Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 51)


Raj reaches his home and breaks things in anger,he rembeted seeing so much hatred in Rohan’s eyes for his dad,he gets hurt by a glass piece of flower vase,blood falls on the ground,Raj sits in the floor remembering his preparation while Madhu was pregnant,he gets so much dizzy due to severe blood lose.Aarya sees RK and Madhoo coming without any happiness in face and runs towards them asking the matter,about Rajini.Madhoo asks him to be calm ,gets into the car,Aarya asks RK about the same matter.RK says”Come on,Aarya we can talk later”,He stands with confusion.

Deepika comes just the moment when RK starts the car to leave,Madhoo and RK sees each other with surprise.Rohan sits in the class and thinks about why Raj continuously asked about his father,he remembers Rajini scolding him once for creating problem for Madhu and praises her behaviour.Raj falls fainted due to heavy blood lose The servant knocks at the door and gets shocked to see blood all over the room,he calls the ambulance.
Gowtham asks Madhu about relationship while she was working in her Laptop.Madhu sees him with smile.

Deepika and Aarya asks Rk about the reason why Rajini avoided Aarya and many question ,he remains silent .Madhoo asks them to behave like matured and asks them to wait for sometimesThey reaches the home.Madhoo opens the door ,goes into the house. Aarya and Deepika sees each other with disbelief and enters the house. Madhoo says”Wait”and comes with aarti plate and says”Rajini accepted for marriage”.Aarya cannot trust his words and almost kiss RK.RK smiles seeing him very much happy.Deepika sees Some caution in Madhoo’s eyes and thinks to ask her the matter.

The doctor treats Raj and asks the servant to call anyone of his relatives so that they can donate him blood as the blood lose was very heavy. Madhu and Gowtham comes to the same hospital to meet one of their employee who has undergone a operation in heart.The servant tries Raj’s uncle,Agni and everyone’s number and finds everyone not reachable.He turns and gets surprised to see Madhu and runs shouting”Madhu mam,mamsaab”.She and Gowtham turns shocked.
Deepika goes to Madhoo’s room and knocks at the door .

Madhoo: There is no need for any formalities.
Deepika:Mmmm but this is manners.
RK:What ?
Deepika:What happened,RK chacha?
Deepika:Don’t cheat me,what happened in that Rajini’s house.
Madhoo:Nothing beta,you go and take rest.
Deepika:Please I need to know,who is she?
RK:why are you so must interested.
Madhoo:Because she is still like a child.
Deepika:Please (shouts)
Madhoo:She is my old friend’s daughter.
Deepika:Isn’t it Mukund?

RK and Madhoo: Deepika.
Deepika:so I am correct ,why are you hiding it from Bro.
RK:That is not a important matter.
Madhoo:Now just tell how you know her father?
Deepika:I have seen her signature once in hospital.she signed “Rajini Mukund”.
RK:Don’t let your bro lnoe it,please.
Deepika:(halfly satisfied with matter)mmmmm.

precap:Raj opens his eyes and sees Madhu standing .

Credit to: janani

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