Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 53)


Next morning,Madhu wakes up in morning and sees some parcel in the doorsteps,she sees the time and wonders who have send it early morning time.She turns to get up and finds Rohan sleeping peacefully,she gets up from bed and makes a pony tail of her beautiful hair and walks to the door to see the parcel.she first sees it through the window which is open .opens the parcel and finds a letter addressed to Rohan from someone and a jersey in the bag,she takes out the Jersey and finds Raj’s photo in it.She reads the letter,
Dear Rohan,

sorry for not coming to meet you yesterday,I met with a small accident ,hey you don’t worry for my health,I am perfectly alright,I have send you a gift of my photo printed in it.I assume that you like so much.Tomorrow we can meet in the same place as usual before ,
with love,
Raj K.

She almost finds the earth under her feat cracking and sits in the steps near the door.she remembers seeing Rohan.talking with someone on phone and then sitting with a photo from his bag etc.she shouts”Rohan”,rohan gets up from bed and comes running.
Deepika goes for morning jog and sees Sona standing near a juice shop,she thinks whether to go and talk or not but stops remembering Gowtham’s anger on her,she stops for a moment and resumes her jog.Sona sees her and wishes her “Good morning mam” she replies her and asks her about her dad,Gowtham comes out of a shop with newspaper and gets laugh on seeing both the ladies. talking from one end to another.He sees a fast moving truck approaching Deepika and shouts at her to move.She thinks that he is shouting at her for talking with his daughter and goes from there angrily.the truck crosses her .she stands shocked.

Raj sits in his room and thinks that Madhu must have read the letter that he had sent to Rohan and thinks about losing him.He thinks in mind “You only sepearted my son from me and made him against me you must pay the price.Mrs.Madhubala,”.Madhu asks Rohan about the letter,she stands without giving any reply and says”Mom,he us very g”,gets slap in his cheek. Madhu shouts’He is a very cheap person who tried to kill you,”.Rohan remembers Rajini telling him that his father tried to kill him.He asks Madhu”Is he my dad,tell mom,is he my dad?”.Madhu remains silent without answering to him.

Deepika thanks Gowtham for saving her and He smiles seeing her expression and Says”I have humanity miss….”,She asks him to come yo her home as token of helping her.He refused this and leaves from there in his car.She stands thinking about him while in the car,Sons talks about Deepika while Gowtham remembers his wife on seeing him.

Precap:Rajini asks Raj to behave like a matured person and throws the letter in his face.

Credit to: janani

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Raj should get a tight slap from rajini becoz how dare he think of separating madhu and rohan!

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