Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 55)

Madhu asks Rajini to get ready to go to the office,she also gets up .Rohan thinks about Raj and decides to go and meet him for a one last time to clear his friendship. Rajini sits in her room and sees lots and lots of messages from Aarya and feels bad
for not meeting him.she messages him to wait near

SK Park in the evening do that they can meet and smiles after sending the message.
Both Madhu and Rajini reaches the office,Madhu
sits in her cabin and sees the files which are left pending,she takes out her own to start the work and

finds it not writing properly.she throws it in the dustbin and turns to see the file but finds some blood covered cotton on the dustbin.she calls the peon to ask the matter.
Raj thinks about Rajini’s harsh words and breaks the window glass into several pieces,he gets

hurt due to it and sits in the sofa remembering Rajini shouting to him.he takes out his phone and calls his driver to come soon because he need yet meet someone very special to him as soon as possible and quickly.Rohan waits in the place where he waits to meet Raj,he sees the time and think so that “He know that I am his son so he won’t
come”and walks toward the school gate.A car stops in front of the school.

Madhu rushes to Gowtham’s cabin and sees him sitting with wound in his hand and tries to put the band aide by himself.Madhu asks him to wait and she helps him to do the band aide,she asks him the reason how the injury happened in his hand.He gives some reasons and thinks about the original reason of hurting himself for caring Deepika.Madhu
feels something strange in his behaviour and leaves from there with a slight confusion.Rajini comes inside the cabin with some files in her hand.

Raj runs towards Rohan and hugs him tightly.Rohan shouts “Hate you Raj” and almost pushes him and runs inside the school campus.the driver helps Raj to get up and asks him permission to start the car.Raj asks him to leave and sits inside
the car waiting for Rohan to come out of the school.The driver leaves from there.Deepika sees Rohan very much upset and asks him the reason for his upsetness.Rohan tells about the incidents and says “He hate me so much”.Deepika gets so much surprised ,she tells to herself that finally Madhu di and her son is known and we can make them come home.

3.oo pm. Aarya reaches the SK park in the afternoon and sees some people playing cricket in the place,he thinks about his young age which is full of running and chasing.He sees Rajini coming in the
dustance and tries to gets up from his place,she signs him nity to and sits near him.They remains silent for a while,Aarya asks her whether she need sometjinv to eat and goes to buy corn from a vendor .she thinks about Gowtham’s word and gets

so much tensed.Raj waits outside ,it begins to rain heavily .He sees Rohan coming out with his friend and get down from the car to talk with him but Rohan leaves from there fastly,Raj hold his hand and asks him to hear to him only once .Rohan sees Madhu standing in the other side of road and shouts “Ma”, Madhu comes towards Raj running and asks him to leave her son’s hand ,she days with tears in her eyes.”Please don’t try to take away my son from me”,Raj leaves Rohan’s hand suddenly.He walks from there with heavy heart.Madhu stands crying.

Madhoo and RK enjoys the rain and talk among themself about their family.RK asks her to make hot parathas to eat in the rainy season and sees her smiling.he sees Aarya coming inside the house fully drenched in rain and asks him the matter .Aarya shouts”Do you know that she is Bhojan’s nice”.Both Madhoo and RK stands confused.Aarya questions and says”You are cheating me,she is bhojan’s niece, my father’s murderer’s neuce,why did you hide it from me RK?”.RK stands in disbelief.Rajini comes home in rain and closes the door.she calls someone and says’He knows all the truth now’.The person in the line scolds her.

.Madhu comes home talking with Rohan but still Rohan is very much upset due to the incidents which happened in the evening,he touches the hand where Raj hold him tightly.He finds Madhu standing very much tired and even before Rohan calls”Mom”,she fells in the road. A car stops in front of them.

Precap:Madhoo asks Aarya to open the door.

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