Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 61)

Both Madhu and Raj moves away stopping their eyelock to continue,she moves back and almost slips while .Raj hold her and brings her near him,he asks her to be careful because it is slippery due to polished marbel.Madhu nods and moves from there .Raj searches for Rohan in garden and finds him playing with ball near the swimming pool. Madhu also comes there and smiles seeing him.Madhu gets relieved seeing him and scold him for making hr tensed so much, Raj smiles seeing their bonding ,Madhu’s love for Rohan.
Next morning,Madhoo comes home from hospital and sees RK talking with Aarya about something seriously.She remembers their conversation yesterday in the balcony.
RK:What happened,how is she now?
madhoo:mmm OK but
madhoo: aarya is still angry .
RK:Did you talked with him or shall I ?
Madhoo:I talked and tries to explain him so many times but he.
RK:you don’t worry I will explain to him.,but even I am not satisfied with the girl’s attitude.
Madhoo: What RK?she is very much upset with Aarya’s anger.
RK:may be but she have cheated him,doesn’t she?
Madhoo: no,she said the truth without hesitation.what will happen if we come to know after the marriage. She is true and honest only.
RK:yaah yet
Madhoo:please RK make her understand
(Conversation ends)
she prays to the god to make Aarya’s life happy without any more problems.RK sees Madhoo coming ,he says”Aarya,think not with your heart but with your mind,take your own time “.Aarya thinks something .Madhoo signs RK and goes.he follows her .
Raj comes to the dinning table after completing his jogging and finds Madhu getting ready in a lavender saree with light makeup.Rohan comes from bedroom and says”Mom,good morning mom”.she gives him milk and sees Raj standing and stands in a dilemma whether to give him something to drink or not.he says”You are leaving somewhere due to business meeting,I think so,I am actually free today and solo I will manage Rohan”.She leaves from there with a small head shake as approval.Rohan sees them talking very much formally.He drinks the milk and sees Madhu leaving in her office car.
Deepika comes to have breakfast ,she sees gowtham’s photo in the magazine and feels happy to read the article.the article tells about him getting the best CEO award for the particular year .she dials his number to congratulate him regarding his award.the magazine turns to next side and she sees the interview of famous fashion designer Shallen malholtra and gets shocked because she have seen the same photo garlanded in Sona’s house. Gowtham picks the call and says”Hello”but finds no response from Deepika .
Madhoo and RK leaves to shopping mall to purchase some gifts for their servant for his marriage. Madhoo leaves to see the present while RK sees Madhu and Raj purchasing some cloths in the nearby shop.he gets surprised and shocked to see them together.Rohan sees his parents together and praises himself for his talent of acting.he thinks how he faked a headache and made both of them together.They discuss about the color of cloth ,Madhu feels something and turns to the side where RK is standing.he hides behind a pillar.

Precap:Rohan collides with RK in the mall.

Credit to: janani

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