Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 63)


Rajbala(raj and Madhu) completes all their purchase with Rohan and comes down from the shop with lots of bags ,Rishbala sees them together towards their car window .Madhoo gets satisfied but RK turns his face away seeing his daughter with Raj .Madhoo smiles and holds her Hubby’s hand .Rajbala reaches home after doing purchases as per Rohan’s wish.Madhu sees Rohan running to his room with new dress and toys.she turns towards Raj and gives him some hundred rupees notes he stands very much surprised by this act and begins to say something “Madhu but”,she signs him not to talk loudly and says “This is the rupees which you spend for me”.he denies to take the money and stands seeing her with folded hands.she keeps the money in the nearby table and behind to start walking toward her room.
Gowtham sits in the sofa and gets continues thoughts about Deepika’s words.he worries whether Sona knows it or not.Sona comes back from crying and shouts “Papa,you did you hide this from me ,you says she was dead but she is alive,why”.Sona calls “Daddy”,Gowtham comes out his imagination and hugs Sona with so much love .Sona gets sonfused due her father’s sudden hug and smiles.She tells him about Rohan being absent for school due to fever and many things.He cannot listen to her due to his tension in heart and cries hugging her .
Aarya feels so much stressed after knowing about Rajini’s health condition ,he gets into a dilemma whether to go in order to met her or not .He calls the hospital and enquires about Rajini’s condition.he gets relieved only after knowing about her improving health.he sees the timein the watch and remembered about Rajini’s punctuality practice , thinks to go down from his room.he opens the room door and sees Rishbala coming with bags and thinks to know the matter for their sudden purchases in shops.he comes down smiling seeing them.
Raj takes the money and says “Things will change step by step Madhu”and keeps the money in a cupboard .

Precap:Rohan and Sona talk about their parents.

Credit to: janani

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Now rohan and sona will unite parents.. Superb Akka.. Epi is good. Why madhu is giving money??

  2. jasmine Rahul

    can u post this ff on india forums or facebook?want to read it.finding it difficult 2 read all parts 2gether.but if u post there i cud’ve read it part by part n comment

    1. I don’t know how to post it .

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