about Rohan being missing and his wife,Madhu being so upset. Rohan thinks”if mom becomes upset then dad would take care if her and they will unite “.He sits before the god idol and prays about the same.Sandhya hears him behind the curtain, she gets tears on thinking about Rohan’s love for his parents.she decides something .

Bittoji asks Leela to pack all the items because they will stay only in Mumbai from now .Sweety thinks about marrying a rich guy and smiles while Sunny gets into thoughts regarding going to Mumbai,he sits very much confused about going .Ayesha is shown playing tennis with her friend in the club.she completes the game and comes out.she sees abhay’s death anniversary preparation in house.she enters and leaves to her room without any noise.

Aarya thinks to visit Madhu and give her some strength as a brother but he remembers about the bitterness between him and Raj.he hears the phone ringing and picks up the call.
Aarya:hello,who do you want ?
Raj:aarya ,I am raj.
Raj:I need to talk to madhubalaji.
Aarya:di is not at home ,she went to do special puja.
Aarya:any…..anything important ?
Raj:no.nothing .I actually called to ask you a favour .
Raj:yaah,could anyone come and take care of rani,I mean Madhu .she is
Aarya:…….OK,I will come in ten minutes,do you have any objection.
Raj:certainly not.

SKB and Deepika comes after meeting one of his police friend with empty hand.they finds aarya leaving to Raj’s house. Deepika worries thinking about any problem which may arise but SKB pacifies her about her worries.

Madhu sits to have food on Aarya and Raj’s insistence but on seeing the food she gets thoughts about Rohan,she says”my son may be hungry “.she gets up to go .Rohan eats food made by Bhabho and praises the taste so much.Sooraj remembers Sandhya telling about Rohan and says”today we are going to cinema “.Meenakshi Jumps in joy thinking about going to cinema. Bhabho says”only children and Sooraj is going,you go and prepare the food for lunch”.she gets angry and goes from there.

Sandhya ,Sooraj goes to the movie with Ved ,Golu,Pari,and Rohan.Rohan gets teary eyes seeing the poster of Raj in the wall.they sees a film acted by Raj ,in which he acts as a father who has lost his new born childchild and his wife commits suicide due to it .Rohan thinks that may be his parents will get so much worried and runs out of the theatre. sandhya comes out along with him and gives him advise about Being with parents.Rohan tells about his parents.

Rishbala completes the puja in the temple and comes out of the temple,they sees many people asking for alms ,they offers money to all of of the beggar praises “you will live long with family “,Madhoo smiles hearing the good words from them.she sees someone standing in the road and feels like it is paddo.she tries to run but RK stops her and says”she is not sasu ma,come “.Madhu remembers seeing her mother for last time before 24 long years .

Raj leaves to Rajasthan along with Madhu and Aarya to meet Rohan .while Bittoji comes with his family towards Mumbai. Gowtham sits without having food and reads some book in his hand.sona thinks to call him but stops seeing the stone face of her dad,she leaves from there .The servant asks Gowtham to have food ,he says in determined voice” today I won’t eat anything,today is my brother’s death anniversary,abhay bhai”.

Precap:Gowtham comes to meet Madhu in her house .

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    So Rohan wants 2 stay away from his parents as he knew that in pain his parents will b 2gether.seeing d painful movie he realized how much pain his absense can cause n he ran out.hope nothing bad happens n he reaches rajbala.sweety hasnt changed at all.sunny thinking of ayesha.nice.gowtham is abhay’s bro?How?what a twist!

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