Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 62)


RK hides without giving opportunity to Rohan to see him.Rohan turns and begins to enjoy his plan.Madhoo sees RK standing near a pillar and peeping to see someone in the nearby shop .He signs madhoo to come near him .she walks towards RK with confusion due to his strange childish behaviour.She asks him to come and sees Rohan in the direction .she also gets very much happy to see cute little Rohan.They smiles seeing each other.Rohan sees balloon and runs to take it from the nearby shop,RK goes following him.

Raj sees Madhu selecting saree in the shop and goes there after completing his conversation with one of his film’s assistant director.He sees a beautiful and simple cotton saree in the rack ,asks the sales personnel to show it ,Madhu sees the saree ,gets thoughts about things happened before years when they lived a very simple life.she gets tears on seeing the saree and asks the sales person to show some other saree.Raj misunderstand that she is not ready to like his selection.he walks from there.Madhu sees the cotton saree and asks to pack it separate. She smiles seeing Raj’s selection and color.

Gowtham comes to the school in order to pay some extra fee for horse riding class and sees Deepika sitting with hands holding her head in the nearby park attached to the school and walks towards her to talk with her.She thinks about the shallen ‘s interview and gets more and more confused due to many reasons. She feels someone’s presence and sees Gowtham standing.
Gowtham: hello Deepika .
deepika: Hello Sir
Gowtham: mmm is things really fine.
Deepika : y,…yaah mmmm,I am quiet surprised to see you here.
Gowtham: actually,hmmmm I need to talk to you something .
After one hour
Deepika:sorry Gowtham sir I got permission only for one hour so I need to
Gowtham:yes I understand but still you have one hour ,don’t get worried.
Deepika:what is the matter?
Gowtham:I have got a award for
Deepika:for best CEO,and i read it magazine and congrats.
Gowtham(puzzles):hooooo you know it
Deepika:(hides her emotion )yes.and then wat sir.
Gowtham(sees it): n..nothing ,I want you take good care for sons she is a bit weak in maths
Deepika: i will try to help her in solving problem I cannot act bias but still i will help.(drinks capercinno )
Gowtham:are you upset with me by any means if so I wonder
Deepika:OK,sir ,and it is nothing actually let’s go its getting late.
Gowtham: yes yet
(Leaves her before school)
Deepika:I read about the interview morning itself and bought this for you as present ,and and even read the interview of Mrs shallen .
Gowtham(stands shockingly )

RK and Rohan collides with each other.Rohan sees RK and smiles.he tells with surprise”Uncle you look a bit similar to my dad,he is a superstar ,and his name is realistic star Raj K”. RK asks “Oh isnt it “.Madhoo comes there and laughs seeing RK talking like he don’t know about Raj.Rohan hears Madhu calling him and runs leaving the balloon and kiss to RK.Madhoo says to RK”Okok,I caceot today that you are real star RK wat a act ,”.They smiles and begins to leave the mall.

Precap:Gowtham remembers About Deepiks and lost his sleep in midnight.

Credit to: janani

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