Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 52)


Madhu donates the required amount of blood and sits restlessly in the sofa ,Gowtham asks her to be relax and pray to god,he gets a important call from client and leaves the place to talk with the person.Madhu remembers the days which they
lives together and walks towards Krishna idol(Jai Krishna song plays ).prays Raj survives and gets stable.
Deepika thinks about Rajini and still feels something which she is not ready to tell.She sees Aarya enjoying some music in cell phone and clapping his hands,she walks to talk to him about her doubt or restlessness.Rajini sits in her house and remembers about Madhoo and smiles thinking that her life is very good because They have accepted her whole heartedly,she thinks to unite Raj and Madhu.Deepika sits next to Aarya but he didn’t move his eyes.

Raj gets consciousness and opens his eyes he sees Madhu standing with happiness and tears simultaneously in her face,Raj smiles seeing Madhu ,he tries to get from bed to talk with her but feels a immense pain in hands.Madhu gets call from school asking her to come and pick Rohan soon. Raj overhears the conversation and remembers the
hatred of Rohan and turns to another side.Madhu asks not to strain and walks to leave from there.She hears some noise and turns and sees,she shouts’Raj’.
Madhoo sees RK sitting without getting sleep and sits near him .He sees her and praised her wit.
Madhoo:Warewa,RK is praising someone.
RK:Mmmm,yes real star RK.
RK:Today I saw poster of Raj everywhere.
RK:So I am not Real star just.
Madhoo:My romantic star.
RK:Is it?(leans closer)
Madhoo: Hey ,you are old.
RK:Do you want me to lift you?
Madhoo:You cannot.
RK:let’s see
Madhoo(Gets up ):No not now,leave me.
RK:a where are you going?
Madhoo:To see Aarya and Deepika.
RK:OK,I will also come.
Madhoo: no take rest.

she leaves to see them both busy in their phones,Madhoo asks them not to waste time in front of phone and urges them to go and sleep as it is getting so much late.Aarya agrees and runs to his room.Deepika stands thinking and asks Madhoo about her idea about Rajini.Madhoo remains silent for a while and says”Mmmm nice girl but still she hides something”.Deepika sees her surprised.

Madhu asks Raj to be careful and helps him to take his wallet which is dropped in the ground and the coins made the noise.Raj denies her help and says “No need Mrs.Madhubala yoymay leave thanks for everything”.She stands puzzled.Raj insist her to leave and closes his eyes,She comes out and sees Gowtham standing near the door and hearing to the matter,he asks her not to worry and they walks towards car. Raj tells to himself not to make anyone understand his pain.he dials the producer to talk about his next film.Gowtham sees Madhu not even opening her mouth and asks her the matter,Madhu asks him to drop her and goes toward Rohan’s school,she sees the time has nearly been 9 PM and worries for him.

Madhoo comes back to room and sees RK sitting with a magazine,she shows her a particular design jewelry and praises its beauty
RK:Do you want it ?
Madhoo:No,I want you to hold my hands till death.
RK:Yaah biwi.
Madhoo:Yes,RK.,till my death.
RK:Why not mine?
Madhoo: Good night.
RK(Smiles):good night.

precap:Rajini comes to hospital to meet someone .

Credit to: janani

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  1. Nice why raj turned his face??Still i am happy i am curious when will u unite them and this is the only ff i readed all 52epi

  2. Hello janani..

    One of my friend on Facebook have read your ff

    .she liked It most..
    But many of her frnds couldn’t read it in tellyupdates… So she s requesting you to post it in facebook or indian forums

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