Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 48)


Gowtham leaves in car with anger in his eyes.Deepika sees him leaving and feels a bit disturbed and goes inside the class and sits in her chair.she finds someone near her offering kerchief and sees Rohan standing,he asks her not to cry and says”My mom says that god is always with is,you should not cry “.She nods yes and hugs him tightly.Sona remains silent for Gowtham’s shouting and stands quiet with teats filled eyes.He asks her to answer and finds her crying.he feels very much bad and pacifies her .
Raj gets surprised to see Madhu in the office and approaches her to talk .Deepika asks Madhu to go and visit the person who have came to see her,she thinks who it might be and comes out the cabin.she gets so much shocked to see Raj standing near his car.she thinks not to talk and go back but stopped by his words”Madhu”.She asks him the matter and acts as if nothing is between them with a faking smile.but she was crying inside .Deepika sees them talking and prays to the god to unite them together and bring any problem in their life.Madhu asks Raj to leave and tries to walk from the place ,he tightly hold her hand and says “Please Madhubala,please”.She takes out her hand and walks in the rain.Deepika gets call from Aarya and remembers about meeting Madhoo and cuts the call deliberately.she thinks that after clearing all this problem,I would talk to you.He thinks “May be she knows about my handicapped and so only she is avoiding me”.Aarya gets so much upset and thinks to talk to SKB,and calls his number.

In Shimla.
RK and SKB sits in their estate and talks about earning profit.Shikky gets the call and picks up the phone with curiosity.he finds Aarya calling and informs the same to RK,and attends the call with happiness.
SHikky:hey Aarya,how are you?
Aarya:Dad,I need to meet you,when will you come.
RK(puts the phone on speaker):What is your problem?
Aarya:RK,you don’t know what I am going through.nothing is correct here.nothing.
RK:wat happened,how us Madhoo and Deepika.
Aarya:Mmmm they are fine,dad. don’t worry we try to come soon.
Aarya:Dad,I cannot lose her in my life .I cannot.
RK and Shikky:who?
Aarya:Rajini in my life.
Both of them thinks that Aarya is thinking about the old Rajini and feels bad for him.Deepika comes to home and sees Aarya sitting with a very unhappy look and asks him the matter,Aarya tells about him sending the message about his past and injury to Rajini and says that she didn’t pick up the call after that.Rajini sees the message from Aarya erases it by mistake .She thinks to meet Aarya and tell about her father, so that Aarya won’t mistook her .She calls his number.Deepika picks up the call and scolds Rajini for hurting his brother.She stands confused.
Raj comes to his house and opens the door together in.he gets surprised to see Agni standing with her husband and runs to her .She tells about her husband getting transfer in Mumbai with happiness,she sees some difference in his face and asks him the reason.Raj tells about the happenings
Agni’s husband tells that may be Madhu needs some time to accept.Agni says”no ji,iska mathlab hey nahi,she cannot hurt him like this “.Raj asks them not to argue because of him and sits in the sofa.he gets cold and begins to sneeze
Madhu sneezes continuously and sits in the cit after changing her dress. She feels so much cold and switches the heater to get hot .Rohan tells about his school and sees Madhu not listening to him,he hugs her and shouts”Mom”,she comes back to reality and smiles.

precap:RK and Madhoo asks Aarya about Rajini.

Credit to: janani

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  1. I hope ranaji is bit happy,i will make a collage of the character and put it soon.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx yaar for the changing the pic I am somewhat happy now!!!

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Nice epi I does not know why deepika over react for his brother? She should act but not by hurting others.


    actually in the beginning it s rajini right? not deepika………….

    story wonderful as well as the dp of ff…………

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