Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 49)


Madhu asks Rohan about his school without much interest ,he explains her and concentrates on drawing something,she serves him hot parathas and asks him to sleep without making any noise and leaves out of the house.she sees the sky with
full of clouds and enjoys the scenery with happiness. She thinks about the days when she lived with her dida and gets tears in the corner of her eyes.
Rajini thinks about the reason why Deepika shouted with her,she thinks in her mind that still the kundra family is not ready to accept Rajini Mukund as their bahu ,still the hatred is not yet changed.she remembers Aarya’s kind behaviour towards everyone ,she sees out and finds Madhu sitting in the balcony .she gets up to talk to her.

Madhoo sees both Deepika and Aarya upset and sitting isolated in their respective room and asks for the matter to one of their servant,the person tells about The phone call and everything.Madhoo feels so Much confused ,she walks towards Deepika’s room to ask her the matter.Deepika scolds herself for always having feeling for someone who don’t want her in their life,she thinks about the days when shw crazily loved Raj and changed her mind for her family and now about Gowtham. She feels someone’s hand and finds Madhoo standing and hugs her tightly.She asks her about the thing which is hurting her so much.Deepika controls her tears and fakes a smile.
RK gets confused after hearing the words from Aarua,he confuses his mind whether it is the same Rajini who died before some years or some other.he sees SKB having drinks and says”Wt is this shikky,why Aarya is thinking about his past”.SKB asks RK to relax ,he adds”We are going to Mumbai by tomorrow,let’s know it there”.Raj feels so much cold and falls on the bed without having food or anything to eat.He remembers the way Madhu scolded him and feels bad thinking about the past and hurting future without his family.Rohan wakes in the midnight on hearing thunder sound getting feared. and sees Madhu reading something in dim light.she sees his movement asks the matter.Rohan asks her to come and sleep along with him.She lys on the bed and hugs her son,pats him gently so that he can sleep peacefully.

Next morning,Madhu feels a bit fever due to the heavy rain and tries to do all of her works without any flaws or mistakes,she hears some noise in the colony entrance and runs to see the matter.Aarya stands there and holds Rajini’s hand tightly empowering all the people around him.Rajini asks him to behave like educated ,Aarya sees Madhu and shouts”Madhu explains all of them to leave me,I am honest in my love”.She stands totally puzzled.Rohan peeps through the window and gets worried to see people arguing with each other.Rajini slaps Aarya and pushes him in the muddy water and runs to her portion with tears .Aarya tries to get up and shouts”Rajini,my love cannot be like this unfulfilled,cannot”.

precap:Raj sees Madhu again near the school and gets surprised to see Rohan along with her.

Credit to: janani

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  1. Finally precap is superb. But why rajini is doing like this with aarya??

  2. janani who is playing rajini role?aarya role?deepika role?gowtham? Pls tell me if u tell then i will be little happy

    1. aarya-shaurab raj jain.
      Deepika-same as deepali(you tell Me any idea)
      Rajini-surbhi jothi

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Pls make deepika as mrunal thakur she will best but as u wish but superb epi

      2. sorry ,ihate her from the day kumkum bhagys began to drag,tell some other idea ,a bold actress with a bit possessive .

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