Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 66)


Madhu sits in her house with so much worry and tension in her face,she sees rohan’s dress and hugs it without words or movement.Gowtham pours water in a glass and offers it to Madhu to drink.she denies it with a head shake.Gowtham insist and gives water to drink.she sips the water with unwillingness.the inspector asks Madhu not to worry for this simple matter and asks her to be bold enough.

Sona sees Madhu unhappy and says”sorry aunty,am I responsible for everything “.She hugs Sona and says”no baby no”.

Aarya sits in the hospital waiting to meet Rajini.he sees her peacefully sleeping and sits nearby .The nurse comes inside the room and check the salin and temperature.she sees aarya ,request him “sir,please don’t make any noise,she is sleeping after almost two days”.Aarya nods yes .Chandra sees this from outside and fumes seeing Aarya caring for Rajini.he thinks about the love his own sister had for Aarya.he gets thoughts of her dead and gets tears in his eyes.Aarya comes out of the room to talk with Madhoo.Chandra turns to the other side hiding his face .

Rohan reaches Indore and feels the city very much unfamiliar to him.he gets so much afraid to see city.he wonders what next would happen ,he misses madhu strongly amd cries holding his locket which consist of her phototo see a man using cigars.he runs outside the bus stand
and sees the crowded of the person in the street sees Rohan and walks towards him.Rohan doesn’t see the person .

Rajini opens her eyes and gets surprised to see Aarya sitting in the room.she consoles herself that surely it must be a dream of mine,she murmurs”he won’t come he hates me so much”,Aarya feels so much happy on seeing her,he cannog understznd where his hatred has gone he smiles and leans towards her mouth and asks “What?”.she cannot believe her eyes and hugs him tightly.she feels some unknown pleasure on seeing him and faints on holding his hand.Aarya shouts “doctor”.

The man touches Rohan and he turns to see him.

Precap:Raj scolds Madhu.

Credit to: janani

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    did u try posting on that v can read it part by part slowly

      1. jasmine Rahul


  2. jasmine Rahul

    Read 31 parts.This is my comment on 31 parts-

    Raja is a big star now.bcz of his busy schedule Madhu is cut up.but loved Raja thinking that when money came he doesn’t spend much time with madhu n he decided 2 go back home.but sad that raja is rude 2 madhu.Raja’s necklace reminded radha of something.whats that?Raja acting in SKB’s movie.SKB is so mysterious.He conducted puja in RK’s name in d temple n served food to poor ppl there.Radha cudnt c him.SKB’s daughter deepika is saved by Raja,so she is falling 4 him.will she cause probs in Rajbala’s life?Radha almost met Aaryan who is Sultan’s son.But he didn’t let her c his face.Aryan living as SKB’s son.If SKB is not Aryan how is he related to Aaryan?Deepika n Aryan r shocked 2 c Madhu.They blamed SKB 4 hiding d truth that madhu is alive.SKB says he was fooling them.Fooling means just hiding abt Madhu being alive or something else?Aryan going 2 fall n madhu holding him…madhu feels a connec with aaryan.I loved it.Deepika wants Aryan 2 get Raja 4 her?Oh!Aryan realizes how gud Madhu n Raja r.Still he wants 2 take revenge on d family 4 killing Sultan.Oh no.Loved Raja’s care 4 Madhu.Aryan in RK Mansion.He revealed his name.Radha lied that he is her sister’s son’s grandson?Who is d veiled man SKB met?They look alike?About whom were they talking?Radha SKB confrontation.Wow…what a lovely happy that Rishbala r alive.Veiled man is RK?SKB is Sikky?They had survived d bomb blast n were under treatment too.Deepali changed 4 gud n after giving b’th 2 a girl she died.sad 4 her.wish she was also alive.But y did Rishbala hide themselves from d public 4 these many yrs?Surprise is that Deepika is Sikky Deepali’s daughter.Madhoo gave a saree 2 Radha 2 hand over it 2 Madhu n radha did so.that was a sweet scene.wish madhu had realized that it’s a gift from her mother.Aarya due 2 careless driving was abt 2 hit a girl.he gives her water 2 clean d dress.but she tried 2 slap him.he holding her hand n their eye lok was nice.guess its d starting of a new luv story.She goes to Raja 4 audition n she gets selected too.She is Rajinibala.Is she related 2 Madhubala?RK doesn’t want him n madhu 2 go back as he feels that if he is back Raja will lose his fame.Who is that dead girl?Raja accused of killing her?shocking.RK Madhoo who reached there were seen by public.OMG!Madhu fainted bcz of arrest n in serious condition?Kunal Siddhi r there.surprise.Wow..i luv them.They released Raja from d jail.but sad that ppl say that since RK came Raja has no value,Thankfully madhu delivered safely.she was so happy 2 c her parents 4 d 1st time.but angry with Raja.Raja is angry with RK as he feels he is responsible 4 his present condition.sad.Loved Madhu Aryan meeting.Shocking that d girl who died is Rajini.Aryan is shattered as they were closer.I never knew that after the car incident they got closer as there were no scenes of them.Mohan as a reporter n Megha too.RK declared that he wont act 2 save Raja’s career n end Rajbala probs.Raja realizes RK’s sacrifice 4 him n surprised everyone by naming his baby Rishab.Naming ceremony was grand with lots of famous couples.liked Raja letting ishita 2 hold d baby tho she is infertile,she is a sis 2 him.s sweet of raja.Aryan tried 2 shoot Raja 4 killing Rajini n manjari came in btw.Then he shot Raja?OMG!Aryan is arrested.Its neil who is Raja’s surgeon.

  3. superb janani akka but who is that man??

  4. jasmine Rahul

    My comments upto Part 40

    Rajbala separated n Madhu living in a rented house?Gowtham is madhu’s new Boss n he is Gurmeet,wow..His wife Nithi died.his daughter sona n Madhu’s son Rohan(U changed his name.Oh) r classmates.Sikky n RK discussing abt raja leaving madhu due 2 kundali prob?is it true?then seeing madhu in d crowd why did Raja call her Rani?Deepika as Rohan’s maths teacher.Gowtham deepika argument was funny.R they going 2 b a pair?Raja Rohan scene was emotional.Then Madhoo Madhu Rohan scene was so nice.sad that again madhu left Madhoo n went.aaryan is back.but thank god he isn’t evil now.but what made him change?after recovering raja disowned rohan thinking that he is bad luck 4 him bcz of d murder attempt n that’s y madhu left him?but liked madhu telling raja that Aryan loved rajni a lot n that’s y he is angry with raja as he thinks he killed rajni.but did it get proved that rajni is not killed by Raja?Aryan promises rishbala that he wll find out madhu’s whereabouts.nice.Sikky conversing with Deepali imagining her near him was nice.Rajni is alive?y is she hiding from Aryan?Oh..this is a diff Rajni.Aryan was reminded of his Rajni seeing her.sad.Saurab Surbhi as Aryan

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