Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 47)


Sona runs from there and takes out her mother’s photo from the room and sits crying that he is forgetting us mom.forgetting us.Sona hears Gowtham’s footsteps and fakes like sleeping.He stands covers her with blanket and goes from there with tears.Deepika takes out Deeps photo and cries seeing it,she says “Mom,I know that you are not the good one than Madhu chachi but you are my says that I looks exactly Like you”.Deepika sees her reflection in mirror and compares herself with her mother.Madhu sees this and smiles remembering about Deepali,she thinks for her bad deeds and says in mind “Deeps you are not so good but your daughter is like a gem “.Sona wakes up in midnight and goes to drink water.she sees Gowtham still thinking something with tension through and sees him through the key hole of his room.

Madhu sees Rohan sleeping and pats his hands and head.she sees people enjoying in the midnight.She comes out of the house and sees all the members in the colony enjoying the scene happily.She asks the members about the matter, one of them says “Today is Raj new film release “.Madhu remembers them enjoying their first film release together in the midnight and smiles happily Rajini comes out of the room and asks the actual matter.she sees Madhu smiling to herself ,asks the matter.She denies telling and goes to her house.Rajini sees Raj’s poster and remembers seeing Madhoo. in the hospital and says “I will unite this family “.Chandra sees the celebration fumes in mind that it would be Raj’s last release and smirks.

Raj wakes in the morning and sees about the good result of his film.Madhu sees the news about the gross earning of the film and thinks to switch off the TV because she gets tears from her eyes.Deepika gets ready to go to the school and sees Aarya sitting and holding his legs.she asks him the matter,Deepika teases him about talking Rajini..Aarya says “If Rajini comes to know that I am handicapped,she won’t like me “.Deepika asks him not to tell like this once more and says “My bro is the best in world “.Madhu reaches Rohan’s school and sees Raj’s vehicle waiting there.she goes from there thinking that it must be her dreams.She walks in the road and suddenly sees Rohan’s lunch box in her bag and goes back to give it to him.Rohan and Raj talks together and plays near the park. Rohan sees him and asks Raj to hide there,Raj gets a call and doesn’t notice Madhu with Rohan.Rohan goes from there.Raj shows him bye and leaves.

Raj in his way back to shoot sees Madhu waiting for the bus.he stops the car and calls Madhu.People recognises him and runs to get photograph and signs.Madhu moves from the place and asks a auto to stop and goes.Raj sees her going with dull,blaming his own fate.he thinks to meet Madhu soon to talk with her.Sona lies on the bench.Rohan asks her the matter for which she is upset.Deepika enters the class and asks everyone to be quiet.She caress Sona and asks her the matter for which she is crying.Sonali says”you are very bad ,I hate you mam”She stands puzzled.Rohan tells the matter.she asks Rohan not to tell to anyone and calls Gowtham’ s number.

Madhu reaches the office and sees Rajini talking with someone and asks her about the special person.Rajini says in a mild voice”Aarya Sultan Kundra”.Madhu gulps the water and sees her friend’s face keenly.Rajini asks her “You know him,it is surprise for me “Madhu closes her eyes and mururs “No”.Rajini asks her to be calm and cuts the call.Raj reaches Madhu’s office and asks about her.Rajini sees him and goes to introduce herself to him.

Gowtham asks Deepika not to blabber and shouts “No one van take my wife’s place in my heart “She tells about Sona shouting to him and asks him for explanation.Sona sees her father and hides behind Deepika and tells him about her overhearing his words yesterday.Gowtham asks Sona to shut up and get into the car.Deepika asks him to answer.

precap:Madhu walks away crying in the road.

Credit to: janani

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb yaar but one doubt rohan saw madhu and told Raj to hide? I am correct pls tell me that scene alone correctly. This epi was superb

    1. yes,he simply asks to hide without telling about his mother and Raj couldn’t see Madhu due to the phone call.

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Ohh thnx janani for clearing my doubt



    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Super DP yaar


        thank u ranaji…………. i know u said it for Hrithik roshan dp……………… even ur current dp n ex dp ( i dont know who was the lady in the dp but she looked beautiful) is awesome…….. Shaheer Sheikh n Paras Arora (Arjun n Abhimanyu) look good…………..

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