Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 58)

Raj thinks about the tone in which Madhu pleaded him to leave her son.Raj wipes out his tears and sits in the car to drive to the house .he sees a couple playing with a child near the hotel and lost in thoughts,he imagines himself playing with Rohan.He stops the car near a tree and enjoys their happiness as his.RK asks Madhoo not to utter any more words to him and leaves the place with very much anger.

In the morning,Madhu and Rohan reaches their house and sees a letter named in Madhu’s name,the letter tells about Raj naming all his wealth in the name of Rohan.And gets so much shocked on reading the letter and loses the letter,it falls on the ground. Rohan picks it up and tries to read it but he cannot read it .Madhu takes the letter and once more reads it and sits in the sofa.Rajini hears Madhu in the home due to the sound, she tries to wake from the bed but she cannot wake because of weakness and falls on the ground without conciousness.

Madhoo prepares Food for all the people in the house,she serves RK tea but he denies to drink it and goes out of the house without even replying to her properly.Deepika sees this from her room and thinks that she is responsible for the problem between Rishabala and hopes to solve it as soon as possible.She goes in search of RK and sees him standing near the garden .

Precap:Raj sees his house decorated.

Credit to: janani


  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Superb Akka now a days no reply to me? Busy? I loved today epi.. Hope they will unite soon

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