Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 50)


Rajini closes the door and falls on the ground crying,she feels so Much depressed.Aarya leaves the colony with anger in his eyes,he thinks to meet Rajini in any cause and explain her about his emotions.Madhu tries to call her by knocking the doorbut finds no response for hercall.she goes with Rohan to leave him in his school.Rohan get down from the auto and searches for Raj all over the place.Raj sees rohan from distance and gets shocked to see Madhu along with him.

RK questions Madhoo about the girl in Aarya’s life,her name etc.She gets so much puzzled to know that Aarya is in love and stands with a confused smile thinking that finally he has decided about his life.RK asks her the questions repeatedly and gets shocked to see Aarya coming with torn cloths.He rushes near Aarya .Deepika sits in the school staff room thinking about Gowtham,she hears her phone ringing and picks the call.

Aarya:deepika,you please go to the address with I am mentioning below.
Deepika:Bro,wat happened.
Aarya:You please come soon to the address,please.
Deepika:But ,,,,OK.

she sees the message and leaves to the address quickly.Raj asks Rohan about the lady who dropped him.Rohan says that it is his mom,Madhubala Kumar.Raj gets tears in his eyes,he sees Rohan from hair to foot with happiness and hugs him tightly.Rohan stands puzzled and asks Raj about the matter.Raj says’Your father’,Rohan shouts”Shut up uncle,I hate my father,he is very bad man,he tried to kill me while I was young,very bad”.Raj stands devastated.

Rajini changes her dress and washes her face in running tap water,she feels a not relieved from depression and hears knock at the door.She sees the person through magic eye and gets shocked to see Mr and Mrs .RK on the door.the people of the colony gathers to see Madhoo, she gets thoughts about her old life in chaul.Rajini opens the door.

Madhoo enters the house and she remembers that was the house where she lived along with ma,Trishna,Shamsher.She asks RK not to get too much tensed and they comes in,RK sees Rajini with anger ,asks her the reason why she is avoiding Aarya suddenly.she stands mummum without giving any answer,She sees Aarya standing near the car and thinks”He did not tell the matter to RKsir,but why”Madhoo asks Rajini about her idea about Aarya’s love in a bit angry voice..RK turns and sees Mukund’s photo covered with Garland and says”Madhoo, see”.

Madhu reaches the office and feels a bit tensed due to some unknown reasons,she gets hiccups and drinks water to stop it,suddenly she heard some one shouting Madhu and runs to see.Gowtham stands with some files and asks her the reason why she had typed the whole statement wrongly.She says”But sir”.he laughs loudly”Come on,I was just joking,I think your hiccups has stopped now,mmm”,she relieves from stress and joins in his smile.He tells about their offer to work in collabration with a abroad based company.Madhu congrates him and sees his face still not fully happy.

precap:Raj breaks the glass in his room remembering the hatred of Rohan for his dad.:

Credit to: janani

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