Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 54)

Rajini comes out of her house and gets shocked to see Madhu crying with the pacel in hand while Rohan tears some papers from his note and throws some of the toys.Madhu sees Rajini and shows her the paper ,she reads it once and shouts”What the hell: s this?”,she begins to go from there with so much anger.Madhu asks her not to ask anything to Raj by she was not ready to hear to Madhu .
Deepika reaches home and tells the whole incident to Madhoo and RK.They ask her to phone and call Gowtham to their home to have a party in their house in order to celebrate Rajini wedding with Aarya.Deepika think to ask something to Madhu but stops seeing Aarya coming from his room after taking bath.She remains silent andnids yes to the idea of RK.Aarya asks them about wat party and sees three if them not talking about it and sits in the opposite chair with fake reactions that no one telling him the matters.they smiles seeing his reactions.He thinks to talk with Rajini and dials her number for many times.

Rajini picks the phone and cuts the call,she was travelling in a auto and asks the driver to drive fast to Raj’s house because she need to meet him before he could leave some where.Raj gets ready to leave to the shooting,he comes down and starts the car. The auto stops in front of his house.He gets surprised to see Rajini in the auto.She gives money to the auto and steps into his house.
Chandar sees Raj’s photo and remembers being always with his sister,Hus thoughts stops on the date when his sister was died.the day comes in front of his eyes.
Flash back
Chandar:Di,wat are you doing ?
Rajini:Hey idiot.
Chandar:Yes di,where are you leaving on this time.
Rajini:To meet Raj sir,he asked me to come.
Chander: Di ,wat about meeting jiju.
Rajini:Yes we need to meet him but not today I am leaving to meet sir.
Chander: Haah di.
(After some hours)
Chander:Di,is that you?
Friend: Chandu see the TV.
Chander:Kya hua ?
Reporter in tv;:Raj murdered his heroine Rajinibala and RK is alive.
(Flashback ends)

in Raj’s house,Rajini throws the letter in his face and slaps him hard in his face,she shouts “Are you human or animal”,She asks him to behave like a human and continues slapping.Raj hold her and asks her not to interfere in his family matters.She pulls her hand and smiles thinking about his idiotic talks and says.
Rajini:Family,who is your family Raj Sir.
Rajini:What,you are really poor in knowledge
Raj:Shut up,Rohan is my son.
Rajini:I think you have amnesia,you asked Madhu to give away Rohan for your bright future.
Raj:That was a blunder,I can rectify it.
Rajini:Wat about this letter,it is a cheap act of separating a son and mom,so cheap.
Raj:He is my son,I have equal rights on him.
Rajini:May be but how could you know decency when you are from a .
Raj(Raises his hand):Enough get out.

Rajini:Why did you stop ,slap me.
Raj:I don’t raise my hand on women.
Rajini:But separate the family.
she walks angrily and gets inside the auto which is passing byand leaves from there .Raj stands so much shocked after hearing Rajini’s words,he remembers Rohan’s hatred for his dad and sits down in the sofa without leaving to shooting.Rajini reaches Madhu’s house and sees still Rohan sitting in one corner and Madhu in other.She sees Rajini and comes running to ask about Raj.Rajini tells everything.Madhu tells to Rajini about Rohan throwing all gifts by Raj and his posters.Rajini kisses Ronan for his act.Madhu asks her not to encourage his anger.

precap:Raj sees Rohan and runs to talk to him.

Credit to: janani


  1. Ranaji

    Wow i liked this epi especially raj getting slap thnx janani becoz he deserves it becoz he has no rights on seperating mother and son…Janani one doubt can u remove deepika character and gowtham pls becoz they are confusing me…Other than that pls keep rajini and aarya love story and it is a request pls don’t amgry on me and scold me..I beg u if u can’t tell me i will neglect deepika part and i will read the epi

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