Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 46)


Gowtham takes Madhu out and asks her to sit in the car,he apologises to her for not taking good car of her. She asks him not to talk this much for a simple matter .They laughs together,after two hours,.Deepika comes to the hospital to see Rajini and smiles seeing Aarya taking hood care of her.Rajini thanks aarya and asks him to leave and she could manage herself.Deepika knocks at the door and asks permission from Aarya to enter and meet his friend.He laughs and introduces her to Rajini.both of them smiles and talks.Madhoo also reaches the hospital to meet Rajini who protected Aarya.Aarya and Deepika leaves in front door and madhoo comes inside through side entrance and gets worried to meet the girl.Rajini sees Madhoo and hides behind a pillar.she says to herself “Madhubala Rishab kundra,she is Madhubala RK”and gets shivering.

Madhu comes back to the home and sees Rohan playing with Raj K toy and throws it from his habs,she asks him to go and do the eitk without wasting time by this silly matters.Rohan gets tears and runs from there.One of her neighbour asks Madhu to talk with goodness to Rohan as he is a small child.Madhu accepts and runs calojmg his name.Somali exains all the incident to Gowtham and finds him lost in thoughts. She shouts “Papa you are not listening to me “.He asks her to apologise and tells about the accident at the sets.Sonali says something.Gowtham asks Sona not to talk like this.Gowtham remembers about his wife’s accident.He says
“Shaleen”.He gets angry and controls his anger by holding the sofa tightly.Raj thinks about Madhu and says ‘I must have said sorry to her without hesitation “.Rohan calls him from public phone booth.

Rohan:(Whispering tone):heloo, Raj
Raj:hey Rohan,wat ya?
Rohan:don’t shout,mom will hear you.
Raj(smiling):what are you thinking, your mom can’t hear me.
Rohan:no my mom is very smart.
Raj:mmmm hoo
Rohan:I heard that there is a accident in your set,are you fine ?
Raj:Yes,she protected me.
Raj:you don’t know him.
Rohan:Mmmm OK,bye Raj
Raj:bye beta.

Raj cuts the call and feels very much happy after talking with Rohan.he thinks to find details from Gowtham regarding Madhu.Madhoo sees Rajini and touches her hand.She goes backward and asks Madhoo yo go from there ,she shouts at the doctor and begins to go from there.Chandru sees Rajini’s behaviour and thinks about the reason.Rajini comes running to her room and opens her bag,it has photos of her father “Mukund”.,she sits crying and remembers the word on his deathbed “You must apologise toMadhu for my deeds,you must apologise,she is very good but don’t reveal about you,they won’t accept your apology”.She says “Yes,Dad,I will apologise to Madhoo mam,without telling my identity”.Madhoo cones back to her home and asks Aarya about Rajini.he stands puzzled and tells everything,and asks “Di,any problem ?”.she says “Nothing “.She goes to the room and thinks why the girl behaved so rude to me.Madhu sees Rohan sitting near the stairs and asks sorry to him for scolding.he thinks “Thank you,god,mom didn’t heard my conversation “.He says sorry and hugs him.Gowtham sees Deepika’s photo in the phone and says to himself “If Shaleen was not in my life,you may be there”,Sona hears this and sees the photo with a shock.

precap:Raj asks Madhu to give him some time to explain.she tries to walk.

Credit to: janani

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Finally updates yaar thnx janani for the update pls unite them in 50epi and change cover pic of your ff pls pls I beg you

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Nice epi but their bonding was somewhat related to badtameez dil? But it is OK superb I loved their conversation. One doubt rohan called from booth where was madhu? How she came there or telephone is at house??confusing yaar

  3. that is only your opinion. and for you kind information Rohan is not like mehbheer’s son.and for god’s sake don’t compare my fan fiction with some other serial.

  4. if you want me to unite them in50th episode I must end it on the same episode,okvaaa,

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Sorry sorry if I hurted you I just had a guess sorry pls continue for 75epi pls I beg you sorry

  5. Reading ur ff after a long time…it’s nice…Bt try to post regularly plssss


    thank u so much di for posting……. sorry for late comments……….busy with exams…………


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